Preseason resulted in no penalties for new helmet rule

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In some cases, it takes NFL players some time to adapt to rule changes.  In other cases, they adapt quickly.

For this year’s biggest rule change, the adjustment has been seamless.  So far.

NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino explained during Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that there were no penalties called for using the crown of the helmet against opposing players during the 2013 preseason.

The rule applies to offensive and defensive players, and it prohibits only the use of the top of the helmet in a forceful manner.

Blandino, who was named to the position earlier this year and is starting his 20th season as a league employee, said that a flag was thrown once for illegal use of the top of the helmet, but that after consultation among officials a penalty was not called.

It doesn’t mean there will be no violations in Week One (indeed, the first Sunday of the 2012 season included Trent Richardson’s Rock-Em-Sock-Em-Robots hit on Kurt Coleman), but it’s a good sign that the league’s players made it through 65 preseason games with no penalties.

14 responses to “Preseason resulted in no penalties for new helmet rule

  1. I’d still really like to hear an explanation from Blandino about exactly what the shape and dimensions are of this vague “crown” area that is the “very top” of the helmet. Still waiting to hear what that means in his interpretation. Also, what is the rulebook’s interpretation of it? Somebody should write that entry into the book so there can be no dispute later. Foresight is hindsight prevention.

  2. It is probably not going to get flagged a whole lot because it could probably get flagged on almost every play. The refs will probably throw the flag if it is blatant or if they picked the over.

  3. also I’m waiting to see if one of the Ravens players will be fined for a similar hit on Thursday.

  4. But wait! It’s the end of football!! Put flags on them!!!

    The sky is falling! Football is over! How dare you disagree!

    Pay no attention to the fact that football is more violent than ever and more players are getting injured than ever! Put skirts on them!!

    LOL- keep on clucking chicken littles. I’ll keep on enjoying football without getting my panties in a knot about rule changes.

  5. soon the NFL will have a cup rule, inwhich u cannot kick the person in the crotch if u do u will be fined I can see that happening since it’s turning into powerpuff football WTF

  6. Im surprised the refs didnt over react when Rahim layed the hit stick on Dallas Clark. Clean hard hit, but one the refs usually over react on because of the result. Rahim redeemed! #RespectTheOrange

  7. There were two or three calls in the SD/SEA game week 1 that were called “high hit on a defenseless receiver” that were tackles with the helmet first.

    They were bogus, but basically the same as, though not technically called as hitting with the crown.

  8. Conversely, seemed like an unusually large number of knee injuries…or was it just me? I honestly don’t know the numbers year over year but I just don’t seem to remember as many knee injuries in previous pre-seasons.

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