Tim Tebow’s stubbornness is holding him back


Tim Tebow said after he was cut by the Patriots that he will continue trying to be an NFL quarterback. But his stubborn insistence that he will only play quarterback and only in the NFL may make it harder for him to realize his dream.

As Peter King reported on NBC on Thursday night, when Tebow says he wants to continue trying to be an NFL quarterback, he’s emphasizing both “NFL” and “quarterback.” Tebow has said he’s not interested in playing in the Canadian Football League, nor is he interested in being on an NFL roster if it’s at a position other than quarterback.

But Kurt Warner had some good advice for Tebow on the Dan Patrick Show. Warner says that it actually helped him that he got cut by the Packers, where he spent time in training camp as a backup to Brett Favre, and was forced to play in Arena Football and NFL Europe. Tebow says that he should see it as a blessing that he was cut by the Patriots — where he likely would have spent all season on the bench behind Tom Brady if he had made the team — and should seek out opportunities to get live game experience in the CFL or Arena Football.

“If that’s what your dream is and you want to keep pursuing it, find somewhere else to play. A key for me was to get reps,” Warner said. “I needed to see things that I couldn’t see standing on the sidelines. That’s where guys like Tim Tebow are: We know he’s a work in progress, but the only way to get that progress is to find situations and to play.”

Warner said that if Tebow is serious about becoming an NFL quarterback, he should show NFL teams what he can do while playing in a minor league.

“I know you want to play in the NFL, but right now you need to find places to hone your craft,” Warner said. “Whether that’s Canada, whether that’s the Arena League, whether that’s anywhere else, I would encourage him, whatever the opportunity is, to take advantage of it and go play as much football as you can.”

So far, Tebow hasn’t shown any interest in playing football outside the NFL. Perhaps Warners’ words of wisdom can get through to him, and Tebow can realize that he’s not good enough to play quarterback in the NFL right now, and if he ever wants to be, the best way to get there is to play quarterback in another league.

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  1. It’s not stubbornness that’s holding Tim Tebow back. It’s the fact that he doesn’t have the physical or mental ability to play quarterback in the NFL.

  2. I’m not sure it’s “holding him back.” If Tebow’s true passion and dream is playing QB then that’s what he’s going to do. He has a lot of work to do, still looked horrible throwing in the pocket in the pre-season. Tebow is a good guy, but he is not and NFL caliber QB. And I don’t care if he won a playoff game.

    Also, I really doubt he has any interest in playing in another league, despite the fact it could make him better.

  3. The only thing holding Tebow back is his inability to consistently and accurately throw a football at the NFL level…

    Not sure what makes people think he can play another position; have you listened to the guy talk?

  4. Because he is an idiot he doesn’t have the Tools to be an NFL QB like Warner said take what you can get to maybe get better. Or he can just sit and watch football on TV

  5. If this was baseball he would be a “prospect” he would have to play in the minor league to learn the game.
    Maybe he should listen to Warner? He could learn to be a better passer in the arena league…. Or maybe he should read the little book he says runs his life.. Pride comes before the fall Timmy.

  6. For once I agree with Warner. If Tebow wants to play QB wouldn’t one way to improve his passing be to play arena ball ? Almost all they do in that league is throw. The reps could only help him.

  7. Tebow’s response to Kurt was that of James Van Der Beek’s in the 1998 film “varsity blues” “I don’t want your life!”

  8. Stubborn or spoiled brat? I’m sick of hearing about this guy. He’s got a mighty big ego for someone who can’t even get a job as a backup. Maybe he better go back to his bible and read about humility and take some of the advice the experts are giving him. Either change positions, go to the CFL and get some experience or go away already.

  9. Excellent advice from fellow Christian Kurt Warner.

    It’s seems that Tim Tebow needs to work on being as humble as a player as he is as a Christian and not disdain advancing his calling as a novice first in the CFL or Arena leagues.

    After having some success in one or both of those leages and learning what Warner learned with more practice off the bench, perhaps then he’ll be ready to play in the NFL.

    Warner is a good example of success coming from that route, as was Jake Delhomme. I hope Tebow doesn’t let ego get in the way of advancing his dream.

  10. its stubbornness because he has been told by many that he is not a qb but he will not listen and like a child does not understand that you have to live in the real world………we are not just going to hand him anything because he wants it…..

  11. Some people don’t seem to get that he wants to play QB in the NFL. Not play tight end or special teams. Not play in the CFL — where he probably COULD play because QB play in the CFL is in a drought period.

