Butt Fumble retired as ESPN’s weekly “Worst of the Worst”

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Mark Sanchez will no longer be ridiculed each week on SportsCenter. Well, at least not for anything he did last season.

ESPN has announced that Sanchez’s infamous “Butt Fumble” has been retired as its weekly “Worst of the Worst” highlight. ESPN allows fans to vote on the worst blunder in sports each week, and for 40 consecutive weeks, the Butt Fumble has topped the voting. But no more.

“We are retiring it this week due to the start of a new NFL season, and the feeling that it was time to start fresh,” Senior Coordinating Producer Mark Summer explained. “The ‘Butt Fumble’ has won the ‘Not Top 10′ each week since last Thanksgiving, and we’re not sure anything could top it.”

The Butt Fumble, which took place when Sanchez dropped the ball after running into the backside of guard Brandon Moore, has had a great run. But now we’ll have to find other things to laugh at Sanchez about. Like his headband. Or his mustache.

36 responses to “Butt Fumble retired as ESPN’s weekly “Worst of the Worst”

  1. Anyone else think Sanchez looks like Hercule/Mr Satan from Dragon Ball Z with that hair/mustache combo?

  2. ESPN is TMZ for sports. It has been laughing at its own stupid joke for 40 weeks. Retiring it will not make their overproduced, pseudo-journalistic turd volcano of a show watchable.

  3. I remember seeing it live thinking ‘man, I hope they show a replay of that so I can see it again.’ 40 weeks later, I still find myself thinking the same exact thing.

  4. ESPN is TMZ for sports. It has been laughing at its own stupid joke for 40 weeks. Retiring it will not make their overproduced, pseudo-journalistic turd volcano of a show watchable.

    swagjag: best comment I have ever read on here, you took the words right out of my mouth, I say this constantly–it is not at all entertaining and serves to create a bunch of football know-nothings who parrot this crap.

  5. It’s so incredibly dumb that anyone ever called it a butt fumble to begin with. He ran into the guy in front of him and the ball hit his back and came out. I’m not a Jets fan by any means but this has gotten really ridiculous. It’s as old as Tiki being flabbergasted (he never used that word) and Drew Brees wanting an explanation.
    We can do way better.

  6. Jet fans do not need anymore ridicule from a network whose own talent is dubious at best. The team was crushed in the first half of that game which caused their biggest loud mouth to leave the stadium. To me as fan that will be the lasting memory. Woody Johnson has to live with the knowledge he is a simple “Thanks Dad” winner of the sperm lottery. Losing your fans in that market is a disgrace. He is responsible for bringing in Tannebaum to destroy the team. Good day from New England.

  7. That’s right. It’s a new season, and that means an opportunity for a new Sanchez blooper of monumental proportions. He won’t let us down!

  8. I really was hoping the butt fumble would make it a whole year! Not Top 10 and Worst of the Worst really is the only thing worth watching on Sportscenter. Too bad, Fox’s horrible sports network is unable to capitalize with their even worse highlight show!

  9. If anyone needs to retire, it’s Chris Berman. He hasn’t done anything worthwhile since covering lumberjack events. Am I the only one who thinks the Swami schtick ran its course 15 years ago?

  10. The Buttfumble clip has been so overplayed that immediately following its retirement declaration, it joined the class action concussion lawsuit against the NFL.

  11. Espn is sad but the fact that a couple ppl’s comments on here about how the butt fumble is interfering with their lives is pathetic. Lighten up!

  12. Can the Ravens signing Flacco to a huge contract while refusing to give some money to more proven and helpful players like Ed Reed and Anquan Boldin… be part of this year’s contest?

  13. They shouldn’t be allowed to retire it unless it gets beat. My favorite is the Jets-Bills game from 2011 when the Jets were in the wildcat and Sanchez lined up outside. Drayton Florence made him jump like a spooked house cat, and then Sanchez got called for holding.

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