Harbaugh says Ravens weren’t aware of Welker non-catch

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While the Broncos likely would have still found a way to power past the Ravens in the second half of Thursday night’s season opener, the path to the home team’s first lead was greased by a bad call that Baltimore opted not to try to reverse.

Facing  third and nine play on the third play of the second half, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw a pass to receiver Wes Welker that seemed to hit the ground.  Replays televised by NBC showed that the ball did indeed hit the ground, prompting Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth to wonder aloud whether the Ravens would exercise their right to challenge the first-down conversion.

They didn’t.  The Broncos scored a touchdown three plays later.

After the game, Ravens coach John Harbaugh said his team didn’t see the replay.

“It’d be nice if NBC would show that and get a chance to look at it.   We never saw that,” Harbaugh said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com.

But a replay was available, and it was broadcast.

That’s different from a situation that unfolded nearly two years ago, when NBC producer Fred Gaudelli checked out of curiosity an obscure angle after the challenge window and had closed, preventing the Eagles from throwing the red flag.

In this case, the replay was shown in real time.  While it doesn’t mean the Ravens definitely saw it, it also doesn’t mean the replay wasn’t shown.

106 responses to “Harbaugh says Ravens weren’t aware of Welker non-catch

  1. I’ve always wondered about this. All the money that goes into winning, yet stuff like this happens. Worst case, you have someone on speaker phone at home watching the game so when something like this happens they can yell “challenge, the ball hit the frickin ground”.

    This seems to be a problem all teams have, I dont know what the challenges are involved, but if Suzy at is able to let the world know in seconds that she is at walmart…..

  2. Blame the network,you do know you have people up in the coaches box who watch for these types of plays and signal you to throw the challenge flag,asleep at the wheel

  3. I thought when it was a close play that could go against the home team that they (usually) wouldn’t replay it in the stadium. I could be wrong but I always thought that was the norm in sports. Why would the broncos show the ball hitting the turf over and over again to give the Ravens a chance to challenge?

  4. Soooo…John’s saying his multi-million dollar business doesn’t have access to a regular TV?

  5. When you watched that moment live, NBC took really long time before they actually replayed that play. As mentioned, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth wondered aloud whether the Ravens would exercise their right to challenge the first-down conversion, so NBC kept showing Ravens’ sideline and Harbaugh’s reaction, instead of the replay. First time it was replayed, Manning was on the line for the next play. Officials/coaches upstairs watch the game without sound (I believe), so they had no idea what announcers were saying.
    Refs missed same type of play earlier (incomplete pass), so team’s official upstairs had to be sure before telling Harbaugh to use the second challenge.
    I still thought Ravens might’ve had enough time to challenge after the replay was shown, but didn’t.
    It was the turning point in the game. Instead of forcing a punt after 3 and out, defense gave up a TD and fell apart completely.

  6. Does the TV delay that much? Or does no one on the staff have the broadcast’s audio going? Plus didn’t his own player yell at him to challenge? Probably worth taking a timeout to check things out first since they had already used a challenge.

  7. In the future every catch will be reviewed from all angles. Then the game will stop while each teams’ legal staff prepare their arguments which are then presented to the officials. The season would consist of one single game, however the final decision would be pending appeals.

  8. To joe montanaflacco wannabe steeler fan;
    How about those Ravens????? Will be 1st super bowl team to not make the playoffs the next year…Starting the season and will finish the season in the basement. Bahahahahahahaha

  9. Ahh poor rat turds, got hammered in their first game…if u think that was bad wait till u play the Steelers

  10. The H brothers seem pretty adept at blaming their own failures on everyone else.
    Must be a family trait.

  11. I see Johnny H is in mid-season whining form already! His team gets away with far more than any other team not named the Patriots, but the refs are against them? LOL Typical Ravens “class”.

  12. Back to reality – back to earth
    Joe’s feet now touch the ground
    Defense looked abysmal
    Raven’s arrow pointing straight down

  13. Or, bear with me, the officials make the the right call real-time so ravens arent forced to use challenges for stupid mistakes like this.

    There were two plays when the refs missed two balls hit the ground…come on refs make the calls, or bring the replacement refs back

  14. Maybe it would have been nice for you and your team to have showed up. It’s not NBC’s fault you are incompetent.

  15. Actually NBC showed the replay at least twice before the ball was snapped. Not only that, but Al and Chris also made comments telling Payton to “snap the ball quickly.” Maybe the Ravens staff should have been paying closer attention.

  16. A classic Harbaugh redirection pointing the finger at somebody else and not taking responsibility that he and his coaching staff effed up.

  17. dont think that play meant much… btw the browns are a 1/2 game up over the ravens this morning ;-)…dont laugh i’m a die hard browns fan and i’ll take what positive news i can get

  18. I can’t believe he tried blaming that on NBC. What a whiny excuse making moron. Show some accountability.

  19. That missed challenge was a 21 pt swing & ultimately costed the Ravens the ball game. After that blown challenge the Broncos offense got into a grove when before that point wasn’t much happening in the 2nd half.

