Texans, Andre Johnson will eventually have to consider a pay cut

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We’ve gotten a look at the money-shifting restructuring signed earlier this week by Texans receiver Andre Johnson.  While the more immediate reality is that the deal created $4.125 million in 2013 cap space for the Texans, the deal now sets the stage for a tough decision as soon as 2014.

The conversion of $4.5 million in base salary and a $1 million roster bonus to a signing bonus simply pushes an extra $4.125 million into future years, at a rate of $1.375 million for each of the next three seasons.  It increases Johnson’s cap number in 2014 to $12.1 million and in 2015 to a whopping $16.1 million.

With the salary cap staying fairly flat and the free-agency market currently depressed, the 32-year-old Johnson’s skills likely will at some point intersect with the financial commitment, compelling Johnson to take less in order to stay on the team.

Maybe Johnson will do it in order to stay with the only team for which he’s ever played.  Either way, the bridge will need to be crossed at some point in the next two years.

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  1. Calvin Johnson and his $20.5m and $24m 2015/2016 cap hits think this is child’s play. Oh, the Lions. Stafford, Calvin, Suh, and fifty shades of rookie contracts, they’re about to become.

  2. The free agent market is depressed because of the “QB Lotto”. QBs suddenly started demanding all that extra money that used to go to rookies. Teams are willing to pay it, so there’s nothing left for veterans at other positions.

    I’ve been waiting for Florio to address this. If I’m wrong, that’s fine, but somebody has to prove it to me. If it’s true, somebody should expose it.

  3. Pay him. I’ve been a fan since year one (2002) and earned my battle scars(current season ticket holder). This guy is a consummate professional, especially at a position where divas run rampant (WR). Bandwagon fans cannot understand why I respect AJ more than players like JJ Watt. AJ has been there through the dark ages. If you were a true Texans fan, you would never thump your chest about upcoming games, especially if you paid close attention to the 2010 season. Pay this guy every cent he asks for and do not allow him to wear another NFL jersey. A statue will be built outside of Reliant for him, an he’s arguably the Texans first Hall of Famer ever.

  4. Can’t say a bad word about Aj. He’s the guy that’s always been on my ff team every year(those of you that play know what I’m talking about).unfortunately in this day in free agency guys like Johnson get “old” and are expected to take a pay cut or get ousted. I.e. Wes Welker p.s. Giants fan and it was Brady’s fault on that pass not We We.(the pun is intended)

  5. The is a freak, he had one of his best years last year. In the third preseason game when he played the first half he had 7 catches for over 130 yards. In other words he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

    I do think he will eventually take a pay cut, but before that Antonio Smith and Johnathan Joseph will be on the cutting board.

  6. Short memories. In 2010, Johnson held out, demanding a new contract, with 5 years left on his existing deal. So, if he slows down this year, he’s either cut or takes a pay cut. Works both ways.

  7. Short memories. In 2010, Johnson held out, demanding a new contract, with 5 years left on his existing deal. So, if he slows down this year, he’s either cut or takes a pay cut. Works both ways.


    One caveat on that though: Dre had his uncle for his agent and the “hold out” last 5 days. He then promptly apologized, got rid of his uncle and hired a real agent. Even when the guy does something that could be construed negatively he sees it and corrects it.

    Never forget he also did to Innegan what we all wanted to do. Yet most people forgot about Dre!

  8. We fans all know that the business end of football intrudes into the sheer enjoyment of cheering for our favorite team. Let’s play this season Texans fans and hope for a super bowl. Andre has been a great Texan player in all sense of the word so let’s remember that. The business end of football is drab and dreary,so let the season begin. ” Go Texans”.

  9. Love to see him in a Pats uni. If he ends up not being able to get the huge money he wants and leaves the Texans who knows where he could up.

    He certainly should be on a team whose strategy doesn’t involve college letterman jackets lol. Come to the true bigtime after this season !

  10. This depresses me to no end….. its obviously not unexpected.

    Knowing Dre though…. he’ll probably accept the pay cut.

    He held out once in his career and it lasted for less than a week. He fired his agent the next day and apologized to the fans.

    He is a TRUE class act and the consummate professional.

    Can’t wait to attend his enshrinement in Canton…. hope he’s got a ring or two go with it. If anyone deserves it…. he does.

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