Casey Hayward expects to miss the first month of the season


The prognosis for Packers cornerback Casey Hayward’s injured hamstring is not good.

Hayward does not expect to play at all for at least the first month of the season, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Hayward initially hurt his hamstring working out in Atlanta before training camp. He started to feel better and played in the August 23 preseason game, but he strained the same hamstring injury in that game. Now the Packers are apparently going to be extra cautious and not let him return to action until they’re sure he’s 100 percent. Which could be a while.

A 2012 second-round draft pick, Hayward led the Packers with six interceptions last season. His absence is going to hurt.

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  1. Is it me, or do the Packers have the worst training staff in the NFL? The roster is always among the most injured in the league. Is it time to consider a different group of guys for their staff?

  2. Packers are luckily deep at corner Tramon Williams, Sam Shields are the starters and Micah Hyde and Davon House 3 & 4. I just hope he gets better – would rather have him healthy for all the divisional games. I have the Packers at 1-2 at the bye whether Hayward plays or not. Think Green Bay’s offense will need about a month to get on synch.

  3. That life. Hamstring injuries are rampant on the Packers more so than any team. I think its due to their players being soft, many many undrafteds and late round picks here who were injured in college and smallish.

    You draft tough, you get tough. You draft cheap, you get cheap.

  4. Yeah, hey wearethesteelers how did that Super Bowl in Dallas work out for you? I get a kick out of all you “doctors” and “pundits” acting as if injuries only happen in Green Bay! Aldante66 you have to be kidding me…a pulled or torn muscle makes you soft? Spoken like a true “athlete” when is the last time you even walked further than the distance between your couch and the fridge?

  5. Reblog of misinformation. He hurt his hammy before training camp, working out on his own, and missed almost the entire camp. The problem is that training staffs can’t work with players now during offseason because the union wanted that in the CBA, not that trainers suck and should be fired. Same thing happened to DuJuan Harris.

  6. Steelers fans and Vikings fans used to be so different, one was a group of proud fans that understood they had a good franchise that would never be as great as Green Bay, but they were ok with it. The other group were fans of a franchise mired by ineptitude, and their hatred showed through in their everyday lives.

    Now, it seems as though we can lump them all into the same group: “jealous of the Packers and their fans.”


  7. Hey Tokyobuttblaster, what would one of you Kung fu dudes know about football. Since your from Tokyo and all.

  8. @purplengold,

    If they do lose to the 9ers, at least it won’t be as painful as watching your overachieving team get shredded by the Lions this week. At least the 49ers are a formidable opponent.

  9. Oh…I get it. “Buttblaster,” because you think I’m gay and that’s derogatory.

    So, I’m just wondering how you feel living in state with the highest percentage of gay people?

    I’m not gay, in fact, I have a beautiful, smoking hot wife. But I have no problem with gay people. You clearly do.

    Are you this much of a bigot in person?

  10. Why do the steel heads mess with NFC North fans so much?

    Your team has no appeal any more so you troll the actual teams in the NFL with true history and legends of greatness such as the Packers and Bears.

    No two teams combined have a longer rivalry or more history with the NFL than the Packers and Bears. Don’t be jealous Steel heads just be be grateful and honored like the Lions and Vikings are……..

  11. Its ok, last year at this time Jarrett Bush was a starting CB for the Packers against the 49ers.

    This year we have a healthy Davon House and standout rookie Micah Hyde who are both bigger more physical corners who can cover and tackle pretty well.

    Expect to see a lot of 3-3-5 nickel from the Packers in this game, with a deeper more effective defensive line there’s no reason to line up with two DLs in the regular nickel look real often. When they do go with two down lineman, Mike Neal will line up at OLB freeing up Clay Matthews to attack from all over the field.

  12. You have to wonder how hard it must be for Mini fans to like their own team. They throw all this “soft” and “cheap” stuff at the Packer roster, yet have to reconcile it with the fact that GB won a Super Bowl 3 years ago, has won the division the past two seasons, and has beaten the fearsome Heidis six of the last seven.
    Wow, glad I don’t have that problem.

  13. Only NFC team to record double digit wins the last four years in a row. Only NFC team to reach the playoffs the last four years in a row. Yeah, something’s seriously wrong up there. Right.

  14. (just watched Anquan shred us for 200 yards)

    …. ok, so the first month then?
    Nah – cool, we can totally role with what we’ve got til you return Casey.


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