New Lions captain Suh calls players-only meeting


In what is either a sign that a man can truly change or a reading of the last rites for irony, Ndamukong Suh told his teammates they needed to grow up.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the Lions defensive tackle, who was voted team captain for the first time, called a players-only meeting Tuesday on the topic of discipline.

Specifically, he told his teammates they had to avoid silly penalties — like the ones he’s committed throughout his career.

“I wouldn’t have seen Suh doing that a couple years ago,” linebacker Ashlee Palmer said. “But like I said, he’s coming out of his shell. I think that’s going to be a big positive for us because we know we got him on the boat, and it’s all good now.”

Suh’s talent spoke for itself in previous years, but he was willing to let elder defensive linemen such as Kyle Vanden Bosch handle the leadership burden. But teammates say he’s clearly taking it more seriously this offseason.

“His work ethic, how he takes care of himself on and off the field, he really, truly, genuinely wants to get every play right,” defensive lineman Jason Jones said. “And when he does mess up a technique or something like that, he’s really mad at himself. So just seeing how much passion he puts into what he does, he deserves [to be a captain]. He’s doing all the right things.”

Suh’s talent has always been sublime, but the flags and the fines and the distractions around him have detracted from that. If he’s able to live up to his responsibilities as a captain, the Lions may change things too.

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  1. Is Suh the right guy to talk about growing up and discipline? I guess we’ll find out this season, no?

  2. I hope this team can keep the temper flowing between whistles. A lot of teams know the Lions have a chip on their shoulder and they use that against them by getting them to react post whistle. If they can keep it between the lines this team can show last year was an fluke and they are more like 2011. The addition of Reggie Bush is the Jahvid Best explosiveness they missed. Plus just subtracting Titus Young from their squad should settle things down a bit.

  3. I’m not a Suh or Lions fan, but from what I’ve read, he’s always been a smart guy. He just had some serious anger issues and was pretty immature.

  4. Suh is the man! A dominant force on the field, not it looks like hes ready to be a leader. Glad hes on our team!

    Now here comes the trash talk from everyone else who wont admit theyre jealous and wish he was on their team.

  5. I think several of you are confusing Suh with Albert Haynesworth. I don’t think he’s ever kicked or stomped anyone’s head. Let’s keep our lame, worn out jokes straight.

  6. All those that think Suh has so many penalties, that is simply not the case. He has drawn very few flags. The ones that he has, have been extreme (the widely shown stomping GB turkey day stupidity) Now the Lions as a team have way too many penalties, but Suh does not commit many, The TACKLE he made from behind a few years ago on Cutler was a great play, and NEVER should have drawn a flag.

  7. Obviously there is no leadership on the Lions defense.

    Suh was elected by default as most of the vets from last year no longer play for the Lions.

    This could get ugly for the Lions real soon.

  8. I hope this works. I’m not a Lion’s fan, but they are on the verge of being a real threat to win it all. He needs to lead by exaMple and not with his mouth. PUT UP OR SHUT UP TIME, BOY NAMED SUH.

  9. The Lions haters are rampant on here… let’s you know there’s fear in the air. Or else they wouldn’t bother.

    We can’t wait to see you play Suh, let’s get this on Sunday.

  10. To most of you Suh is this thing that the media has created. Everything about this man has been blown out of proportion by the media. That is the Suh you all think you know. That’s too bad. You are all missing out on something special. Some of you need to heckle and criticize this man – it’s what you do to make yourself feel like you have a life. smh…..too sad.

  11. Yep…last year the Lions were the third least penalized team in the NFL. Suh, himself, had one offside penalty.

    Oh well, I guess nobody can forgive a stomp from two years ago.

    Good…I want people to hate Suh and the Lions. That means they’re doing something right. He’s a leader when he’s on the field, he’s a leader to his team mates, and he’s one of the strongest leaders in the community, where he gives more than almost every other NFL athlete and rarely gets the praise for doing so. He deserves to be a Captain.

    I also find it amuzing that already people have made this many negative comments on a guy trying to rally his team together but so many people want to give Aldon Smith, a guy that has done way worse so far in his short stint in the NFL, all sorts of breaks and even blame the victims of the shooting. LOL…stay classy everybody.

  12. Detroit – bankrupt and in ruins.

    Detroit football hierarchy – mentally bankrupt and in ruins.

    Suh deserves Detroit, what team with any class or dignity would chose a player like Suh as a leader.

