Menelik Watson ruled out for Week One

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The signs were all pointing toward the Raiders needing to find a left tackle to replace Menelik Watson for the opener against the Colts on Sunday and coach Dennis Allen confirmed it on Friday afternoon.

Watson has been ruled out of the contest, which will force the Raiders to shuffle their line one more time before the season gets underway. Khalif Barnes will move from the right side to the left with Tony Pashos taking over at right tackle. Barnes said that he felt good in practice on the left side and said the last-minute switch doesn’t excuse a poor performance.

“Unfortunately, we’ve got two guys hurt, so it’s ‘next man up,'” Barnes said, via Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group. “I’ve done this position before. It’s been a little while but I’ll get back on the bike and start riding again. It felt good. We’re going to go out and play ball. No excuses. I felt good about it.”

Barnes’ attitude is the right one, but the Raiders offensive line wasn’t looking too hot with Watson healthy so it’s not shaping up to be a strong point of the team this Sunday. The Raiders are expected to make a roster move to add a backup tackle to the roster with practice squadder Matt McCants looking like the choice to move up to the main roster.

Tight end David Ausberry has been ruled out along with Watson and linebacker Sio Moore is questionable.


13 responses to “Menelik Watson ruled out for Week One

  1. According to all you pundits and media types, there is not one position group on the Raiders that’s a ‘strong point’…every position is supposedly the worst in the league.

    So what’s your point?

  2. Are we all forgetting how horrible the colts defense is… Especially their run defense. The raiders with McFadden and Pryor are a run first and ask questions later team. If the Colts can’t stop the run (29th) last year, then expect a high scoring game from the raiders despite what all the media clowns say. 27-20 raiders is the score. Write it down.

  3. Not ideal to have Barnes and Pashos starting out the season but what you gonna do?
    @shackdelrio…Jaguars backs gained 2000 yards with these two at tackle in 2007. If run blocking is their strength…then we will be just fine.

  4. No matter what this off season. We need to really draft O lineman and DT’s. As far as Sunday’s game against the Colts. We have a great chance to win this game. Not only are the Colts suspect on the O line, i feel we can be a problem matching up for them with our weapons on O. On the defense. If we can stop the run and keep Luck from getting open looks and rolling out. We can pull this out with a win! Jenkins neeeeds to be on Reggie with a double team 30% of the time. And Hayden needs to be in the slot with hilton. I think Porter can hold Hey-Bey down one on one for the most part. Since DJ is a rookie, we can double Hilton from time to time with a LB. On the Offense we should be a big mismatch if D.A. and Olsen will use reese more in pass plays. Dmac 20-25 carries, passes 10-12. Reece 8-10 carries, 10 passes. This will be a nightmare match up for colts LB’s and Safeties. If we could get some good production from our TE’s that would be a plus. Put Moore in the slot along with Ford with Streater and Butler on the edge. Good intermediate routes with a touch of deep routes. We should be good. Last but not least TP. This whole scheme will make him more productive and help the line. Because of his threat to run, that will slow the Colts blitz down and make there D play honest. Last but not least. The special teams need to be decent. Go Raiders!! 1-0

  5. @raiderfanatic4life
    Are we forgetting how bad the Raiders are at everything except kicking < 50 yd? Even IF the Colts can't stop the Raiders run game (28th!) last year, how do you figure the Raiders can stop Andrew Luck? By giving him 15 seconds in the pocket like the Raiders gave Brees? Expect a high scoring game from the Raiders? Do you think #BlackTebow is going to QB sneak the Colts to death? The Raiders will be lucky to come out with 6pts. Write THAT down. Downvote if you agree!

  6. u raiders fans cant be foreal, that was last years colts stats, we have improved at stopping the run, nice try holmes

  7. @peytonsneck: Brother, you’re the biggest troll on this thread.

    Concern yourself with your colts and whether dhb has learned to use his hands to catch the ball and not his body.

    Shake yourself, bro.

  8. @peytonsneck:
    Angerererer is out, and L. Landry will be hurt by the 2nd snap. Is that what you mean by “improved”? I forgot about that huge free agent addition the Colts made. You know the guy from Arz that gave up 12 catches and 253 yards to the great Brian Hartline last year…

  9. “downvote if you agree” haha! good one.

    The fact of the matter is my Raiders are underdogs and with Pryor and McFadden the O. Coordinator has a good opportunity at being creative in the offense. However Olson doesn’t inspire me. Who knows, I fear it’ll be a long season,

    Go Raiders!

  10. shackdelrio says:
    Sep 6, 2013 4:56 PM
    Khalif Barnes and Tony Pashos? So the 2013 Raiders are starting the tackles from the 2007/2008 Jaguars. Good job Oakland.
    Yes, with a tiny difference.

    These guys are playing because of numerous injuries to the line, as opposed to you know…..starting for that joke of an NFL franchise, the Jagoffs.


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