Brynden Trawick: I just lost sight of Jacoby Jones


Ravens rookie safety Brynden Trawick made the costliest mistake of the game on Thursday when he ran into teammate Jacoby Jones, knocking him out of the game and sidelining him for 4-6 weeks. Trawick’s explanation is simple: He just didn’t see Jones until it was too late.

Just lost sight of the returner, pretty much,” Trawick told the team’s website. “I was just trying to block my man and lost sight of where Jacoby was. It’s unfortunate that I ran into him. I’ve just got to have more awareness there.”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh noted that Trawick was playing his first NFL game and made the kind of fundamental mistake that inexperienced players tend to make.

“That’s an experience play probably. [He’s an] inexperienced guy, new situation for him,” Harbaugh said. “We played a lot of young guys out there tonight. There’s going to be a learning process with those guys. You just keep coaching, keep fighting. They’re good guys, they work hard and they want to do well. That’s what we’re going to do.”

Trawick obviously screwed up on that play, but the Ravens like his potential, and he played well on special teams in the preseason after signing with the Ravens as an undrafted free agent out of Troy. All Trawick can do now is try to make a play on special teams soon that gets him noticed for the right reasons.

7 responses to “Brynden Trawick: I just lost sight of Jacoby Jones

  1. At least it wasn’t a mistake he made while trying to showboat for the cameras, cough cough Danny Trevathan cough.

  2. Don’t have to worry about this kid ever doing that again! I bet he never loses sight of the returner again for the rest of his career. Sounds like lesson learned.

  3. Yep, that Trevethan dance was pretty bad, and the guy won’t do that again. I am sorry about Jacoby Jones injury. That sucks, but can anybody say that the Trevethan dance was not the best Jacoby dance on Thursday night?

  4. It’s a shame, and it was so unnecessary. Above all, let me just say how much I hate seeing ANYONE get injured, regardless of team. It’s no fun seeing an explosive playmaker like Jones go down like that.

    I hope you will realize now why Big Ben is at a level above. Big Ben has been winning for YEARS with the problems that Flacco is only now starting to face. Ben doesn’t just win, he wins behind a crummy injury-riddled line — he hasn’t had the same OL group since ’08. Not to mention the merry-go-round at RB. There’s no way Manning, Brady or Rodgers, let alone Flacco, could succeed on the team Ben stars for. Nobody gets banged around like he does, and still comes up strong.

    Fact is, Flacco’s been pampered with dependable protection and the same stud RB since he came into the league. Now we’ll see what he can do facing a little more adversity. If he flops, spare us the excuses, Roethlisberger’s been winning that way for years. Guys going down all around? Welcome to Ben’s world, Joe.

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