King drops use of “Redskins” name

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Many in the media aren’t comfortable with the ongoing use of the name “Redskins.”  Peter King of and NBC’s Football Night in America has decided to do something about it.

He’s stopped using it.

King, who told PFT when word first emerged of the possibility more than a week ago that no final decision had been made, explained his position in a Friday column looking ahead to the coming weekend.

“The simple reason is that for the last two or three years, I’ve been uneasy when I sat down to write about the team and had to use the nickname,” King writes.  “In some stories I’ve tried to use it sparingly.  But this year, I decided to stop entirely because it offends too many people, and I don’t want to add to the offensiveness.  Some people, and some Native American organizations — such as the highly respected American Indian Movement — think the nickname is a slur.  Obviously, the team feels it isn’t a slur, and there are several prominent Native American leaders who agree.  But I can do my job without using it, and I will.”

King and I talked about his decision during a break from Saturday’s FNIA rehearsals at 30 Rock (we’re in the Saturday Night Live studio this year).  It’s not a P.R. move.  In fact, he’s avoiding interview requests about the topic.  King told me that, for example, he declined an invitation to appear on ABC’s Good Morning America.  (If he wants publicity for the move, that’s definitely not the way to get it.)

Many will agree with King’s decision.  Many will disagree with it.  In my own personal view, the name when stripped from the team it represents should be regarded in modern times as offensive.  Though PFT will (for now) continue to use the word as long as the team goes by that name, I’m confident that, at some point within the next 50 years, the name will change.  Then, the debate as to whether the name should have been changed will linger for another 50 years.

Come 2113, the people populating the United States of America (or whatever we’ll be called then) will be amazed that, in 2013, that name was still in place.  My primary goal is to live for as many of the next 100 years as possible.  My secondary goal is to ensure that my great-great-great-grandchildren will realize when they go to Google (or whatever it’ll be called then) that I didn’t support it.  And that I had a decent toupee.

One out of two ain’t bad.

177 responses to “King drops use of “Redskins” name

  1. Well I live in ‘murca and we don’t have kings here, so I find his name offensive!

    Yeah! Take that Peter High-Ranking-Official!

  2. Lame.
    Congrats to everyone for erasing this word, REDSKINS, from thier vocabulary. You all are so honorable and deserve praise for taking a strong stance on such a hot topic.
    You should be proud of youselves.

  3. It is just a matter of time before they come after the Saints nickname. Can’t have any religious references. God forbid.

  4. You’re kidding, right? You want to make clear that you don’t support the use of the word.

    And you will continue to use it.

    That’s as hilarious as it is hypocritical.

    Way to take a courageous stand in words but not in deeds or actions.

  5. Hopefully, in favor of using a toothbrush on those buttery snags.
    Good for him, no even fewer people will read his rhetoric.

  6. “Come 2113, the people populating the United States of America (or whatever we’ll be called then) will be amazed that…”

    Playa you must be straight trippin if you don’t think this country’s name will last another hundred years, especially after what it’s enduring over the past two hundred.

  7. many in the media….lol. that is because the mainstream media is made up of ivy league militant liberals who are offended by everything……everything except their views that is. hate to tell this tiny group of offended people, call the Redskins whatever u want they will never change the name.

  8. It’s a reasonable response as long as he does not turn it in to a crusade, which it appears he does not plan to do. The team can be fairly covered without using the nickname.

    I don’t see it as PC, I see it as a writer preferring to avoid a particular word.

  9. Good for Peter King. While there may still be some who don’t want to see the name change they are quickly becoming the minority. Progress is inexorable and soon the name will be changed.

  10. Ok, this is just getting stupid. How come you journalists had no problem using the term Redskins until now? What’s funny is that I have not heard one Indian or “redskin” speak out on this. It’s only the people who have no business talking about that have a problem.

  11. I am sure king is also one who is on board with the firing of folks who exercise their RIGHT to express their feelings on alternative lifestyles – he may indeed be exercising his right to be alternative in that respect…

  12. How about this. How about all the high and mighty, better than thou REDSKINS haters. How about you take the deed to your house and your land and sign it back over to the Native Americas. When you are ready to “right that wrong”, then tell Dan Snyder and the Skins fans what their team should be called. Until then, SHUT UP. You care so much about offending people, right and wrong, prove it!

  13. King should change his name. The MLK family is most likely disgraced by his representation of their proud name.

  14. As a Redskins fan I will be sad to see the name go. I think it shows the heritage off on a good light. It’s not like they mock Native Americans.

    Just change name to Washington Americans and keep the colours and the Native American helmet. Lets be honest they are the first Americans.

