Bucs take “C” from Freeman


In the NFC South, one young quarterback has become a team captain for the first time.  And another fairly young quarterback has lost his “C” after three seasons of serving in that role.

Via Joe Smith of the Tampa Bay Times, quarterback Josh Freeman won’t be a Buccaneers captain for the first time since 2009, his rookie season.

The offensive captains, as determined by vote of the players, are receiver Vincent Jackson and guard Davin Joseph.

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and safety Dashon Goldson will be the defensive captains, and linebacker Adam Hayward has been named the special-teams captain.

Coach Greg Schiano downplayed the team’s decision to elect someone other than Freeman a captain.

“I know one thing: Josh is going to lead,” Schiano told reporters on Friday, via quotes distributed by the team.  “Josh is a leader, so I’m not concerned about that.  If you look the last two years, Davin didn’t play last year, so, when we voted, Davin was out for the year.  The year before, Vincent wasn’t on the team.  Those two guys are strong leaders and it just so happens that Josh is on a team with other strong leaders.  But I wouldn’t read to that that Josh isn’t a leader.  I’ll tell you, to a man, I think every offensive player will say, ‘We follow No. 5.’  So I think it’s a good thing.  I guess it all depends how you look at it, but I’m fine with it.”

Here’s how we look at it — the combination of not signing Freeman to a long-term deal, of drafting Mike Glennon in round three, and of the things said and done during practices, in meetings, and in the locker room caused enough of them to believe that a quarterback change isn’t out of the question, based on how Freeman plays in 2013.

It’s also impossible to rule out the potential influence of he who counts the votes.  Not having a “C” affixed to Freeman’s jersey makes it much easier to make a change, if the powers-that-be eventually decide a change is needed.

We’re not saying there was any foul play in the balloting process.  But let’s not confuse the vote for captains of a football team with a federally-supervised election.  If it’s done via secret ballot, whoever sorts them out can give the title to anyone he wants to have it.

Or, as the case may be, to not have it.

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  1. How many starting QBs are caltains these days?

    Not many among the elite. They would rather focus on other things.

    Not one person in the locker room has complained abot Freeman. Not one. He lesds either way as the QB so why does he even need to be a captain?

  2. “We’re not saying there was any foul play in the balloting process. But …..”

    You’re sure as hell implying as much.

  3. Nice way to build confidence in your supposed team leader. Enjoy your 6-10 record.

    On the bright side, you will get a great draft pick…

  4. That is the most disheartening football news I have ever heard. And that includes Darnell Dockett not actually owning a tiger.

  5. The Buccaneers were wise to not extend Freeman’s contract. The players are right in not extending his Captain’s status.
    The Buccaneers will be looking to draft a new quarterback of the future in 2014. They might even discover a pleasant surprise in Glennon’s abilities.
    Freeman wears #5. It equals the number of years that he will have played for the Buccaneers.

  6. @sportsmeccabi:
    Your panthers are the cellar dweller of the NFCS, and don’t ever forget it.
    Florio always tries to spin extreme garbage on the Bucs to the point where it is disgusting. Especially Freeman and it’s pathetic that a grown man has to sling mud in this fashion. That’s ok though because Josh Freeman is 10x the QB of anybody on the Jets roster and it will reflect in the blowout on Sun.

  7. Just a bit of FYI….

    QB’s who are NOT team captains (of the teams who actually name team captains for the year)

    EJ Manuel (Buffalo)
    Brandon Weeden (Cleveland)
    Christian Ponder (Minnesota)
    Terrelle Pryor (Oakland)

    and of course

    Josh Freeman (Tampa Bay)

    There are some teams that do not elect captains for the entire year and instead do so every week or whenever they feel like it and are thus not listed in the above list (Atlanta, Baltimore, Green Bay, Miami and Philadelphia)

    It might be hard to find any list of NFL QB’s which did not have Manuel, Weeden, Ponder and Pryor near the bottom of the list of NFL QB’s…..I wouldn’t be too thrilled to be in the same category as those four guys if I was Freeman….

    and there is one team that just doesn’t believe in team captains….. (NY Jets—-their last two team captains fought with each other—-Mark Sanchez of course was one of them—-so Rex Ryan decided no captains is now the way to go)

  8. “We’re not saying there was any foul play in the balloting process. But”

    “My father once told me, nothing a man says before the word but really counts” – Jon Snow

  9. Eli wasn’t almost ousted before he got his ring. people were calling for Troy Smith over Flacco. Freeman is the best QB Tampa has ever had. Too bad Schiano won’t let Freeman move and play loose.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks that this is kind of a big deal? He was captain and now isn’t. It wouldn’t be a big deal if he never was but he was and now isn’t. I never really cared about the bucks until Greg Schiano. I absolutely hate them now. He is the most irritating coach and I can’t wait until he is fired. Sport distort reality, that being said, Greg Schiano can go to hell.