    Tebow was a huge star in college, has already played QB in the NFL and had some success, a lot more than many backup QBs like Brady Quinn who get job after job after job. The NFL at every position OTHER than QB and kickers is a physically tough job. And the second Tebow leaves the NFL behind, he will walk into a very high paying gig, whether it be motivational speaking or the corporate world. So why should he beat himself up playing a position he doesn’t want to play, just so he can be “in the NFL”?

  12. That’s a problem with people that have “god” on their side: they think their decisions must be right and infallible. Climb down from the mountain, Tim, but leave the tablets up there. The heathens are actually right on this one, and you don’t have the stuff yet to change any minds. We can’t all start on top. The vast majority of us need to grow and learn.

  13. The difference is that Warner could actually “throw” the football to it’s intended target. I don’t think reps will help Tim after all this time. He is what he is.

    The CFL is not the answer either in my opinion. The NFL has become a passing league and Tebow does not fit in it.

    He is delusional to think any team will suffer through his bouncing passes off the ground and his rabid followers.

    Time to move on.

  14. I wouldn’t call it stubborness. I have no issue with him wanting to be a QB. Not a lot of other QB’s have had to change positions to stay on a team.

    My issue with Tebow is, his stubborness is wanting everything to be his way, his failure to improve as a QB and his reluctance to calm the Tebowmaniacs down.

    The CFL isn’t really an option, because the team that holds his rights, Toronto, won’t start him. He may have to settle for the Arena league. In all honesty, since he’s unable to improve as a QB, the time has now come for him to show up on OLN or travel around to third world countries, talking about how you’re going to Hell if you don’t believe in Christ.

    There are three people to blame for this: the media, Tebow himself, and the Tebowmaniacs.

  15. Tim talks about being a christian, but he demonstrates a real strong ego, and makes a strong effort to gain fame and attention.

    He refuses to acknowledge the fact that had he changed his position to say Tight End, or Running Back he could still be playing for the same team, make a lot of money that can fund his mission trips and help others. He could also have a platform to be a role model.

    Instead, he’s teaching kids that if you don’t get what you want, just pout and refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming truth.

    There are many players in the NFL who demonstrate stronger christian values than Tim. Sorry Tim, but you’ve simply lost touch.

  16. That and a lack of talent, and the fact that he’s dyslexic and can’t read playbooks well.

    Pride is a sin, Tebow is a hypocrite and unable to play QB in the NFL or the CFL. Especially the CFL.

  17. The QB’s that come to mind who did well in the CFL then played in the NFL are Moon and Flutie. Both of these players had speed, a quick release and the ability to throw the ball with velocity. Tebow does not possess any of the basic qualities needed for the NFL or the CFL. His days as a player are over if he refuses to do what a coach wants. Tim, you are not the boss and this is not U.of Florida.

  18. @channelguy You have no clue what you’re talking about if you think for one second that Tebow could play in the CFL.

    Don’t talk about things you haven’t a clue about my man. If you can’t throw, you have zero chance in the CFL.

  19. If Tim feels that Football is his platform to preach then he should be taking whatever the NFL is offering regardless of position. He better look up that scripture where it says, Pride will bring a man low!

  20. thekiller678: I’m not sure it’s “holding him back.” If Tebow’s true passion and dream is playing QB then that’s what he’s going to do. He has a lot of work to do, still looked horrible throwing in the pocket in the pre-season. Tebow is a good guy, but he is not and NFL caliber QB. And I don’t care if he won a playoff game.

    Also, I really doubt he has any interest in playing in another league, despite the fact it could make him better.


    What’s your point? Literally none of that is new information. It’s actually just a summary of the article

  21. What you non Christian folks don’t understand is, all he needs to do is keep praying. God will make him a better QB. He doesn’t need to go practice in a lesser league.

  22. I’ve always liked Tim based on what I saw on tv but now I really do believe that he’s done it to himself. How can you throw for -1 yards in a game and think that you’re an NFL QB??? I get that you wanna play qb but there’s no shame in switching positions . You would make a much better tight end or fullback. You could even go the warren moon Jeff Garcia path and go to the cfl afl anything to gain experience and better your mechanics. You can’t expect to play QB when you don’t know how to read a CIII defense that even a novice hs qb can read! God helps those that help themself Tim. It’s like being 28 and wanting to find a nice girl to marry.. So instead of online dating you ask a friend to set you up with his coworker. She’s nice and a 7/10 but you turn it down because she’s not a ten and likes baseball instead… You can’t have your cake and eat it too

  23. “The NFL at every position OTHER than QB and kickers is a physically tough job.”