  15. I would think the bigger issue in terms of racial discrimination would be the fact that illegal immigrants are granted a plethora of economic privileges yet Native Americans seem to be largely confined to reservations. I could count on 1 hand the number of true Native Americans I’ve met in my life. A race of people darn near purged to extinction.

  16. the media are the biggest bunch of hypocrites out there. they had no problem using the word for the last 75 years, so long as it gave them stories to write about. now suddenly, they’re “offended” and “uneasy” for using a word that they’ve made money off of over the years by selling those stories ?

    hmmmm, now could it be that by boycotting the use of the word, they’re in turn, creating another story for themselves to make even more money off of ?

    i’m offended by the media for thinking that the rest of the world is as dumb and hypocritical as they are !!!!

  17. Good for you Peter! You certainly know what’s good for America’s Native community more than they do! Natives are people. They are intelligent, assertive, and capable American citizens, just like you and I. So good to hear that another writer has infantilized America’s Native population by making decisions for them.

    The name may be offensive, the name may not be offensive, but only Natives themselves should have a say in that argument. Peter King does not have a say. What this cause needs is a Native individual, representative of our nation’s Native community with the backing and support of tribal and intertribal governing organizations, taking the initiative to go to the media himself and declare that the name is offensive to Natives and they want something done about it. Then we’ll have a discussion.

    What we have here is a bunch of politicians and journalists telling us what a crisis this is, while Natives and legitimate Native representatives could not be less interested. While news outlet after news outlet boldly declares they will no longer discuss the Washington Redskins; the reservation population of Teton, Idaho and Teec Nos Pos Arizona, struggle mightily to retain their high school mascot: “the Redskins”; even as the state government attempts to strip the name, in order to “do what’s right” for the Native population.

    Until we see media and political activists working in tandem with representative Native leadership to oppose the name, this is not an “issue”, it’s not a “crusade”, it’s not even a “cause”. It’s just blowhard soapboxing for attention, readership, and political gain.

  18. Who’s cares? Peter King isn’t the first self righteous loser, who thinks anyone actually cares about his opinions, and is lucky enough to have a good job in this country. I don’t feel bad for a culture of people who gave up manhattan for a bag of rocks either. Hail to the redskins.

  19. The % of people “offended” is paltry compared to the number of neutrals or those who support it.

    Just another case of the Politically Correct Tail trying to Wag the Dog.

    Some of us don’t drink the P.C. Kool Aid. If something is legit racist or uncool – we’ll have your back, but not for this kind of buffoonery.

    I’ve heard a sampling of angry women insisting a snowman isn’t a snowman, and should be instead called a “snowperson.” I WISH I WAS JOKING.

  20. I suspect years from now, when Mr. King’s descendants reflect on his public protest to alter a well respected franchise’s name to something he personally considers less offensive, like the Crimson Epidermis Native Americans, they will be face-palming.

  21. Good for PK! It’s about time someone took a stance on the most lame name in sports. Seeing some of the comically moronic posts here just confirms his actions. King is the best football writer out there and his opinion on the issue is respected.

  22. I am in full support of Peter King’s stance on this, and look forward to hearing him declare that in deference to midgets, he is against the name “Giants”; in support of Hispanics, he is against the name “Browns”; in further support of American Indians, he is against the name “Cowboys” …… and on, and on, and on.

  23. Lets just the names of the raiders and jets to the jiggaboos and honkies……then we can have the Oakland jiggaboos, the new York honkies and the Washington redskins and everyone goddamn pc hippies heads will explode and then We can finally live in peace

  24. Why is nobody asking to change the name of the old negro league of baseball?? Oh wait the United Negro College Fund still uses it, so I guess it is not as offensive as the PC police have taught us. What about colored people?? Woops!! The NAACP still uses that so can’t do that one either.

  25. revskip says: Sep 7, 2013 2:43 PM

    Good for Peter King. While there may still be some who don’t want to see the name change they are quickly becoming the minority. Progress is inexorable and soon the name will be changed.
    I know where they are certainly the minority– among America’s Native community. According to the only poll ever done on the subject, less than 8% of the Native population were bothered by the name.

    While there is no evidence to support your claim that those who want the name changed are in the minority, the fact is it doesn’t matter. It’s not up to the rest of America to decide what’s best for our indigenous population, it’s up to them. If 100% of non-Natives think the name should change, but the majority of Natives think it shouldn’t, then it’s a dead issue. It’s up to Natives to decide what is and isn’t offensive to them– and until the Native community as a whole pushes for a name change, this is not even a conversation anyone should be having.

