Dickson, Clark no replacement for Pitta in passing game


While it’s hard to imagine Dennis Pitta coming back from a dislocated hip this season, we may have found out last night why the Ravens are willing to wait for him.

They opened the door for Pitta to return by placing him on IR/designated for return instead of shutting him down for the year, and they’re hoping he’s able to come back after a rough night from his replacements.

Ed Dickson and Dallas Clark were plagued by drops last night, making it hard for the Ravens offense to keep pace with the Broncos.

Dickson was targeted five times but caught one pass for 13 yards.

It’s definitely embarrassing to lose this way,” Dickson said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “Nobody is perfect, but I got to make those plays. I’m more harsh on myself than anybody. Those plays over the middle, I got to catch it and get down.

“Those are plays that I’m not putting on nobody but myself. I don’t blame it on Joe, I don’t blame it on nobody but myself. Those plays will be made. It’s a long season.”

Clark was even more egregious, dropping an easy touchdown in the second quarter. He caught seven passes for 87 yards, but was targeted 12 times — making his fantasy stats good but his reality impact less so.

“Yeah, obviously it’s frustrating,” Clark said. “It’s disappointing. First game you want to come out and play well, and we just didn’t make enough plays to give us a chance. We just have to keep everything in perspective. It’s week one, we have one loss and we have to move on. We just didn’t make enough plays to put ourselves in a position to win the game.”

Pitta may not be back at all this year, so Dickson and Clark are going to have to tighten things up, or the Ravens will be without a big part of what they do best.

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  1. Chin up Ravens fans, I couldn’t agree more,Pitta is a guy you guys need back.I really respect your team especially your D-line.As a Bronco fan I wouldn’t want to play a team like yours in the post season.

  2. In hindsight, maybe Ozzy’s decision to load up on receivers in their late 30’s was a mistake?

  3. It was hilarious listening to Chris Collingsworth talk up the Bronco’s defensive backs on that Clark TD drop. He was going on about how fast the backs were and that he used his speed to break up the TD pass to Clark.

    Then you see the replay and Collingsworth about choke on what he was saying. The defensive back wasn’t within 2 yards of Clark and did not even have his hands out trying to tip it. Clark wasn’t touched and basically stone handed a gimmee TD.

  4. This beat down couldn’t have happened to a more deserving herd of players and rabble of band wagoneers.

  5. thats gotta change or it might be long season..no need to panic yet.Denver wanted that game bad after being sent home packing last year..Ravens weren’t going 16-0 anyway,NO one is..

  6. Had to be expected after losing so many players on defense, it is the same reason adding a lot of star players never works out like they think it should (eagles, cowboys).

  7. Yeah.. thata boy blame it on Dickson and Clark….
    The Ravens were lucky last year…but like they say “its better to be lucky than good”

  8. I’m a colts fan, was a huge manning fan, but hated the broncos since I was little. So manning became a bronco, I lost some respect for him.

    That being said, wtf was he doing out there the entire game, that’s either show boating or just plain dumb. If he had been hurt or something it would have been a waste.

    Furthermore, Manning will have a typical awesome manning style season, only to have a typical manning post season! He doesn’t play well in the cold, but chose to be a bronco where all playoff games will be played outside in the cold!

  9. Irsay let him go. Get out of here. He was free to go as he pleased.

    Any doubt he’s going to light up the Colts defense in Indy?

  10. eagleswin: Collinsworth did say watching the replay that Clark wasn’t touched, he just dropped the ball. Sadly, even with that so, Clark did better than I thought he would. That’s what happens when you bring in guys to play just so you can pump them for info on Peyton. They should have concentrated on picking up real receivers. But what do I care, I am a Bengals fan!

  11. When flacco throws to Clark or Clark… It seems to be much better passes than when he throws to Dickson.

    Flacco can’t throw touch passes. It’s bullets or deep lobs… Never a perfectly timed pass. If he does happen to throw one of those… It was probably on accident.

    You get in the Redzone and can’t throw a jump ball for Dickson or Marlon Brown? Pathetic QB who had the most help from his team and receivers in any 4 game stretch I’ve ever seen.

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