Crowder tries to retract claim that Ricky smoked weed before games

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On Wednesday, former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder said during his WQAM radio show that former Dolphins running back Ricky Williams routinely smoked marijuana the night before games.  And, like so many who don’t seem to realize the things said on radio no longer disappear into the ether like wisps of weed smoke, Crowder has now tried to put the leaves back into the blunt.

Said Crowder on his Twitter page, via the Miami Herald:  “@ProFootballTalk is trollin my radio show. Its funny. I was a SR in HS when Rick ran for 200. How would i know what he did b4 the game?

OK, so why did Crowder say it if he really doesn’t know it?  Is it impossible to think that Ricky, you know, admitted it to Crowder during a broader discussion regarding Ricky’s use of marijuana?

Or maybe Crowder just made it all up.

Either way, we didn’t “troll” Crowder.  His radio station did.

We only found out about Crowder’s comments because we received the clip with this email from WQAM:  “Former Miami Dolphin linebacker Channing Crowder admitted on his show today that Ricky Williams would smoke before games, including the huge game he had in Buffalo where he rushed for over 200+ Yards. Give it a listen and please just credit the ‘CHANNING CROWDER AND BRANDON GUZIO SHOW’ on 560 WQAM in Miami.”

So while we can be blamed for plenty of things, Channing Crowder’s comments became a story on PFT only because the radio station that pays Channing Crowder to say controversial things made it one.

39 responses to “Crowder tries to retract claim that Ricky smoked weed before games

  1. This certainly hurts Crowder’s credibility…

    …which is unfortunate because it was at an all time high following his successful location of London on a map.

  2. How would you know Ricky Williams smoked before that game, Channing?

    Maybe by being aware of who Ricky Williams is, to start.

  3. I wouldn’t believe him anyways.

    I know it’s wrong to use someone’s past against them, but when Jason Taylor talks about you taking “bathroom breaks” by peeing on your pant legs in games and only taking shower pills while others took showers and Zach Thomas too exposes your unwillingness to stay clean you have no credibility.

  4. If he did smoke weed the night before games, it probably helped him perform better. Weed helps you get a very deep sleep. Rejuvenating the mind and body.

  5. He didn’t say he smoked before games….he said he smoked the night before games….the headline to this post said that he smoked before games,which implied he was torching one under the stands during the National Anthem……….they are not remotely the same thing….

  6. Fin Fan here…..didn’t like him when he played for us and don’t like him now…..his radio show is unlistenable nonsense……Shut up!!!

  7. Alternate reality based headline: Former player who doesn’t know people in London speak English, exposes pro football rumor web site owner as a complete moron – too eager to post sensational headlines, to perform even cursory fact-checks.

  8. OMG!!!!!! Ricky smoked weed? The day before a game? WOW! I think we should spend millions of tax payers money and get to the bottom of this! Just sayin’!


  9. Oh Ricky was smoking baby! But it’s not this morons place to be talking about it on the radio. Channing was pretty much saying that he and many other players smoke some weed regularly… And I couldn’t care less

  10. Given everything we know about Ricky’s lifestyle it would only be newsworthy if Crowder claimed Ricky was NOT smoking the night before.

  11. Smoking it the night before a game isn’t going to impair him during a game the next day. Smoking it the day before a game will probably make him not want to take off his helmet or come out of the locker room because of his social anxiety disorder. Like spamrok said, Crowder should own up to his words.

  12. Ricky Williams has always been an unrepentant drug addict and even walked away from the NFL so he could continue to abuse drugs. Do I think for one second that he DIDN’T use before games? Not a chance.

  13. Hey Clam Chowder…. You should have worried more about YOUR assignments the night before the Game, than what Ricky was doing! He performed very well for his career… Can you say that? Maybe if you smoked some weed you might might have been able to run and keep up with Backs and TEs instead of running your mouth.

  14. The only guy I’ve ever seen that looks into the stands more than he does the field. He is more concerned with the people in the stands than winning the game.

  15. Channing was useless on the field, and he’s no better on the radio. That show is terrible, and he’s very critical of the Dolphins. They gave him his job, so shut the hell up about Ricky. He played a lot better than Channing, whatever he did. Who cares? It’s over so why bring it up now??? What a looser. How much longer will he be on the radio I wonder, he brings nothing to the show.

  16. phillyphinsfan says:
    Sep 7, 2013 8:41 AM
    Smoking it the night before a game isn’t going to impair him during a game the next day. Smoking it the day before a game will probably make him not want to take off his helmet or come out of the locker room because of his social anxiety disorder.

    Actually, the reason Ricky could come out of the locker and take his helmet off is because of the marijuana. Ricky smoked in part to self-medicate his disorder. Contrary to popular belief amongst people who don’t know any better, pot does not cause anxiety, it treats it. Much more effectively and cheaply than the drugs typically prescribed by doctors, which is why the Pharmaceutical industry lobbies so hard to keep it illegal.

  17. I thought Ricky pretty much smoked everyday back then and had admitted it. So I’m not sure why this would even be a story that would be worthy of being picked up.

  18. By looking at his photo here Crowder looks like he’s higher on something stronger than weed…

  19. Clam Chowder hasn’t a clue & this guy was supposed to make us forget about Zach Thomas?…I think he was telling the thruth but stand by it it Clam!

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