  26. I’ve come to the conclusion the delusional Redskins fans that support the name Redskins in the name of fighting against PC are also OK with the New York N*ggers and the New Jersey Kikes. How these fools don’t see Redskins as a derogatory term amazes me. Then again, they’re too busy crying about people not being tolerant of their intolerance.

  27. sooooooo, people are actually going to stop reading mmqb because king decided to respect a group of people? and can someone explain this to me besides just clicking “thumbs down” 20,000 times?

  28. The Washington Redskins have been around for decades and King has been writing for many many years. All of a sudden he’s developed this unease with this name.

    This is a publicity stunt and it will backfire as many people will find this as a bunch of junk. Watch as the hits on decrease.

  29. It’s all crap. Redskins, Braves, Indians. If you’re offended by it, YOU’RE the one that should do something about it. I’m not going to change myself for YOU taking offense.

  30. Fun to see all the straw man arguments that pop up whenever someone points out that the name is offensive.

    When the two most popular dictionaries online both acknowledge that it is a slur you’d think that some of the Washington apologists would think twice. lists it as a noun adding Slang: Often Disparaging and Offensive.

    Mirriam Webster lists it as usually offensive.

    Just a quick heads up for the guys clutching at the idea that natives don’t think the name is a slur, many many native groups have come out against the name.

    The National Congress of American Indians, the National Indian Education Association, the Native American Journalists Association, the Native American Rights Fund, the Morning Star Institute, the International Indian Treaty Council, the National Indian Youth Council, the Oneida Indian Nation, and the Morning Star Institute are among dozens of native groups that have come out against the slur.

    None of this will sway the people who enjoy using the slur, knowing that a word is a slur doesn’t stop people from using. See Riley Cooper and/or Paula Deen for more evidence of that phenomenon.

  31. @bigjd……Oh no not that! Anything but that!! What will Peter King do without you reading his articles!? The written media will die a quick death now that bigjd won’t read Peter King articles. Mark my words.

  32. is Peter King of Native American descent? No, then shut the hell up and stop being so ‘nobel’ about your political correctness. Same reason I don’t want to hear about rule changes from people who haven’t played the game.

  33. I’m going to start a PR campaign that declares the term “football” to be offensive to me. To me, the term “football” represents violence, abuse, and a lack of civility and the term is deragotory towards my foot. Since I have a “foot”, I have the right to demand everyone stop using the term. After all, I find it offensive, wether thats the way you guys mean it or not, but the fact that me, and potentially 4% of the rest of the people with feet feel the same way, then I’m assuming you will be leading the movement to drop this term as well??

  34. cleminem757 says: Sep 7, 2013 2:58 PM

    Why is nobody asking to change the name of the old negro league of baseball?? Oh wait the United Negro College Fund still uses it, so I guess it is not as offensive as the PC police have taught us. What about colored people?? Woops!! The NAACP still uses that so can’t do that one either.
    Cleminem has hit the nail on the head. People keep bringing up the point “but what if they were called the ‘Washington blakskins’, wouldn’t we change the name then? As a black man, I know I would find that totally bizarre, and I personally might object. However, if the black community as a whole didn’t want the name changed, it shouldn’t change.

    The point is that it doesn’t matter what the rest of America thinks about a term that, on the surface, seems offensive to a minority, what matters is what the minority thinks. If We are offended by “Little Back Sambo”, then yeah, we can discuss pulling it out of schools, but if we are not offended by “Superfly” or “Blacula”, or “Jimmy crack corn”, then the rest of America has no business trying to remove them from society for “our benefit”. Same hold s true for “the Redskins”. If Natives want the name to go, then this becomes an issue. Until then, it’s just white guilt soapbox theater.

  35. With both political parties a subsidiary of multi-national corporations, making substantive progress on anything meaningful isn’t do-able. As a result, people focus on trivial crap like this. I’ve been a Redskin fan for close to 40 years. I have no problem wearing or displaying things with the name “Redskin” on it or the logo. Conversely, I could care less if they change the name.

  36. I can understand that many people find the name offensive. But I don’t understand those people who consider it a slur, yet continue to use it. No moral high ground for them.

  37. I think I’ll use my extra time acquired from not reading BLANK’s articles to concentrate on the amount of gambling the NFL accounts for.

    Feeding an addiction is so much better than using a term.

    Besides, I was tired of his family’s adventures and his “new” website sucks.

  38. “But it’s tradition!” ;P

    And white people don’t mind! ;P

    And some of my best friends are savage heathens! ;p

  39. vikings1976 says: Sep 7, 2013 2:36 PM

    put a potatoe on the side of the helmet….problem solved.
    LOL, typical queen rube!
    Did you learn how to spell from Dan Quayle?