  20. Classy move by Harbaugh blaming NBC. The replay was clearly shown in plenty of time.

    Be interesting to see if Harbaugh continues to take that position today after I assume it will be pointed out to him that he was wrong.

    A Harbaugh admitting he was wrong? Now that would be news.

  21. Queue the Raven’s conspiracy theory posts. Every team has “a guy” in the booth who is responsible to look at instant replay and tell the coahc whether or not to challenge. Everyone else in the country saw the replays except the Ravens’ guy?

  22. The Ravens had their butts beat. Given that, this call was not a good one. I saw it on slow and in real time and each time it was not a catch, but it was the responsibility of Harbaugh’s assistant coaches to bring this to John’s attention and they did not. Assistant coaches missed this one.

    Doubt this would have affected the final outcome but maybe the score. Peyton and Welker looked if they had been working together for years. Welker’s new contract with Denver will pay great dividends for the Broncos in the remaining games, as it did in the first game.

  23. As far as i can tell, that blunder is entirely on the Ravens.

    That was an ugly 3rd quarter. I’m not sure how many consecutive 3 and outs the Ravens had.

  24. NBC replayed the play three times before the next snap. What, were the Ravens assistants in the booth still out getting halftime hot dogs?

    Typical Harbaugh — it’s always someone else’s fault.

  25. Are you suggesting coaches should have a plasma screen TV on the field?

    If it didn’t hit the “Jumbotron”, the coaches don’t see it. I don’t think the Jumbotron uses TV feed, merely what the producer at the stadium feeds it from available camera angles.

  26. Corey Graham, who isn’t the kind of drama queen that begs for flags and challenges to cover up his failures was desperately pleading with the sideline for a challenge. That should have clued you in to something fishy having happened.

  27. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Ravens still would have lost and all it would do is delay the game even more.

    All you had to do was toss the red flag but like your team Harbaugh, you really weren’t into the game like you should have been.

  28. You guys suck!!! Didn’t see the replay?!?!? Wow…… Just wow….. Pretty sad show from the “champs”. I can’t wait to see the downfall of the Ravens. Slow and painful muhahahaha. GO PITTSBURGH!!!

  29. “Harbaugh says Ravens weren’t aware of Welker non-catch.” Liar.

    Why was the defender running over and telling you to throw the challenge flag? At least one of the Ravens was aware of the non-catch.

  30. BTW BSPN and all the other mediots that have hammered Romo in the past – where is the Flacco Elite QBR 34.4 not worth $118 million article???? (PFT excepted – bc they are not mediots but where is you article too?)

    uh huh…

  31. His own player was TELLING them to throw the flag… it was on TV.

    Oh well… in the end, the non-catch was a non-issue anyway… the game winning points were scored many times afterward… again and again and again.

  32. That was Erik Decker not Wes Welker who dropped that pass. In fact Decker looked allot like Jermichael Finley last night. Gets open but has worse hands than Edword scissor hands

  33. That play was big,and it really gave them momentum. But all in all,we sucked last night. Just gotta move on and get it done next week.

  34. Kind of reminds me of a similar play with Chilly a while back when he commented “It’s not like we have a guy up in the booth watching replays…what’s that you say … Every other team does?”

  35. “It’d be nice if NBC would show that and get a chance to look at it. We never saw that,” Harbaugh said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com.

    Harbaugh’s statement just shows me how incompetent his coaching staff was.

    This is the regular season where everything is real. Get your stuff together. It just shows how you’re not ready to handle a repeat.

  36. Have a team employee stay home, watch the broadcast and have them text an alert to a coach in the box when they see a replay opportunity. This isn’t 1980 anymore.

  37. This coach is the biggest whiner in the game. He has now also shown that he is no good. Last year was a complete fluke.

  38. That’s not true, dmravens. They showed the replay immediately and then went to the sideline shot to see if they would challenge. The only reason the announcers knew he had dropped it was the initial replay.

    Nice try, though.

  39. on the Ravens first drive they were given a friendly spot on that 3rd down play…..ball was out of bounds before marker and led to a touchdown so quit whining Harbaugh.

  40. They also were not aware of….. The Broncos defense, the Broncos Offensive line, The Broncos recievers, the Broncos tight end, The broncos running backs, how to sack Manning, How to defend a pass, Where the end zones were, the grass on the field being green, etc………



  42. So we at home see the catch 2-3 times over, with a zoom in of him dropping it, and Harbaugh says he didn’t see it once? Someone is trying to cover up what will be a 6-10 season.

  43. pastabelly101 says:
    Sep 6, 2013 10:10 AM
    The real story is Welker-king of the drop!