    Every position other than kicker.

  24. Tebow is a fake Christian and a fake quarterback.

    He ought to eat some humble pie and go play arenafootball.

    Instead Tebow is narcissistic, a distraction and a fake.

    Because he will never be successful, he going make many question their faith..

    Good job tebow

  25. There is no doubt that the Arena League or the CFL is the best option for Tebow to develop as a quarterback, but Warner didn’t have the level of success that Tebow did in college or early in his NFL career. Being a first round pick and winning a playoff start early in a career gives somebody a different prospective than coming in as an undrafted camp arm. Tebow has an ego. We all have an ego. Most of us will never accomplish the level of success he has already. Tebow needs to look at his current situation and make the choice best for him, but that is easier said than done.

  26. Warner should go into Tebow’s cave one night while he’s sleeping and speak in a booming voice, “Tim, this is God. I command you to change positions!”

  27. People can get up in arms about the Tebow situation all they want, but he doesn’t want to change positions or play in a different league then he doesn’t have to do that. It’s his choice. Everyone getting uptight about it is useless.

  28. What Tebow doesn’t seem to realize is that he doesn’t need to take the conventional route to be successful in the NFL. He’s already achieved some success (i.e. playoff win) he just needs to learn how to read defenses and throw from the pocket on a consistent basis.

    Like someone said earlier the CFL probably wouldn’t be a good place to start. It is a league based solely on throwing the football, so Tebow might actually regress there. The Arena football league might be his best option.

    Warner is obviously a great example. Also look at guys like Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia, Matt Hasselbeck, Warren Moon, heck even Romo. These were not the first guys on alot of teams list but they did what they had to do to make it long-term in the NFL.

  29. Has anyone listened to this guy talk. He sounds developmentally challenged when he does an interview. Nobody said he was smart!!

  30. Its a pretty sad fact but tebow wouldnt last long in the CFL in my opinion… The field is wider and longer, and With only 3 downs they throw it 75% of the time. With Tebow’s knuckle balls he would fail miserably.

  31. Warner is spot on. No matter your profession, you need the practice and experience to grow. Tebow isn’t going to do that by making himself the starter on his Madden 25 franchise.

  32. droyer85 says:
    Sep 7, 2013 11:59 AM
    What you non Christian folks don’t understand is, all he needs to do is keep praying. God will make him a better QB. He doesn’t need to go practice in a lesser league.

    It’s delusional lunatics like you who make me lose faith in humanity. Seriously. You’re a baffoon, and you sound as such. Shut up and go to church with the rest of your sheeple cult.

  33. Sounds selfish to me to be asked to play a different position for the good of the team and to refuse.

  34. The combination of arrogance and stupidity coming from Tebow’s camp is straight up embarrassing.

    This dude isn’t 21. He’s 26. He’s going to hit that window soon where teams won’t take a look at him simply because he’s too old.

    Are you a football player or not? He has a chance to go down a new path and secure a different legacy for himself, and apparently he’s too dumb to see this.

  35. That playoff win was no huge success. Pittsburg limped into the playoffs. A defensive starter couldn’t play because he could’ve died in Denver. It was a weak sauce win as evidenced by the thrashing tebow got the next week.

  36. I think Tebow wants to be an NFL quarterback partially because he might consider any other position as “failing.” I have not heard him speak but I have a feeling he emphasizes persistence and never giving up. If he moves to another position, he might think it goes against everything that he has stood for. The reality is that just maybe Tebow is meant to either play a different position or hold a different career. The sooner he accepts that, the sooner he can begin to flourish. Then he can talk to people about the importance of persistence AND the ability to adapt. Warner is right, in my opinion.

  37. He’s finished in the NFL. His own lack of humility (something Christians are supposed to possess) will only ensure he never gets another NFL gig, and simply lines him up to be Pat Robertson’s hand puppet on “The 700 Club”

  38. I read (don’t know if true or not) when he was at Denver, a source on the team said Tebow was stubborn with the coaches and was politicking for them to create a smililar offensive scheme like he had at Florida St.

    The coaches said no, they wanted him to learn to throw better and be a drop back Qb and not a running QB. They decided to dump him and move on because he refused to bend to their way of thinking.

  39. As someone who doesn’t care about the guy one way or another, this is simple. He has 3 choices.

    If he chooses to go CFL or Arena he can be a QB.

    If he chooses to try a new position, he can be an NFL Player.