  40. emperorzero says: Sep 7, 2013 3:08 PM

    I’ve come to the conclusion the delusional Redskins fans that support the name Redskins in the name of fighting against PC are also OK with the New York N*ggers and the New Jersey Kikes. How these fools don’t see Redskins as a derogatory term amazes me. Then again, they’re too busy crying about people not being tolerant of their intolerance.
    I hit on this above, but the fact is that America’s Native community is not bothered by the name. As a black man, I am offended by the term N. However, if the black community as a whole was hypothetically OK with naming a team the New York Ns, that’s the end of the discussion.

    The point is, it’s not up to you to decide what is offensive to my community, it’s up to Us. 92% of Natives are not offended by the Washington Redskins, this is a fact. It does not matter whether non-Native Redskins fans think the name is offensive or not. It doesn’t matter whether you think the name is. All that matters is whether the Native community wants the Washington franchise to change its name.

  41. dudeareno81.. you hit the nail on the head! lets see how many “do gooders” want to really “right some wrongs”… Personally, I dont know if its right or wrong to have a team called the Redskins, or who should be the one to provide the answer? I do know however, it’s Snyder’s team, & why should he comprise his rights, to satisfy others’ “rights”?

  42. tredog95 says:
    Sep 7, 2013 3:13 PM
    sooooooo, people are actually going to stop reading mmqb because king decided to respect a group of people? and can someone explain this to me besides just clicking “thumbs down” 20,000 times?

    Ok, I’ll bite. If Peter King is sensitive enough that the term “Redskins” is so offensive that he will stop using it all together, then he (nor you) should be surprised that (under the same principal) they find his offense to the term stupid enough where they will also stop reading his material all together.

    Both sides of the argument can do something about how they feel about the word. Those who are offended by it have the right to stop using it, but those who think its an overblown PC publicity stunt also reserve the right to stop reading the material of those who take this BS too far.

  43. The Saints name has to be the next to go, those Catholic bigots who hate gays must be made to understand that there is no room for any such “religion” in America anymore

  44. thirdistheworrd says: Sep 7, 2013 3:34 PM

    I hit on this above, but the fact is that America’s Native community is not bothered by the name.


    You keep repeating this like some kind of mantra but the truth is that many natives do find the name quite offensive and that native organizations have been at the forefront of the movement to have the name changed for many decades.

    Perhaps you are too young to remember the picketing that went on outside the Super Bowl in 1992. Or perhaps you simply do not acknowledge any of the following native organizations who have come out against the name:

    The Native American Rights Fund, the National Congress of American Indians, the Native American Journalists Association,the National Indian Education Association, the International Indian Treaty Council, the National Indian Youth Council, the Morning Star Institute, the Oneida Indian Nation, and the dozens of other native organizations that oppose the name.

    Perhaps you missed it when the current Chairman and Chief of the Penobscot Nation, Chief Kirk Francis, recently declared in a joint statement that “redskins” is “not just a racial slur or a derogatory term,” but a painful “reminder of one of the most gruesome acts of . . . ethnic cleansing ever committed against the Penobscot people.”

    Pehaps you have never heard of Amanda Blackhorse, the Najavo woman who is one of five natives who filed suit against pro football to have the name changed. Unlike the fake native Chief that the Washington team used as a propaganda tool these are real natives who find the name to be offensive. Which according to the logic(?) used in your posts should mean the name is changed.

  45. I’m actually surprised that this word isn’t more offensive than it is. If you separate it from the football team, it does sound pretty bad…I probably wouldn’t call an Amerindian by that word.

    Also, why does it upset people when others are politically correct? It really baffles me that people get up in arms about other people being sensitive to the feelings and perspective of a group.

    Finally, the person that said something to the effect of “it’s not my problem if you’re offended, do something about it, don’t expect me change my ways,” is an absolute idiot.

  46. I have never used the term “Redskins”, nor have I ever heard anyone I know use the term “Redskins” when they were not talking about our football team. If this was ever offensive, it was so long ago, nobody can remember. I believe, like the tribe in NY that is going to place ads on sports airwaves leading up to the Eagles/Redskins game, they are being paid to be offended at this point. The Northeast media bias who’s favorite teams are the NE Patriots & NY Giants would love nothing more than to force Dan Snyder to change the name.

  47. I’m so glad because all this political correctness has really helped unify this country and make it a better, more peaceful place where unemployment and crime are at all time lows……..

    Wait…….never mind.

