Aldon Smith, Delanie Walker sued again


Another day, another lawsuit alleging that 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith and former 49ers (now Titans) tight end Delanie Walker created a situation that resulted in a shooting.

OK, the lawsuits weren’t actually filed on consecutive days.  Still, Smith and Walker have now been sued separately by each of the two men who allegedly were shot at a for-pay house party Smith hosted in June 2012.

Aaron Reyes has filed the latest lawsuit, in Santa Clara County.  Ronndale Esporlas filed the first suit.  Esporlas claims that Smith and Walker created a crossfire that resulted in the shooting.

Via, the new civil complaint contends that Smith and Walker knew that gang members and persons armed with weapons were at the party.

Smith was stabbed twice at that same party, reportedly while trying to break up a fight.  Per published reports from that time frame, two persons were treated for gunshot wounds at a local hospital, along with Smith.

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  1. This happened in the Hernandez case too with his victim in Florida. “No snitching”, we won’t go to the police, cooperate with them or file criminal charges, but if you’re a rich athlete and you won’t float money our way well after the fact and the investigation is closed, then we’ll take you to court.

  2. I’m conflicted between the illogical fan side of me that denies any wrong doing by my team’s new, shiny dime piece (Walker), and the logical human side of me that is convinced both of these players were involved..

    Either way, both players will sidestep the law, pay a fine or two (maybe), and be back to entertaining millions of fans in the time it takes SportsCenter to awkwardly transition from Johnny Football Watch to the Jet’s QB situation.

  3. Same old story, everybody wants to sue any NFL player that comes within 50 yards on them. Here’s a tip victims – sue the people who actually shot at you.

  4. The infiltration of the Gang-Culture into professional football, along with all its negative aspects…is beyond sickening. Aaron Hernandez is the Poster-Child, with an ever-increasing number of ‘siblings’ like A.S. & D.W. This new frightening reality is so scary to NFL/Team Execs…that they are going so far as to check the tattoos of potential draft picks, etc….for any gang symbolism. And I don’t blame them!

  5. Dear Colts, can we please have Cam Johnson back? We will gladly return your worthless 7th round draft pick. Thank you in advance.

  6. Commissioner Goodell…

    Where’s the enforcement of your integrity, image of the NFL shield?!?


  7. Anyone who went to Missouri during his time there or is a Mizzou fan knows whad a bad dude Aldon Smith is. He was always getting bought out of trouble and nothing has changed. Great player, but in the end he will be nothing but trouble for the Niners.

  8. Two guys in the NFL, and they are charging for a house party? When I was 24 and selling copiers I wouldn’t have charged for a party. What a pair of dopes.

  9. If I could have a nickle for every time me and my friends went to a party at the house of an nfl player and we all got shot up a little bit, I’d be rich.

    What’s the big deal??

  10. Smith and Walker seem like really nice dudes to hang out with don’t they? They probably hang with the same type of crowd as Aaron Hernandez. You know,….where people carry guns and shoot them at each other at parties, despite them being successful in life as far as wealth. I hope they get sued to the point their ruined. Maybe they will appreciate it more after they lose it.

  11. How stupid must you be to even pay to go to a party you’re invited to in the first place….cover charge must be for drug expenses…

  12. @ bmoreravens

    Huh, funny seeing you here?

    How come you or any of your other cronies are posting on last nights EXCITING game? Could it be cause your overrated QB was exposed, or that the defense revealed that it is a shell of it’s former self. Or that it allowed 7 pass TD’s against it for the first time in the League in over 40 years.


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