  13. johnnyjagfan says:Sep 6, 2013 4:13 PM

    Hilarious. Players-only meeting before the season starts? Another lousy season ahead for the biggest underachievers in the league.

    jagsfan1 says:Sep 6, 2013 4:21 PM

    It’s a little early for that – isn’t it?

    They couldn’t wait until they are 1-3 or 1-4?

    People either hate Suh or love him but are there really 2 Jags fans talking bad about another team? Really??

  14. When’s the last time Suh has been in trouble? He keeps his mouth shut when he’s not on the field, I love seeing him finally step up. He is the best player on the defense now he needs to help lead that defense to victories

  15. sosuhme says:
    Sep 6, 2013 4:48 PM
    How many penalties did Suh have ALL of last year? Exactly. Don’t let facts get in the way of image.


    I believe the quote was…”…throughout his career.”

    For that he has 19 in three years.

  16. Anybody who has paid attention has noted a change in Suh’s disposition, his maturity, and how he has become much more engaging off and on the field this offseason. He used to be a very private, guarded and almost reclusive individual. He always worked hard, but was to himself. He has been pretty open about his past mistakes and realizing he had to change his approach if he was going to be a leader on the team. I think he’s going to do a fine job. Some will withhold judgement and will believe it when they see it. Others will mock, taunt and be sarcastic. Following the Lions on nearly a daily basis, I already have seen positive change, nevertheless the haters are still going to hate.

  17. Still…not the coach enforcing discipline. What am I missing?

    It took this guy three years to do something.

    The HC has yet to do anything but bench a player for the cameras. He’s too busy working on his post-game handshake.

    This team is undisciplined and reckless just like the city it represents. They’re not gonna change.

    Enjoy the bottom Detroit. Start planning for who you’re going to take in the Top 10 next year.

  18. You trolls are funny. Suh takes a leadership role and you act like that’s a bad thing! With his talent and him growing up like this, it can only be a good thing for the Lions.

  19. Don’t the Lions generally call player only meetings AFTER they’ve lost a bunch of games?

    Suh has to be the most over rated player in the NFL though. He isn’t a top 30 defensive lineman. Most teams have at least one lineman better than him.

    But because of his dirty hits, he gets attention. And everyone in the media always says “well his talent is bla bla bla, but he needs to get his act together” because that is a cliche’ sports angle.

    Truth of the matter is, Suh is an above average defensive tackle but the majority of NFL teams have a better D lineman than Detroit and many of them have two better than Suh. And many of those lineman that are better don’t get a tenth of the coverage because they don’t do dirty hits like Suh.

  20. Stupid Lions Fan says:
    Sep 6, 2013 4:55 PM

    The Lions haters are rampant on here… let’s you know there’s fear in the air. Or else they wouldn’t bother.
    That’s right! People only comment on things that they are afraid of!

    If it makes you feel better, keep telling yourself that. EVERYONE FEARS THE LIONS! (see how silly that looks when you read it in print?)

  21. “Suh has to be the most over rated player in the NFL though. He isn’t a top 30 defensive lineman. Most teams have at least one lineman better than him.”

    Oh, please. Name 4 DT’s better than Suh. You can’t count DE’s as it is an entirely different position. The guy gets double teamed on nearly every play.

  22. @theboondoggles:

    In 2011’s Thanksgiving game, he stomped on a downed Packers player’s arm. In 2012’s Thanksgiving game, he kicked Matt Schaub in the nuts.

    Other than that, as far as I know he hasn’t had all that many flags thrown on him. It’s just that when he does something stupid, he does it on the biggest possible stage, and that cemented his image as a dirty player and made the public scrutinize him all the more.

    If he can go the year without stupid flagrant stuff like the above, then that will help. He has to lead by example. Irony aside, he’s right; the Lions are not in a position where they can afford to give up a bunch of penalty yards.

  23. Growing up: better late than never. Good for Suh.

    Glad to see him trying to step up and be a man instead of a man-child like so many players in the NFL

  24. I am no lions fan or even close to being a fan. Same goes for Suh, I’m not a fan of his because of prior incidents. That said, I think people need to lay off with the childish comments about him stepping up as a captain. He is around the age that a lot of men mature from being boys. Unlike some of the posters on here maybe he has grown and matured from his mistakes. Time will tell. I for one hope he has because he is supremely talented and would be good for the game. It’s a new season and he’s a year older, so lets wait to see what happens before cutting him down!