  48. Once again PC run amuck……about just what you would expect from this guy. I like some of his prose but then the PC starts to creap in. Wish all the bleepin bleeding hearts would leave their political views out of sports. Sports used to be a place where you could leave the troubles of the real world behind. Not anymore!! I love tridition and I wouldn’t change the name. American Indians get a life!!!! Best suggestion I read was put a potatoe on the Helmet and lets call them the “Redskins” or maybe the “Blisses” lol

  49. vicnocal says: Sep 7, 2013 2:40 PM

    King? More like Pauper. Peter Pauper.

    Peter Pauper picked a pack of hacky PC columns.

    # # # # # # # # # #

    This is brilliant. One of the best comments I’ve read on this site.

  50. I had the Redskins like no other, but not because of their team name. Peter King is a weak, spineless liberal who says and does these things just so people will say, “who the heck is Peter King?”, which in turn usually leads to people reading his stupid MMQB and other things he does.

    Peter King is a clown.

  51. how about the Washington Obamas? Wait, that would be offensive to the 23% of african americans that are unemployed or have stopped looking for work because this economy sucks so bad.

  52. He hates the Panthers like no other too. Literally will pick against them everytime. Even has them as the worst team in the NFL this year.

    All because Cam Newton isn’t a fan of his and wouldn’t do an interview with him.

  53. Peter King draws more attention to himself than just about any other sports media figure around.

    His political posturing and swarmy support of “our warriors and heroes” fighting in the U.S.’s ever-increasing “wars against terror”, as well as his constant affirmation of the status quo has gotten old faster than stale beer in a keg.

    Personally, I no longer read King’s Monday morning columns (which I used to find useful because they were about football). These days, too many paragraphs are political and predictably supportive of all that is PC.

    His ability to be offended by the name of a football team is highly ironic given his inability to be appalled by American bombing and empire building around the globe.

    Peter King doesn’t do enough football any more, but he sure contributes high handedly to the Group Think that is turning this once great country into a nation of idiots who can’t reason for themselves.

  54. OMG. The latest poll showed this was the biggest concern in this country. Not even a close second was the economy,followed by the IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious with the Middle East bringing up the rear.
    Nice to be so full of yourself as to think your opinion about a name change of a football team, you have nothing to do with, has any meaning.

  55. Yea, this is the same guy who jumped on the gun-control bandwagon right after Sandyhook, but he couldn’t give two flying you-know-whats less before it.

    Typical Liberal, small minded thinking.

  56. such as the highly respected American Indian Movement
    Highly respected? C’mon, Mr. Florio. They were at one time designated as a domestic terrorist group. If leading a takeover of government facilities and later seizing and actually occupying an entire town culminating in a 71 day armed stand-off with federal authorities constitutes being “highly respected” then you may want to revise your standards. Just because they happen to share a similar opinion to yours on a specific topic does not mean they have earned or deserve any respect. I guess by your logic Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, ALF, ELF etc. are highly respected too. I sincerely hope that statement was based on a lack of research or remembrance rather than a knowledgeable statement of opinion.

  57. A proud Washington Redskins fan for 50 years. An avid Peter King reader for many years – but not any more. That’s the most ridiculous, nonsensical “stand” I’ve heard a professional writer maker – one who’s income is earned by writing about NFL teams. Planning on running for Office when no one reads your columns any longer, Peter?

    The logo, to me, depicts a brave, noble warrior – especially compared to the goofy Atlanta Braves logo. or is it the Cleveland Indians? Want to take a stand, King? Be consistent and convince your fellow SI Baseball writers to take a stand.

    There are many Native American leaders who have stated they aren’t bothered by the name Redskin in the slightest. But Peter King has to take a stand. Well, good for you – that’s your choice and whether you’re seeking publicity or not, you got it.

    And you’re also going to get fewer readers – me for one. Drop him, SI.

  58. Considering King is a politically correct left wing nut job, it is no surprise. Oh yeah, I am part Native American myself, so call me a pale redskin if you want, I don’t care. It’s just words.

  59. Another guy who has never played football, never shot a gun, never baited a hook, and most importantly has never met a real Native American.

    go back to CNN little peter, you’re views would be highly accepted there. Actually, now that I think about it, NBC is on their way to being the next CNN and leftist little boys.

  60. Peter King needs to go away!! He thinks he’s an icon.retire already so guys like Ray Guy and Jerry Kramer can finally get in the Hall of Fame without your interference always getting in the way. Boy does he love to hear himself talk. Ass

  61. This just in, the .0003% of people who own horses in this country would like the colts and broncos to change their names as it’s offensive to think of horses in such a derogatory way.

    Before my comments upset you white people that have nothing better to do than feel good by “protecting” us on blogs (and never REALLY doing anything to help a minority people in complete hardship facing poverty and diabetes levels at all time highs), you should know that I AM a native american – part of the Wyandot/ Huron indians.

