Riley Cooper says Cary Williams never mentioned racial slur during fight


It is clear in the video of the scuffle between Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper and cornerback Cary Williams at practice Thursday that Williams had a lot to say to Cooper after the two men were separated by their teammates.

According to Cooper, none of those things had anything to do with his use of a racial slur while yelling a security guard during a Kenny Chesney concert earlier this year. Geoff Mosher of reports that Cooper said that Williams, who admitted being upset by Cooper’s use of the slur, never mentioned it while the two men were going after each other. Cooper also said that things are cool between them now and that Williams told him “good route” after a later play.

Williams declined to tell his side of the story when approached by reporters after practice.

“Don’t even come by here. I’m not talking at all. At all,” Williams said, via Sheil Kapadia of

Fights in practice happen all the time, but they usually don’t have the backdrop provided by Cooper’s use of the slur and short departure from the team this summer that this particular donnybrook had going for it. That will mean questions about it for Chip Kelly and players who weren’t involved and who would likely prefer talking about the opener on Monday night.

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  1. Why would there be any more questions? Riley said it had nothing to with the racial slur and Williams ain’t talking.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know the media will try to beat it to death, but that because of the media, not because of anything that actually happened or the “backdrop” to the incident.

  2. Did you even watch the video? Williams practically mugged Cooper on a pass play when they’re wearing shorts. Cooper didn’t like it and the fracas began. The whole thing took 2 seconds. Stupid, nothing to see here.

  3. Cary Williams is a hot head and wants to fight everybody. He belongs in prison before somebody gets hurt or worse.

  4. Don’t even come by here. I’m not talking at all. At all,” Williams said, via Sheil Kapadia of

    That’s a first for him.

  5. “Riley Cooper says Cary Williams never mentioned racial slur during fight.”

    (Well, he didn’t have to, did he?)

  6. Nothing to see here. This is Cary being Cary. Cary fought Jackson last year. Got into a scuffle with a ref. Was thrown out of a joint practice with the Pats for fighting Aaron Dobson…. I am seeing a pattern

  7. Williams was arguing with Vick too, so clearly he must have been “barking” about what that guy did as well… Pun intended

  8. …from what i can tell
    ……drunk riley cooper has plenty
    ……… here he speaks for…!

  9. I think this might be blown a tad out of proportion. But Riley Cooper would be wise to be like Cary Patterson in this instance and let it be two teamates getting agitated in practice and let it move along from there.

  10. Did anyone see that Cary Williams went after Vick as well? Dude is a loose cannon and there is no place for that on the football field. Looks to me like Riley got upset because dude was overly agressive on a play when he shouldnt have been. Cary Williams is chump!

  11. I realize this happens all the time.

    I find those times as wrong and unacceptable as I find this one. A pushing match in a physical sport is fine with me. 4-5 punches to the earhole, helmeted or not, is an assault.

    This just happens to be on the guy who uttered that terrible word so it can open up the convo a little.

    Is assaulting someone on company time worse than using a terrible word off of it? I say yes. And it should be for everyone. I promise you if I assaulted someone on company time I’d be fired…but I wouldn’t be for using a bad word away from it.

  12. This is a simple fight in practice and the media is desperately trying to tie in a completely unrelated issue in an attempt to make this into something way bigger than just a simple fight at practice.

  13. Enough is enough. I want every black athlete to go to sensitivity training every time the use the word. Redneck, cracker, honkie and every other derogatory term used against white players. I am sick of the constant political correctness that has to be used by some and ignored by minorities.

  14. That little tiff between teammates is nothing. Wait until the season starts and all those guys ole RCooper referred to of wanting to fight comes to pass….

    I suggest he’ll have an exciting year coming across the middle……

  15. LOL. More importantly, why does a practice scuffle between two less than mediocre players make then news?

  16. The backdrop of the slur is being referenced by you guys. Not the team. Let it go. Ugly event ( the slur). Let it go.

  17. The media is like a pit bull that you are trying to get bone from. I had totally forgotten about the slur instance, but enter the media. To the media, please have mercy, I can’t take it anymore.

  18. The million dollar question / where is Chip kelly in all this, This garbage usually goes down during preseason mostly with guys fighting for roster spots, not days away from your season starting.