    If he chooses to be an NFL QB he can be unemployed.

    Seems to me the guy will get whatever he chooses.

  40. If only Tebow had played a bunch of real QB’s in 2011 instead of getting to play Matt Moore and Tyler Thigpen and Caleb Haine and Mark Sanchez and Christian Ponder. All of those fluke wins never would have happened and all of this Tebow nonsense would be done by now.

    We saw what happened when he went up against a couple of legit NFL QB’s. Both Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady blew out Tebow. I mean just think if Tim got a steady diet of QB’s like Brady, Brees, Peyton, Rodgers, Ryan, Kaep, RGIII, Wilson, Luck, Romo, and Eli. He’d never win a game.

    2011 was the fluke to end all flukes. The sooner Tebow realizes that the better.

  41. Wow, I see some folks can’t resist making this a religious issue.

    The guy wants to play QB in the NFL. If he can’t do that then there are likely a number of other things he can do to make a meaningful living.

    It’s his life, it’s his choice. People can leave it alone without reading pride, ego or Christianity into the situation.

  42. John Elway and Bill Belichick wouldn’t know a good QB if one was standing right in front of them.

  43. Milking the last of your clickbait huh? judging by the number of comments it works. Face it, the media killed its golden goose. Tebow is the most covered NFL washout in the history of the game. The press just likes to mention his name so people can have the same arguments they’ve been having for years over and over again to drive traffic. Please, for the sake of our sanity, stop writing about him. He’s not on an NFL roster anymore and he never will be again.

  44. Holding him back from what? He’ll make millions after football and do what he really wants to do if not QB in the NFL. He’s set for life already. He knows what he’s doing.

    Funny how he’s made fun of for so long, and then when it may end on his terms, those same people don’t want him to go.

  45. This is why I never understand people saying Tebow doesn’t have an ego, is a great team player.

    If he didn’t have a massively delusional, narcissitic ego, he’d realize he’s not an NFL QB.

    Likewise, if he was a real team player, he wouldn’t be taking reps away from actual NFL QBs. Wasting everyone else on the team’s time.

  46. I agree with the sentiment. It would have been an interesting idea for the Pats to keep Tebow, because unlike Mallet you could use Tebow while having him serve as an emergency QB. So instead of activating Mallet every week, you stash him in case Brady is injured beyond the current game, that way with just Brady and Tebow active, you can actually use Tebow as a TE or auxillary weapon and you wouldn’t lose ever only but one piece of one game of Mallet’s use to open up potentially 16 games where you have extra TE depth. And that extra depth can save a TE active spot to make yet another position even fuller. It would have been a great strategy if they could have pulled it off together.

  47. It’s sad that a guy who has the talent to probably make it in the NFL at several positions, probably won’t have much of a career because people don’t like that he’s a Christian. I mean, that’s the reason, right?

  48. Tebows best option may be to do what he is doing now. It is after all his life and his dream. I don’t blame him for not wanting to switch positions or leagues. If he doesn’t want to play in the CFL or AFL that’s his choice. Tebow knows the market, probably better then anyone on what teams are interested and what ones are not. I wish him the best of luck.

  49. bottom line Tebow is a winner on and off the field…i know somebody has his back, so as some might perceive it as being stubborn, others might just say it is confidence

  50. Tim tebow can not play football with mere mortals, you imbeciles. He needs to be in a league with other demigods. Why do you think his 5 yard slants get thrown 15 yards down field? Poor accuracy? Hardly, he is so imbued with holy might he can’t physically throw only 5 yards.

  51. I don’t understand what’s so wrong with him not being willing to switch positions. He doesn’t want to just be on an NFL roster for the sake of being on the roster. He wants to play the only position he’s ever played. And if he can’t – which he can’t – he doesn’t want to play in the NFL. Doesn’t seem stubborn to me, seems smart.

  52. groess says:
    Sep 7, 2013 11:35 AM

    He’d never make it in the CFL. Wide field, 3 downs, lots of passing. It would set him back if anything.
    If anything, wider fields would make him much better, looser windows for the passing game.

  53. Tebow just sucks at QB. Flat out. Guy has the physical tools to play other positions tho. Its about the team. Not you being selfish. Do what is needed to help team win

  54. the fact is that all of you, including reporters and coaches, all jumped on the “Tebow is not good” bandwagon meanwhile he was never given the chance to fail. Whether he is good or not, when he was given his chance he lost only 2 games and accomplished some pretty amazing things. He earned the right to start a full season on an NFL. team after what he did in denver. and if he failed then? So be it, im sure he would move on, but he at least deserved a chance to start a full season with an NFL team. If it was anyone else they would have their chance. But he fell victim to the media hype and bandwagon of people thinking hes garbage.

