RG3 plans to slide more often

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Robert Griffin III took too many unnecessary blows last season and suffered two separate injuries to his knee that ultimately ended his season in the Washington Redskins’ playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

This year, Griffin is vowing to get down and out of harms way in an attempt at self-preservation.

I think it’s ingrained in my head now. I’ll be getting down on Monday night,” Griffin said, via Joseph White of the Associated Press.

Griffin is scheduled to start the Redskins’ season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night. It’s the second time in the last four years Griffin is returning from a major knee injury. He injured his knee during the 2009 season with Baylor but ultimately didn’t change the way he played the game. Now Griffin gets the message and it has finally hit home that he needs to protect himself better.

“It’s a different mentality in college,” Griffin said. “You’re trying to get to the pros, and there are lot more different things you can do at that level that are frowned upon at this level. I just know I’ve got to be safe and slide and still play fearless. I’m not going out there and play scared.”

9 responses to “RG3 plans to slide more often

  1. His right leg in that picture looks twice as big as his left.. “we can make him bigger, stronger and faster .. we have the technology” .. If he was built smarter we wouldn’t have to. JK hope RGIII does well, He was fun to watch.

  2. Redskins would be happy if RG3 new nickname is Ricky Henderson.

    But scale back on the runs RG3, you got Alfred Morris to shoulder that load for you.

  3. Thank god I’m a Redskins fan. Most complete team in Football capped off with a 23 year old QB who is heads and shoulders the best in the world at his position. It’s really dominate and win the SB period here in DC. #GodBlesstheRedskins

  4. There was once a time when Tebow and his coaches said his throwing mechanics were fixed, then the games started and everyone found out they weren’t. Though it’s commendable that RGIII realizes sliding more often will allow him to be better protected, but come game time it’s more likely he’ll end up reverting to what he’s been doing his entire playing life.

  5. I’ll believe it when I see it. The brief history of RG3 in this league so far has shown that he’s going to go for the maximum of whatever he can get as soon as he can get it.

    Hopefully I’m wrong, but when the dude is in the middle of a full sprint and he sees the end zone, I don’t see him taking the slide. I admire his heart, but he needs to use his brain when it comes to the future. I guess we’ll see.

  6. Not gonna play scared? Sounds a little bit like he’s scared. I’m betting instinct will kick in and all the talk about sliding and being “smart” about how he plays goes out the window. Should be scared of what the coach is gonna ask him to do and what the organization is gonna do with him when he gets hurt again. While not as dynamic as Griffin, Cousins has already shown that he can carry the load, so the Redskins will use him up and cast him aside when it becomes evident he’s no longer the dynamic player he was last season. And if he plays “smart” that’ll be sooner than you think.

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