Florio Jr. and team start the season 1-0

TV duties and flight schedules kept me from attending Florio Jr.’s first high school game of the season.  But it won’t keep me from bragging a little.  Or a lot.

The Clarksburg Notre Dame Fighting Irish started the season 1-0 with a 27-16 win over Grafton.  Notre Dame trailed 7-0 at the half.

Florio Jr., who now outweighs me by 50 pounds, plays left tackle and left defensive end.  For a highlight or two, click Part One of the WDTV 5th Quarter program (hosted by my former PFTV partner Joe Brocato) and forward to the 5:10 mark.

Florio Jr. (also known as Alex) forced a fumble after staying home on a read-option fake and slipping past the blockers and hitting the quarterback.

Alex and several teammates also dyed their hair blond for the game.  Alex dyed his beard blonde, too.

As Ross Tucker has said, “He’s already a lot cooler than you ever were.”

In my defense, it was a fairly low bar.