  19. WR / CB fights in practice are classy. They are glaring in terms of losing or keeping your job. Was Cooper burning Williams on routes. If that is so, then yeah, Williams would be upset and this summer episode with Cooper may enhance animosity.

  20. jetsmmt says:
    Sep 5, 2013 3:07 PM
    What’s the song playing in the background?


    Artist: Swedish House Mafia

    Song Title: Greyhound

  21. If Williams used the racial slur during a heated argument I expect the team to address it. That word should be off limits for everyone. That being said, as an Eagles fan, I wish they would just cut Williams. Too much of a hothead and not enough production to make up for all of his BS.

  22. n0hopeleft says: Sep 5, 2013 4:05 PM

    jetsmmt says:
    Sep 5, 2013 3:07 PM
    What’s the song playing in the background?


    Artist: Swedish House Mafia

    Song Title: Greyhound

    Thanks Bro.

  23. Media will TRY it’s best to cause some racial rift between the Eagles…..anytime the guy has a shoving match it’s going to get blown out of proportion. GIVE IT A REST.

  24. Williams is known for starting fights. And it is clear to me he is the one who was out of line. You somehow managed to glaringly omit the fact that multiple people reported Cary Williams used that same racial slur that Riley used. And I quote “I’m not a n word you mess with.” This is important for 2 reasons. One he criticized cooper for using it and more importantly mentioned it is not something that African Americans really should be using even if it is a cultural thing after the initial incident. Also mike Vick also felt disrespected by Williams after he said words to him when he tried to break it up. Vick said and I quote ” some of these young dudes don’t respect me” and looked in Williams direction. I understand the media is going to sensationalize this story but at least sensationalize the right parts. The bigger story is what Williams said not what cooper said months ago.

  25. i am a 20 year eagles season ticket holder, and cary williams is good for the defense and team in general. he is personally demanding that the defense and more broadly the team get an edge, a mean streak. eagles were tough as nails under buddy ryan and during the jim johnson era. but the last couple yrs they turned into a buncha pansies. kudos to cary williams ! lead by example !

  26. I disagree chrisk61. Williams has been on thin ice with me ever since he said going to a dental appointment and picking out sconces for his house were more important than attending OTAs when he is on a brand new team with a brand new head coach and a brand new defense. He is an average player at best. Certainly not the type of player who has earned the type of leeway to feel he can skip those. Also what do you think is going to happen when he gets ejected from a game and they have no decent players to replace him with. Philly has had a lot of nasty tough players in the past but none of those guys were borderline players who hurt their team by starting fights with their teammates and possibly could be ejected for some of the things he has done in the past.

  27. Williams is a punk and as a ravens fan I’m glad to see him gone, I remember in the denver@baltimore game last year decker was running circles around Williams so when Williams had a chance he hit decker on the sidelines when he was already about 3 steps out, dudes got SOME talent but he can’t keep his cool, straight chump!

  28. mwitt,

    thanks for the feedback. i welcome different pts of view. i would say though that williams as a member of the eagles hasn’t been ejected from a real game yet. so to ask what the eagles will do in that scenario is trying to cast a negative impression for a scenario that may never happen.

    williams isn’t a pro bowler. and he isn’t great in coverage. but he may be adequate in coverage and is good against the run. and he certainly is an upgrade over asomugha or DRC. also i would say the eagles safeties are worse in coverage than the CBs.

  29. Oh I like his nastiness chrisk61. I just wish he wouldn’t be doing that with his teammates and apparently disrespecting his quarterback and leader of the team. And yes he is an upgrade over DRC and Nnamdi. That’s for sure. The eagles need him no doubt about it. I just hope he knocks off this nonsense in practice and saves it for the game.

  30. Really guys! The eve of the new season and this is your top story!!! Pretty sad in my opinion. What happened to sports stations/web sites actually talking about football? My oh my, enquiring minds need to know this kind of gossip eh?

  31. yeah,, but the reports and camera team caught Williams dropping the “soft A” racial slurr multiple times during the fight..

    Riley is trash,
    Williams is a piece of crap..

    that guy is a clown and by far the worst off season acquisition of the off season.. he is a distraction and he will cost us multiple 15 yard penalties.

    he’s like a poor man’s Finnegan.

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