Jairus Byrd trying to get the Bills to trade him

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Bills safety Jairus Byrd wants out.

Byrd, who signed his franchise tender and agreed to play this season for $6.916 million, is trying to orchestrate a trade, according to the Buffalo News.

It’s not clear exactly what Byrd is doing to try to get traded, and it’s also not clear whether any teams are interested in giving up anything of value to acquire him. A team that acquires Byrd would have to pay his hefty salary this year, and would presumably give him a long-term contract next year. It’s unlikely that any team would only trade for Byrd unless it were confident it could get a long-term deal done with him in March, when he becomes a free agent again.

Byrd is currently less than 100 percent healthy, as he is struggling with plantar fasciitis in his foot. It’s hard to see any team trading for an expensive player who’s not even 100 percent right now.

So while Byrd may want a trade, that would only happen if the Bills want to trade him, and if another team wants to acquire him. And that doesn’t look likely.

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  1. Wish he would stop being a brat. C’mon man. Just play. What is 500 k a game not enough? It’s unfortunate a deal couldn’t get hammered out but you’re literally one million short of what FA would of paid. Great defensive scheme this year for him to make plays and now he has a mysterious foot injury. I think he’s had this problem before during contract talked anyways. Ed Reed.

  2. Bet that injury heals up once he gets paid; he’s just using his leverage to get a nickel out of the Bills…

  3. Actually I doubt anyone trades for him without a new deal in place.

    Sounds like this has been going on longer than we’re aware of. Sounds to me that the Bills have probably been searching for a spot to send him that will pay the compensation as well as sign him to a new deal.

    Not only are they unlikely to be offered what they should want in return but I doubt anyone is paying him top dollar and sending top compensation.

    Similar to the Mike Wallace situation last year.

  4. If I’m the Eagles I’m doing a little investigating, if he’s becoming a headache maybe a late round pick will do the job, I know we’re under the cap so money shouldn’t be an issue.

  5. right now it looks like Byrd is conducting the NFL equivalent of a work slowdown…as a fan i’ve lost patience…i hope he can orchestrate a trade that works for everybody…else i hope he gets back to work…this half-hearted effort has already gotten old..

  6. You know everyone criticizes Flacco for the deal he got, but you know how he got it Jairus? By performing well in the last year of his contract! So maybe if you’d shut up, play ball, and excel at that instead of complaining you may find greener pastures both figuratively and literally.

  7. I think it’s inaccurate to say no team will want to trade for him. If a longterm deal can get done, someone may swap players or some picks for him. He’s very talented with a bright future ahead of him. teams will try to squeeze Buffalo, but it doesn’t mean their phone won’t ring. And if he becomes a whiner they’ll move him for less.

  8. If Byrd doesn’t play, that’s cool. Make an example of him. Let him sour on the bench, he won’t draw interest from any other team and his dollar sign dreams will become nightmares.
    You’re right Byrd, it’s a business. Time for Buffalo to show they mean business.
    Go Whaley.

  9. Time for him to be GONE! He would be a plague in the locker room after this. Bye bye Byrdie…..

  10. I’m not the smartest tool in the shed but I’m willing to bet a high salary player battling Plantar Fasciitis does not create good trade bait.

  11. Jairus Byrd needs to do some growing up. He is all bent out of shape because Buffalo doesn’t think he’s worth enough to be paid like the top Free Safety in the league. Reason why: He’s not the top safety in the league.

  12. The sad thing is if he opened his eyes he would see Eric Wood …. Showed up played hard .. Got a contract. Screw him! All he’s doing is killing his value, keep it up Eugene Parker he maybe one of the most vile agents in the industry.

  13. byrd was a beast and a ball hawk his rookie year. yes he is a shut down player but no one will take on the salary without long term deal in place be realistic

  14. Trade him to the Browns who are in need of FS to pair with TJ Ward. Don’t send him to some stacked power team who will use him as a rental, send him to another young team where he will get to play and earn a contract. Give young player (assuming foot is not a problem) or conditional draft pick based on whether or not a long term deal is reached.

  15. This can’t have anything to do with money. If I understand the rules of the Franchise tag properly, and correct me if I’m wrong, he still wouldn’t be eligible for a long -term deal until the end of the season anyways, no matter whose roster he shows up on. So he clearly just wants out. Which is actully really strange. The Bills may not be going anywhere this season, but with a year under his belt for QB and coach, this team has the most important positions locked up. I could see them spending in FA next year and with a solid draft, are right in the mix of things again. Byrd was the best player on a bad defense, but he still struggles with tackling and can be exposed in coverage. The Bills need to play this smart, if they aren’t getting atleast a #2 for him, squat on him and he’ll take what he can get in the offseason.

  16. Let him sit and mope. Don’t trade him for nothing…You can franchise him again next year if he won’t sign a long term deal or find a good deal for him.

  17. Smart move for Byrd would be to not play until his foot is 100% and if that means the season so be it. if he ends up tearing a tendon and needing surgery he will never get the money he deserves.

  18. 2 things here, one….name a team that wins games because they have an exceptional safety. bet all of those teams have exceptional quarterbacks. there is only so much money to spend. to win in the NFL u need three pieces….quarterback, left tackle, pass rush. everything else is a lux

  19. 2 things….

    1. all u need to win in the NFL is an elite qb, Lt, and pass rush. everything else is a bonus.
    2. Byrd is worth more than just a 4. he is an elite safety and will probably demand two high draft picks. if revis went for a top 10, Byrd worth at least a 2 and a 4.

    As a bills fan, trade him to the team with the best offer

  20. “It’s not clear exactly what Byrd is doing to try to get traded, and it’s also not clear whether any teams are interested in giving up anything of value to acquire him.”

    …I’m sorry, so how do we know he is trying to orchestrate a trade?

  21. I’m not trying to antagonize Buffalo residents or Bills fans, but you have to be realistic. There are nicer places to live in the winter, especially for a young athlete with money, than Buffalo.

    There’s a reason why, Mario Williams aside, free agents rarely wind up there. No matter how you slice it, 95 inches of snow a year is 95 inches of snow a year.

  22. Send him to Philly. He can room with Jason Peters on Big Dummy Street. Eugene Parker pays the rent and utilities.

  23. Does it get cold and snowy in Buffalo? Yes, but seriously guys, it’s just snow, it’s not the end of the world.

    Consider this, I had a friend who lived in this area with me all my life until last summer when she moved to Brigantine, NJ. A few short months later, Super Storm Sandy ran directly into her neighborhood, forcing her to evacuate for roughly 2 weeks. Never once in my lifetime along lake erie have I had to evacuate due to snow.

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