Vernon Davis: Kaepernick and I are on a different level this season


Randy Moss is a member of the FOX Sports team this year, but he was a wide receiver for the 49ers in 2012 and he shared some thoughts about two of his former teammates during a conference call earlier this week.

Moss said that he didn’t think quarterback Colin Kaepernick and tight end Vernon Davis developed a “rapport” during the 2012 season, something that Davis wasn’t all that shy about saying once Kaepernick took over as the team’s quarterback. He had six catches in six games at the end of the season, but things perked up in the playoffs.

After catching one pass in the win over the Packers, Davis had 11 catches in the next two games. Davis doesn’t begrudge Moss the right to say what he thinks in his new television role, but that experience as well as spending time with the wide receivers during practice in the spring and summer has him feeling like things are different this time around.

“I feel me and Colin are on a different level than where we were last year,” Davis said, via Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group. “You have to think about it: When a quarterback just steps in, it takes time to learn his receivers. I don’t think you can base everything on what happened last year, because a lot can change in six months,” Davis said. “Colin is a different man. Some of the things I learned this training camp, I didn’t learn last training camp.”

It takes time for players to get used to playing with one another and the 49ers offense with Kaepernick was so different than the one they were running with Alex Smith that things were going to be even more difficult in this specific case. The playoff success came at the end of the process, which bodes well for the partnership this season.

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  1. The offense wasn’t actually a whole lot different. They were running out of the Pistol and using a little option game with Smith in, they just ran it a lot more once Kaep took over. There wasnt really a learning curve for Davis in that regard. Either way, I think Davis is going to have a huge year.

  2. Somehow having the 49ers place the success of their entire season on the Read-Option makes no sense the first time Kaepernick gets hit hard enough to have a RGIII injury. That will happen soon enough and when it does, can McCoy carry the 49ers to any real success?

    Now that teams are prepared much better for the Read-Option, as well as being on the lookout to really punish and hit the QB as hard as possible, only the QB who runs the least will finish the season to lead their team into the playoffs.

    Let’s see, will it be Wilson or Kaepernick who will go down first? Because of his experience, will RGIII stay in the pocket much more to try to stay healthy enough to get his team into the playoffs?

  3. The problem with the 49ers is even if the read option fails, Kaep has a pretty good arm and he looks good in the pocket. I’m hoping the Packers can win on Sunday, but if they do I expect it’s going to be more about Aaron Rodgers having a good day and capitalizing on a few 49er mistakes than it will be about shutting down the 49ers offense.

  4. ctiggs says:Sep 6, 2013 12:51 PM

    Best team , best tandem, best tight end, top 3 QB

    My response to that in order:

    Debatable, WHIFF, WHIFF, WHIFF

  5. Read option is here to stay EAT IT haters.

    And it’s not like Kaep is only good running the ball, the guy has a cannon arm and most likely stay in the pocket most of the season as there is no Kaep waiting in the wings to take over in the event of a disaster. We still have one of the best if not best corp of RB in the league and oh yeah, a defensive front seven that dominates.

    Fear … you trolls are rank with it.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  6. Is it me or are 1/2 the people who are posting on this article clueless about the 49ers:

    “…..the 49ers place the success of their entire season on the Read-Option….”

    Huh? Yes, they will run the read option. No they will not be entirely dependent upon the read option. (also included in this are all the people who are calling Kap a “1 read QB”, watch the tape folks).

    Or Football in general:

    “Isn’t this Kaepernick’s third season? Guess he wasn’t learning his receivers the first 2 years.”

    He was the backup QB for his first year and a half, backups typically get very little work with the first team…SMH.

    Also – they guy speaking about the learning curve for Vernon. The passing game is all about timing – and QBs and receivers have to work together a LOT to get timing down. It has nothing to do with Vernon knowing the routes….

  7. To they stupid GB hater above. As stated yesterday, the niners ran the ” pistol read ” at a clip of about 6%..did you hear that I said SIX PERCENT, meaning in no way shape or firm are they using it all the time, nor are they jeopardizing anyone more than a few plays a year. By your yawn logic, your hoping they are able to clean his clock, ruin his season, on plays that’s rarely ever happen. Your logic defies me. Andy what’s worst of all. IM A SEAHAWKS FAN. My team runs the pistol read the same 6% of the time.

    This means if you have a chappy defense which you obviously don’t, you gave no hope theirs no punishing qbs every play and only have 4 chances if your lucky a game really limits your ” ability ” to smash the qb, you’ll have had more success actually sacking the qb or putting hurries on him, seeing how those type of plays actually happen.

    Please nfl, please find a way to stop the pistol read. Bc all your efforts to stop what you can’t, silly put you at a major disadvantage when you realize Sf and Sea don’t really rely on it or even run it alot. That allows gore and Co and lynch and Co to run wild on your team. In the end YOU STILL LOOSE.

  8. @allidoiswin

    Again preach on man. You are right on. The read option is only a weapon that Seattle and SF use, not the entire offense by a long shot. Love when teams spend valuable practice time on 6% of an offense. The only thing I would change about your post is the way you spelled lose. Haha.

  9. Oh…VD must finally be awake from that COMPLETELY LEGAL hit that Bam Bam Kam put on him in the drubbing that they got. Good for CK&, he’s going to need him. NFC West is going to be fun this year….to watch anyways.

  10. I hope Kaep has a good season and I’m not a 49ers fan. He just seems like a good guy and underdog story still.

    However the 49ers still have issues to workout so they don’t look like the Ravens did last night. well offensively at least. The ravens defense was horrid last night so I’m by no means comparing defenses. I’m talking offenses.

    Yeah they have Veron Davis, Colin Kaep, aging frank Gore but aside from that they need more help. Hunter and James have been banged up. The receiving corps is mangled. You have an aging Boldin and that’s about it. Hopefully for their sake Quinton Patton comes along well this season.
    The 49ers will be good but their is plenty room for concern for their offense that is going to need to put up points to win. esp when you play teams with great defenses such as Seattle that aren’t going to back down and can put up points on your def. Kaep decision making, and accuracy still needs a lot of improvement so he doesn’t make tim tebow like mistakes like he did in the superbowl. but again that comes with exp and playing time. Hope fully he guts the Packers for like a million yards again and bangs em up so the rest of the nfc north can breathe lol

  11. I do not see any improvement in Kaep’s throwing style as he has that long delivery like he is throwing a spear. That generates more speed and distant but at the expense of taking longer to release the ball. Good thing his o-line is as good as they are, otherwise he would not have time to make some of his throws.

  12. That’s actually why I got them both in fantasy football. I’m think Patton could make a impact also. U gotta remember kaepernick was taking 2nd team reps so to build chemistry with Vern needed a offseason to truly get in the hang of it

  13. All of you who say the Niners are done when teams learn to stop the read-option are obviously just haters. If you genuinely were an all around NFL fan, you’d know their offense has much more substance outside of that formation.

  14. schmitty2 says: Sep 6, 2013 1:51 PM

    ctiggs says:Sep 6, 2013 12:51 PM

    Best team , best tandem, best tight end, top 3 QB

    My response to that in order:

    Debatable, WHIFF, WHIFF, WHIFF

    Watch out Crybaugh will want a rule change if you don’t agree.

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