  11. He’s may not even be a one hit wonder anymore.

    He’s now facing some ostracism. Others have faced worse, but he’s not their guy right now.

  12. No new contract, they draft glennon and now they take team captain away from him. I bet he doesn’t have any Confidence left, That probably just ruined our season.

  13. As goes Freeman, so goes Dummy Dominik and Schiano. 6-10 = bye bye to all 3. Think I’m wrong? Dungy, fired after making playoffs. Gruden, fired after consecutive 9-7 seasons. Morris, fired after losing season but 10-6 previous season. You think the G men are going to accept 2 losing seasons in a row?

  14. Absolutely not a big deal and it means nothing. Giving someone a captain nametag might work for a pouting, immature, self- centered punk like cam but Freeman doesn’t require it. Guy is going to have a great year. All you bitter haters make sure to come back when he does.

  15. Jets > Bucs nuff said. Proof on Sunday stay tuned.

    I honestly believe Jets win this game by 10 pts.

    Sorry Buc fans, your team is less than ordinary and Schiano is a horrible game day coach.

  16. “petedutcherjr says: Sep 6, 2013 10:26 PM

    How many starting QBs are caltains these days?

    Not many among the elite.”

    Yeah just Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady…..none of the elite QBs are captains I guess

    The Falcons, Ravens, Packers, Dolphins & Eagles appoint captains weekly – I’ll bet Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, & Joe Flacco are captain all 16 weeks

    The Jets don’t have captains

    so of the other 26 teams in the NFL…19 have their starting QBs as a Captain.

    Bills, Browns, Bucs, Jags, Vikings, Raiders, & 49ers are the only teams that don’t do a weekly Captain that did not name their QB as Captain. & all of them other then the 49ers have QB issues.

  17. gophinz1334 says:
    Sep 7, 2013 1:57 AM
    Who cares? only relevant Florida team are the Dolphins. All other FLA teams can moveout and relocate northwest! They suck


  18. This means nothing. If they took the status from him mid-season, then it means something. There’s a lot of star power on this team and the “C’s” were handed out to 4 of the guys who have actually made Pro Bowls (and one special teamer)…I’m sure Freeman voted for Jackson and Joseph.

    Most importantly, everyone knows what Freeman’s status is…play well and guide the team to a winning record and you’ll be here next year…fail to do that, and Glennon will see some playing time at some point once all is lost…he knows it, his coaches know it, his teammates know it, and the fans know it…so none of this crap really matters at this point…either he goes out and gets the job done, or he doesn’t.

  19. If Freeman being stripped of a “captaincy” that means nothing except he has to talk to the ref when there’s a penalty is enough to cause him to go south, he’s not mentally strong to begin with.

  20. So now we are supposed to believe this conspiracy theory about voting for team captains in the NFL? So you are basically saying they are lying. Any sources to that accusation or is this just being made up out of thin air?

    Although I guess if the Bucs couldn’t be straight & honest about the MSRA staff infection situation at their facility or handle Tynes with integrity anything is possible. I just hope no MRSA bugs rub off on the Jets during the game and our facility doesn’t become quaranteened after they leave.

  21. The Jets win?…………So the rumors are true that they are signing Tebow back to the team!!! He was better than Sanchez and Gino but that isn’t saying much.

    As for the Bucs, they don’t need a great QB to beat the Jets. How hard is it to hand the ball to Martin? If Freeman fizzles out this year, don’t expect Glennon to be your Savior, Bucs fans. At NC State, for every “Good” game, he would follow up with two mediocre games…. sort of like Freeman.

  22. rex ryan never said this is now the way to go. The first two seasons when they went to the afc championship games they didnt have captains either. he tried something new the third year, it didnt work, he got rid of it and this is now 4/5th year without it.

  23. Does anyone (who has read a book) remember a Man Without a Country? This situation has sort of come to that has it not?

  24. The real problem is not shipping Freeman somewhere else – the problem is that they actually think Glennon is any better. This team is a grease fire, one small step above Jacksonville and Raidersville

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