Patriots call Gronkowski doubtful, Amendola probable for Week One


It looks like the 2013 debut of tight end Rob Gronkowski will not happen in Week One.

Gronkowski has been practicing in a limited fashion with the Patriots this week, but he was listed as doubtful on Friday’s final injury report before Sunday’s game against the Bills. Per league guidelines, that gives him just a 25 percent chance of playing in this weekend’s game and it’s hard to find anyone who is around the Patriots on a daily basis that believes the tight end will be in the lineup against Buffalo.

If Gronkowski can’t play, the Patriots will have Michael Hoomanawanui and undrafted rookie free agent signing Zach Sudfeld at tight end. Sudfeld drew a lot of good reviews for his work this summer and will likely get many chances to make good on them in a game that counts.

Gronkowski’s absence hurts, although it wasn’t unexpected and it won’t be compounded by the absence of wide receiver Danny Amendola. Amendola practiced fully on Friday and is probable for Sunday’s game. The same is true of rookie wide receiver Aaron Dobson, who was slowed by a hamstring injury earlier in the week.

14 responses to “Patriots call Gronkowski doubtful, Amendola probable for Week One

  1. Gronk was never going to play in week one and I doubt he suits up in week two either. But the fact that he’s practicing in full pads and with the ones says to me that he’s going to play week three in all likelihood and week four at the latest.

    Once Gronk comes back the Patriots offense is going to be very very good. They actually averaged more points per game without Hernandez then with him last year, that’s because they had Gronk in those games. Hernandez was a nice player but he was never the dominant force Gronkowski is.

  2. billsfan1 says:Sep 6, 2013 5:36 PM

    now we will only lose by 17 points. thank god


    Seriously LOL when I read your post. Love your attitude. Hopefully the new regime in Buff turns it around. We’ll be out there Sunday(despite the long freaking ride).

  3. Gronk is still underweight and needs another couple weeks to bulk back up to full strength.


    Thanks for making me laugh. Its been tough to be a Bills fan the last few years. Hopefully Manuel will work out for the long run for you. You guys deserve a break sometime soon.

    Just not Sunday.

  4. Those of us who witnessed it will never forget 31-0.

    Assume nothing, but a rookie QB starting his first game against the reloaded Patriots is a tall order.

  5. They might call him doubtful….but I call him a media slore…”Growing up Gronk”…really?

    What a joke.

  6. I would rest grok til week 3 even if he is healthy
    Bills then jets? They don’t need him…maybe play him sparingly vs Tampa in week 3 then cut him loose vs Atlanta

  7. hey guys,
    im a long time fan (early 80’s) when i was about 5. I believe we are finally on the right track and I think Manuel will be a good qb but his first game against BB is pretty tall order…
    as you Pats fans know, having the right qb means everything… hope we can finally replace Kelly, and i sure as hell hope you dont go this long when it comes time to replace Brady

    No fan should miss the playoffs this long..

  8. The guy parties his butt off every day during the off-season and expects to come back healthy after an injury? Mark my word; he is a yahoo and can’t stay away from the pipe or bottle and will have a very short NFL career.

  9. billsfan1 says:

    I believe we are finally on the right track and I think Manuel will be a good qb but his first game against BB is pretty tall order…

    That’s the one thing I worry about actually is Manuel. There have been several backups and rookies over the years who have embarrassed and beaten or nearly beaten the Pats.

    When they don’t have film on a guy and only vanilla stuff from the preseason it makes it much harder to game plan against him. They can watch some of his college film I suppose, but in no way does that give them any info about his tendencies in an NFL offense.

    There is an old axiom about sword fighting. The greatest swordsman in the world is not afraid of the well trained but not as talented warrior. He’s afraid of the totally untrained guy with a sword in his hand because you just have no idea what he’s going to do. The great swordsman will probably still win, but the crazy stuff someone with no training might do could catch him by surprise and at least wound him deeply before he puts the guy down.

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