Rugby league looking for NFL players

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As Peter King reported during Thursday’s pregame show, the U.S. rugby team wants Tim Tebow to join the effort.  It could be the start of a trend.

A new pro rugby league has been soliciting NFL players who aren’t currently on NFL teams to play a sport that entails plenty of contact and no pads.  A copy of one of the emails sent to NFL player agents has been forwarded to PFT.

The National Rugby Football League currently is being formed, with a Scouting Combine scheduled for March 2014.

It’s unclear when the league will begin playing, but unless there’s a fairly immediate effort to provide compensation and no other realistic NFL opportunities, we can’t imagine NFL players signing up in the next few months for something that won’t happen until next year.  For now, they’ll stay in football shape in the hopes of getting a call at some point during the 2013 season.  Come January, any players who can’t find a job when offseason rosters swell to 90 may be interested in changing sports.

Ultimately, their interest will be driven by the amount of money involved.  We wouldn’t wager much that the wages will be all that much.

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  1. Out here in San Diego, the rugby guys and football guys used to hang out here in and there. The rugby guys are cool. Unlike soccer guy, they bring it — and will bury a pint or five with you afterwards.

  2. A team of NFL linebackers and safeties would destroy any rugby team. The whole “we don’t wear pads” argument is stupid.

  3. Well, it depends what they are playing. NFL players are not conditioned to play a 90 minute game where they are on the field the whole time. They also would have to learn how to tackle without pads on, which is significantly safer.

  4. It’s not even a question of toughness or size, but whether or not rugby players could keep up with quality-speed NFL guys. NFL guys are elite athletes and all run a sub 4.8 (skill/combos). It’s hard to lay more one on one hits in rugby, there’s no O-line and it’s a lot easier to run around people. No doubt, those rugby guys would lay a lick on those speedy NFL players, but the NFL would dominate, just by avoiding everyone else.

  5. I think America definitely has an appetite for rugby; I hope this goes forward for a new sport that should be fun to watch.

  6. That would be great, if Tebow could learn to tackle he would make a great scrumhalf. Our National team will never be any good because of the millions you can make in the NFL vs making nothing playing rugby, unless you got lucky enough to make the Premier league, or Super league. If you could find a way to pay NFL rejects 100k you might have something. AS for rugby players aren’t fast, there are several that run near olympic sprinter levels in the 100m, Brian Habana would blow away just about everyone in the NFL, and he’s meaner as well. There are a lot fewer head injuries in rugby, because you can’t tackle above the shoulders.

  7. I dont know what I did wrong apart and in my opinion a better game,but still I thought seeing as how the heading is about Rugby League NOT Union I put in my 2 cents worth.
    I should have realized that Unionties hate League and wherever then can they suppress it,even censoring it if any in the NFL want to know about League,got to the NRL site in Australia or contact a major club in OZ I,m sure they would help you or e mail Russell Crowe,thanks

  8. You people obviously have no clue about rugby league if you think a pack of linebackers could take on a Professional Rugby league team. You don’t stop every ten seconds after a play. It’s continuous football. The pressure is allot harder and the speed of the game will make you drop the ball and in rugby league, that’s known as a knock on. I’m an Australian and I’ve played both codes. I played centre for rugby and I played receiver. Rugby league is allot more demanding. You haven’t seen how athletic our BIG people actually are. And for agile people. Have you seen Billy Slater? Or Jonathon Thurston. Look what happened to America in the World Cup. Aus killed them ;). STRAYA!!

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