    Move along white, politically correct do gooders – we don’t want or need your “help.”

  62. Why doesn’t the Team from the Potomac Drainage Basin just drop their “offensive” nickname, officially. And then not replace it. Have no official nickname. Just be officially called, “Washington”. Then if the fans want to use a nickname, they can call them whatever they want.

  63. I’m 100% Native American, born and raised on the res. Nobody in my inner circle nor the town find it remotely offensive; we’re proud of the name actually. I sport REDSKIN gear everywhere too. Yawn, move along to your next noble crusade.

  64. Lets drop all names for teams then everyone will be happy and them maybe King will stop speaking all together. Lets get a life folks.

  65. the day they changed the Redskins name is when I’m going to tattoo it on my arm, what are you going to do about that?

  66. “My secondary goal is to ensure that my great-great-great-grandchildren will realize when they go to Google (or whatever it’ll be called then) that I didn’t support it.”

    Well, now that the future internet will be populated with the 200 articles you’ve written stating that you do not support it, can we agree that you have sufficiently papered the file? Please. We have had enough.

  67. vikings1976 says:
    Sep 7, 2013 2:36 PM
    put a potatoe on the side of the helmet….problem solved.

    I’m from Idaho the potato capital of the world and I find this very offensive

  68. Slurs are deemed slurs because of they way people hear it. If it is known only as a nickname for the Washington football team then generations after will know it as that. I have friends over 40 who have no idea that the term “cracker” was a racial term because it became watered down over the years. Peter King has become a parody of himself over the past few years and thinks he is the moral compass of the average football fan. He is not my moral compass.

  69. Sanctimonious drivel. Feel better now? Yes, we get it. You are way ahead of your time and really sensitive to social justice issues. Even when many of your contemporaries were blind to the Redskin issue, you were a visionary, crying out for justice, suffering the slings and arrows while walking the path of righteousness. You are an inspiration to humanity. You needn’t worry. Future generations will indeed note that you laid down a marker and stood tall on the defining civil rights issue of our time. God bless you Mike. You are a giant among men.

  70. Hopefully Snider tells his players to avoid talking to this drama queen.

    Hopefully NBC has more stones than to let you do the same ridiculous overly PC/attempt at protest, with this site.

  71. mightbegoingtohellforthis says: Sep 7, 2013 2:36 PM

    I live close to a reservation and a lot of people there wear Redskins gear. From hats to key chain straps.

    I am offended, the pc term is lanyard! Its 2013 people, we carry more than keys on them!

  72. skinsfan2126 says:
    Sep 7, 2013 4:41 PM
    vikings1976 says:
    Sep 7, 2013 2:36 PM
    put a potatoe on the side of the helmet….problem solved.

    I’m from Idaho the potato capital of the world and I find this very offensive
    So does Dan Quayle

  73. This is absolutely ridiculous! We live in what is supposed to be a free country. That means anyone can name their team or their product anything they want. In addition, anyone that wishes to speak out against what others have chosen are welcome to do so. However, I believe that news media should stick to reporting the news and not trying to slant public opinion to suit their personal egocentric ideas. PK, your an idiot! The ratios of responses on this blog only confirms just how much of an idiot you are. The notion that all sports teams must change their logos and mascots to non-people oriented mascots is stupid. I get that some use non-personified mascots, (Hurricanes, Comets, etc.) but where do we draw the line? Panthers can be seen as offensive as well, we have the Black Panthers political group, it just doesn’t end. I am not a Redskin fan, but am now motivated to purchase a jersey to wear in public just to protest your stupid protest. I will have King written on the back with a line through it. What do think of that?

  74. I am going to refrain from being upset about things like this. I will refuse to be offended because someone else might be offended. I will refuse to feel like I need to be ashamed for my race. I am tired of being lumped into a group that is frowned upon by the liberal machine because of the color of my skin. End reverse racism now.

  75. They will no longer be called the Redskins. They will be called the more politically correct…..Team Representing the District of Columbia and all other league teams will follow suit being named after their respective cities. There will no longer be a Super Bowl as that is blatant favoritism to only 2 teams while discriminatory against the other 30. At the end of the year all teams and team members will be awarded “Participation Trophies”. Scoreboards should also be removed as it is not politically correct to judge teams in such a way…..everyone who plays is a winner.
    Cheering and loud noises at games will no longer be permitted as cheering can be offensive to opposing players and loud noise can cause distractions and confusing to players who have a right to be able to play in an amicable venue.
    As Yakov Smirnoff said before: “What a Country”

  76. I don’t give a flying leap flip what King says, I have called them redskins for decades and I won’t stop now. PC idiot.