    9 catches, 67 yards, 2 TD’s. You’re right, he was a big part of the story.

  44. It changed the complexion of the entire game. The officials were too starstruck by Manning to notice these dropped passes.

    Harbaugh shouldn’t have even had to waste a challenge on the first one because it was obvious even to me sitting in my living room that the ball bounced off the turf.

  45. nesby2 says:

    That missed challenge was a 21 pt swing & ultimately costed the Ravens the ball game.
    I would love to hear the explanation on how 1 play can cause a 21 pt swing. Must be that odd 10.5 pt would-be touchdown that went the other way.

  46. If it makes John feel better, it wouldn’t have mattered. Peyton shredded your defense, particularly in the second half. I loved how the Broncos lined up in the pistol so the Ravens couldn’t see which side the RB protection was on. Peyton would then audible the RB to the side he felt the pressure would be coming from. Never thought I would’ve seen Peyton in the pistol but it worked well.

    I know it was raining, but Decker and Welker need to start catching the ball better, particularly with Denver’s plodding run game. Those two are better than that. When they play a good defense like Houston, they will need those two to extend some drives, not end them.

  47. Mighty John Harbaugh should admit that it was coaching error. If a drunk on the coach can easily throw the flag why can’t someone on the 30+ staff help john do it.

    Big momentum swing but overall the Ravens looked lost with out ed and ray on d. could be a long year but I’m thinking the Ravens will get things straightened out.

    Lastly, congrats peyton you looked great like you always do against the ravens. However 7 td passes and an opening day win does NOTHING to eliminate the fact that the RAVENS are still world champions and your record in playoff games STINKS!

  48. Not even gonna try to use this as an excuse, megahead punched us in the mouth last night…
    Really i’m not even that mad, it was just nice to watch a meaningful football game for the first time in 7 months…

  49. Harbaugh’s blaming NBC, and everybody else is blaming Harbaugh for not challenging. If this had happened last year, all we’d be hearing about is how lousy the replacement refs are after missing TWO clear non-catches.

  50. As a Ravens fan, it makes me sick that Harbaugh is saying they couldn’t see that review… NBC showed it multiple times before the next play was ran…

  51. Truth is……the ravens were just being who they really are.. Last year they got lucky against the broncos, they had the game of their life against NE and matched up with a niners team who isn’t as good as advertised with an inexperienced qb. They showed their true colors last night.

  52. Let it be known that I’m not a Ravens fan and as far as i can tell this article doesn’t mention Harbaugh whining about any bad calls. But i would like to weigh in.

    The ravens staff can only review plays from the tv feeds they have. when watching the live feed it looked like a catch to me and NBC was late in showing a replay, plus the Broncos scurried up to the line like a bunch of raccoons to dumpster behind a chinese restaurant. So i don’t know why the ravens would have challenged this play. Obviously its there responsibility to have someone watching on the field or in the booth or wherever, but its not like they have their own TV feeds showing different angles they can review every play

  53. And Harbaugh was standing on the sidelines visualizing him back account with new 4 yr extension. that DB Graham was only called for pass inteeference one out of every 5 infractions

  54. It was an even up game until that play. I think the defense gave up after that. They clearly stopped Denver and for the coach to miss that play was unexcusable. The next play was a big gainer and the next a touchdown and the route was on.

    Ravens defense gave up and the offense was bombed by the 6 man rush.

    The coach of the team owes his people an apology for costing them a game. They may still have lost but you don’t give it away.

    I heard one of the dbacks screaming for a review and the coach looked puzzled like he was waiting for someone in the booth to tell him what to do.

    Dumb, dumb and dumber.

  55. Are the Ravens coaches supposed to watch the play on the field like the old days or do they have a tv to watch on the sidelines. The coach did not see the play and should have. Its that dam simple.

    I think they rushed to give him more money than he is worth. Someone needs to tell him his tight ends are slow and can’t catch the football. How do you expect to win with that kind of talent?

  56. This wasn’t harbaugh’s or NBC’s fault. Yes the replay being shown in real time didnt help, but someone’s only job is to look at those replays and tell Harbs to challenge

  57. Where can I apply to work for the Ravens coaching staff? because even retard shouldn’t have messed that up.

  58. All the raven fans are looking like sissy whiny crybabies. Making excuses for uncalled PI, injuries, and harbaughs blunder. What happened to your mantra as Next Man Up??. Hypocrites looked lost and bewildered last night. Look for flunkco to do the squirrelly dance next week, and wear war paint as he cries about God being a raven fan….lol., how dd. your average QB play, with the Elite price tag??

  59. htowntexan says:
    Sep 6, 2013 9:45 AM
    This coach is the biggest whiner in the game. He has now also shown that he is no good. Last year was a complete fluke.

    15 6


    5 years*, the last 5 years must have been a fluke, because we ave play off wins in all 5, including appearances in 2 AFCCGs and a Superbowl.

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