  25. well it seems 98% of you struggle with being original and funny. And for those of you thinking Atkins is better…check the stats for the first 3 years before you continue to make comments.

  26. Wow. Very original with all the stomp comments. The guy got only one personal foul called last season and it was a weak one at that. As many of his are; the ‘forearm’ to Cutler, the Horse-collar to Barber, and even the stomp, which was clearly a stupid play, totally blown out of proportion. He’s never injured another player, and has done nothing since 2011 to warrant any of the vitriol that gets spewed his way. It’s not as if he’s Albert Haynesworth, cleating a dude in the face.

    If you ask me, he is the perfect person to say don’t take stupid penalties since he’s had the chance to learn from those mistakes.

  27. I think the Lion haters/defenders singlehandedly keep this website afloat since Tim Tebow dropped off the face of the Earth.

  28. Totally blown out of proportion to stomp on another player? Yeah lions fan just proved they’re delusional. Schwartz will gone next year. Count on it.

  29. I hope the lions lose every single game, they are the worst team in the NFL and there fans are not much better. I have a friend that took his young son to a game and a Lion fan made a sick comment to him because he was cheering for the other team… Clueless lowclass organization.

  30. Blah blah stompy Suh bad. The Lions will be contenders in the NFC North due in part to Suh becoming a team LEADER as well as an outstanding PLAYER. Detroit will surprise a lot of people this year because the media would rather focus on a crappy Jets team rather than anything else. Detroit takes the NFC this year, you watch!!!!

  31. Oh, please. Name 4 DT’s better than Suh. You can’t count DE’s as it is an entirely different position. The guy gets double teamed on nearly every play.

    1- jj watt
    2- nataga
    3- geno atkins
    4- henry melton
    5- he’s on your own team nick fairly….looks more impressive if stays healthy

    Wasn’t that hard really.

  32. The guy is clearly an intelligent guy, college educated which I can assume is probably more than you can say about the posting on this. Who knows what was said during the players meeting…if he owned up to it, and is ready to move on, which I can only assume he did, any conscious person would. Either way, who cares…he’s a beast, any team would love to have a player of that quality. The guys a freak, glad he’s in Detroit and that the organization embraces him. They’ll keep him in Detroit.

  33. I’m not a Lions fan but I live in Minnecrapolis and I would love to see the Vikings get their asses kicked on Sunday.
    I’m not a fan of the Bears or Packers either….I just hate Minnecrapolis so much

  34. The history/irony is hard to ignore but just how big is the leadership void in Detroit that a player decides a meeting is needed before the season starts? Schwartz may be a decent tactician but he is not disciplined and his team has reflected that over the last few years. Suh has recognized that and has stepped up to solve a problem that he was once a major contributor to. If it works good for them. If he does something dumb then it was all wasted effort.

  35. Holdin it down for Portland Oregon baby! Woo woo Grant high schools finest. I played against Suh in high school. Man’s a beeeast. Much love to ya big homie! Glad to see ya takin over in D town

  36. Suh called a players only meeting and told his teamates to avoid silly penalties.
    I guess I have to assume that a at least a couple of his teamates showed up for said meeting to hear him say that.
    The Deetwaa Free Press report and this one dont address that.

  37. Jags, Browns, Bills, Raiders fans all have strong opinions on this subject. Hmm. Just keep posting trolls. Schwartz may not be the best coach, our offensive line may be unproven, our receivers after CJ may not be great but for any of you pukes to crack on Suh or Detroit is freaking’ laughable. Look at your teams and your cities. At least there are fortune 500 companies located in the metro area, our team isn’t looking to leave the country and our stadium doesn’t’ look like a WNBA regular season game. Jealousy is not a friend of intellect and you losers should get outta your Mom’s basement, look at the facts and hold on cause the Lions are gonna wreck some delusional fan bases dreams this year. Starting with you Vikes. Ponder, need I say more?

  38. First of all I’ll admit the stomp was really really bad.

    That was years ago, Suh has ONE penalty last year, one.

    The bottom line is that god forbid he leaves my team in free agency, there will be a bidding war that will end with him likely getting one of the biggest contracts for a Def player ever. All these haters posting on this thread will be the first one rocking brand new #90 jerseys and screaming his name if he ends up on their team.

  39. suh does it again. useless block from behind on a players knee. how can you say this guy doesn’t play dirty? if this guy was on my team, i couldn’t defend him. the cowardly lion fans will find excuses for this cheap shot artist. he keeps playing like that, he will get the wrong person mad.

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