  77. I think you have something there!

    Maybe we can come up with some suggestions….

    the blueskins? no, that offends Blue Man Group
    the greyskins? no, that offends the grey panthers.
    the purpleskins? no, that offends half the fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, or the LSU Tigers

    I think we may need some help on this….

  78. This is coming from a man who once stole a home run baseball from a 10 year old kid. Peter King is a joke.

    Maybe if King drops all the coffee references instead, he’ll be respected as a football writer.

  79. The word “redskins” is derogatory. That’s a fact, not an opinion. Just consider the following definitions:

    The Free Dictionary: n. Offensive Slang; used as a disparaging term for a Native American.

    Wikipedia: “Redskin” is a racial descriptor for Native Americans, the origins of which are disputed. Although by some accounts not originally having negative intent, the term is now defined by dictionaries of American English as “usually offensive”, “disparaging”, “insulting”, “taboo” and is avoided in public usage with the exception of its continued use as a name for sports teams.

    Oxford Dictionary: Redskin lost its neutral, accurate descriptive sense and became a term of disparagement.

    Urban Dictionary: An offensive and derogatory term refering to native americans.

    Merriam-Webster: usually offensive: american indian

    Online Dictionary: Slang: Often Disparaging and Offensive. a North American Indian.

    Now, it’s undoubtably true that some Native Americans are not offended by the word, just as it’s undoubtably true that some members of some minorities and other identifiable groups are not offended by the use of words that most rational, informed people consider to be slurs. But, that doesn’t change the fact that “redskins” and those slurs are derogatory and offensive.

    So, yes, absolutely, the Washington football team should change its name. Forthwith.

  80. As a Redskins fan, wanted to read the comments to see how this played out. For the most part, Redskins fans or Redskins haters, agree that this was just another story for King to write!! He’s been writing about it for days!! It’s only for HIS benefit that this is a story! I’m sure people are offended by alot of things he writes but that doesn’t stop him. Maybe he should just not cover the Redskins, and stop writing stories about how and why he won’t use the name Redskins??? HTTR

  81. Just change the name to the Washington Benjamins…Then when a player is asked who they play for…They can give an honest answer…I play for the Benjamins..

  82. I’ve said it before and so now again. If the name Redskin is offensive , then I’m offended by the name Whites, and I’m sure Africans are offended by the name Blacks. What’s the difference?

  83. You people crying for this to be changed…
    Why weren’t you doing so 10-15 years ago??? Please give us all an answer to why now? Why no complaints at least then? What. We were in the Bronze Age 10-15 years ago?

  84. “Come 2113, the people populating the United States of America (or whatever we’ll be called then) will be amazed that, in 2013, that name was still in place.”

    I just flat out disagree with this statement. If it wasn’t for the football team, I wouldn’t even know the word. If the team changes their name in the next 60 years, Most people in 2113 won’t know it at all, much less be amazed by its use.

  85. Men died in Afghanistan. Men died in Iraq. Veterans are neglected by the people who sent them to war. And we are now debating whether or not to send men into Syria. AND A PRIVATE COMPANY’S NICKNAME IS WHAT WE WASTE OUR ENERGY ON!!!!? God bless America.

  86. skinsfan2126 says:
    Sep 7, 2013 5:48 PM
    For finfan68

    Dan Quayle is from Indiana not Idaho
    I know. That was a reference to his embarrassing “potatoe” kids spelling bee incident

  87. I think this issue is absolutely flippin rediculous, everybody is offended by something these days and wants to sue for stupid frivilous crap. This team has been around since the 1930’s leave it alone. Next thing you know PITA will get involved and say they are offended by the use of the name Tiger’s or falcon’s or Bengal’s or Raven’s give it a rest people it is a game with team names meant to represent not degrade. What has our Society come to that we have nothing better to do than get offended by a sports team name. Most native americans could care less if you look at recent polls.

  88. Who is Peter King? Macdaddy of the Phallus world?

    The Redskins will still be the Redskins even if never had any talent wannabee faux journalists want to use the name or not.

    Who is Peter King again?

  89. “Many in the media aren’t comfortable with the ongoing use of the name “Redskins”

    Yeah, the media.

    Pretty much everyone else (including most native americans) don’t care.

  90. Once again, I am literally a Native born on the Rez. And once, again, we don’t care about the name.

    And once again, PFT censors won’t let you read this, because it doesn’t fit Florio’s views.

  91. Now of course we are to be neighborly to all people, but there is one person who takes the brunt of offense, that most don’t seem to care about. Work on not offending that person first and you’ll naturally not offend others.

  92. Boycott Peter King and don’t view his Monday Morning QB on
    When a media member such as King tries to dictate his beliefs to the masses then he should be shown the door.
    Give me your opinion on football not politics you moron.
    Your offended by the name “Redskins” well cry me a river.

  93. Peter, it’s The Washington Redskins. Been around since 1937.

    Represented in the Hall of Fame by some outstanding players from yester-year that anyone can be proud of.

    You do these men a disservice by bowing down to Dairy Queen soft political correctness.

    Maybe it’s time for you to stick to something you know about: coffee.

    Because your football writing prowess is slipping.

  94. These idiots are just getting ridiculous now with the whole Redskins name and who it all of a sudden affects. It is a name of a football team that does NOT disrespect the “Native Americans” in ANY way. In fact I believe it does the opposite!! With everything going on in the world this is what they wanna be politically correct about?? Get a life Peter King and anyone else who agrees with him.

  95. Wow. When you haven’t walked in somebody’s shoes, it’s all nasty, sarcastic ‘ pc ‘ & liberal ‘. Somehow, those words weren’t quite around over 700 years ago when there were 10M+ First Peoples. And later, stupidly while looking for ‘ India ‘ (not quite here), we name the people-already-here ‘ Indians ‘, & almost wipe then out (& we hated the Irish & Germans later – Oh. Taken your geneology back very far ? No ?). King, somehow, is looking at the whole picture AND history, while the team’s Snyder is scared out of his skull with his lack of trust in the team or the fans.

    Great for us. Anything, any people we don’t understand, we’d rather destroy lives. . . .
    Any solution ? How about the real, nearby
    ‘ Potomacs ‘, with their support & involvement ?

    Stupid politics & scared no-brain comments ?
    Or something that just might work ? . . .
    & involve the descendents of individuals going back maybe 10,000+ years here. . . .

  96. What does he mean “nickname?” It’s not a nickname. It’s the official name. Total nonsense. I refuse to live by the rules of the PC police and their brown shirts anymore.

  97. I’m 100% Native American, born and raised on the res. Nobody in my inner circle nor the town find it remotely offensive; we’re proud of the name actually. I sport REDSKIN gear everywhere too. Yawn, move along to your next noble crusade.

    Thank you, stunzeed5.
    I have been a Redskin fan my entire life, and am proud of the team and the remarkable Native Americans after whom it is named.

  98. Part Cherokee Indian here from the Beaver tribe.

    Im an equal opportunity derogatory name user. Dont pick and choose. Just use them all as necessary.

  99. Why aren’t the chiefs coming under fire? Or the braves? Or the illini?or the Seminoles?or the Cleveland Indians ? In fact I heard the word “Indian” was considered “offensive” to you people now. So why not cry about Cleveland’s name ?

  100. What a complete idiot. He needs to be fired if he’s going to allow his misguided politics to affect his job. Fire him

  101. Bravo Peter King and Mike Florio for taking a stand and being a few of the White people who actually get it. Not using a racial slur isn’t being “PC”, its being decent.

  102. @All-American Voltron,
    No, it is being PC in this case. It isn’t a racial slur and has not been. People claim that it was/is but can’t ever point to any instances where it was used in that way. The closest that they have come to that is how it sounds like a racial slur therefor it must be one. All the etymology research shows that it wasn’t derogatory at all but whenever that research is quoted or referenced, it never gets passed the censors so people who don’t look it up for themselves are left with the same incorrect assumption you just made.

  103. So called “native Americans” aren’t even native to America, they just got here 20,000 years before the Europeans did, so in reality there are no true “native” Americans.

    The actual true “native” Americans were the Trilobites that crawled out of the oceans and became the first creatures to walk on the surface of the planet back in the Precambrian epoch.

  104. …great-great-great-grandchildren will realize when they go to Google (or whatever it’ll be called then) that I didn’t support it…

    How are they going to do that chief? The “R” word is all over your website and you don’t stop using it because its the name of the team? Real man of conviction there. Not.

    Also, they will be living in shame as their family history includes profiting handsomely from a brutal and inhumane concussion filled competitition with “winners” and “losers”!

    And finally, there will be nowhere to “Google” because the P.C. Police will dispense any information the public needs to have and the internet will be sitting right ther next to the “R” word as an ancient relic of days gone by.

  105. King and all the other liberals think they’re doing the “right thing.”

    In reality, nobody cares. Maybe all the people screaming for PC should actually get stuff done in this country — you know, things that would actually help people of all skin colors — but nope! Let’s harp on the tired old Redskins name. Even most of the Native Americans could care less about this.

    I love how it’s only a big deal when they’re winning and a have a star QB with all the attention. But when they sucked, nobody gave a…

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