  55. and I dint mean play a full season, I just meant start a full year with mini camp and all that and he could lose the job mid season who knows but its too late now. He screwed himself in thinking he was gonna oust sanchez and the Jets would actually make him a QB and should have demanded a trade to Jax over NY

  56. What a Tebow hating circle j this blog has turned into. Man, people just eat up the crap the Media spews. I’m glad we don’t have to think for ourselves anymore, please tell me more of what to think ESPN, NBC, FOX, CNN and ooh so powerful INTERNET.

  57. I really like this guy, but he seems to be in denial. This is a passing league, Tim. If you cant throw, nobody is going to want you for a QB.

  58. If Tebow can’t look at Kurt Warner and see how he accomplished his career, then he really is stubborn. If Tebow were an NFL QB, he would be on a roster. I remember well, a QB from University of Nebraska who too won the Heisman, was stubborn, knew more than NFL coaching staffs and scouts. Because he believed he was an NFL QB. Drafted in the third round by St Louis as a WR. Refused to go to NFL Europe when the opportunity was available. Out of football. Could not even cut it in the UFL. No matter what position you are playing in the NFL, do what is asked, be satisfied and appreciative of being there.

  59. At this point, is Tebow’s insistence that he won’t play anything other than QB or anywhere other than NFL just proof that this man is a giant gloryhound despite his good guy act?

  60. Tim I believe that you should definitely follow what Mr. Warner is telling you. Some times you have to go in a different direction to get to the place you want to be. Sometimes God sends you in a direction you may not understand or want to go, but you will get there. Also never take advise from people that have no clue in the world what it feels like to actually chase your dreams. Most have given up on there dreams an hate to see a good person let alone a christain succeed. So follow your dreams an do what God tells you to. Both of my sons look to you as a great player an role model. An I am very proud that they do. I followed my dream to be a firefighter an it took me many years an alot of different directions, but I got there because I never gave up. Remember most of the people that are writing these things on here are people,behind a desk that hate there life job an family an you already have everything they will never have. Most never even played high school football let alone 2 national championships an time in the NFL.

  61. What about the Omaha Beef? they made him a standing offer-maybe Tebow could learn something from their players.

  62. At some point even the idiots who still defend this guy as a great QB are gonna sick of it. Just go away Tim. Take you bible and your idiotic ego and go away. He is not what all you homers think he is.

  63. In a world where everyone is complaining about being “judged” why does it mean that Tebow has an ego problem or lack or humility because he won’t take anything but what he has in his head he wants to be. I don’t see him sitting in a corner crying and begging for someone to make it happen or else. He is just saying at this time I don’t want to pursue any other things but to be QB. It may turn out that as all have stated that he may end up with nothing, but maybe that is how God is working. I think for a world that persecutes Christians for being “closed minded” and ” judgmental” that they are more quick to smear a person just they don’t make the decision on the matter that they would. It is not like it would kill him to sit out, lets face it he has money. So maybe this is the way he is being used. I respect his decision to not be greedy and jump on the first thing that pops up. I think he should remain prayerful and have peace that God will provide a way for him either in QB if that is Gods will or something else (which at this time the direction may not have been revealed to him.) Patience is a virtue and I think that is a great thing for him to be showing this narrow minded world.

  64. I don’t understand the comments referring to tebows huge ego. If his issue was ego he would be saying how he is a hell of a quarterback how dare teams not see that. I’ve never seen any ego out of this kid. Stubbornness? Spot on. Not ego. He admits he has work to do he can’t seem to admit that it currently looks hopeless. I doubt the cfl would do him any good either, since its a very pass happy league and he can’t pass. Now arena football might be perfect its a more “streetball” version of football and he seems to excel at that. As far as switching positions with the exception of corner to safety it’s not really all that easy to just change positions at the drop of a hat like that. Yea there’s a few college quarterbacks that turn into acceptable receivers but he doesn’t really have the speed for that. Running back you say? Maybe but hasn’t his ball security been suspect when he does run? Warner is right arena football might be his best shot at continuing to play quarterback at a quasi elite level. He would get to do what he loves and still have a public platform to profess his faith wich is clearly important to him. Either way I wish him luck.

  65. If he wanted to play in the NFL, he could probably get a job as the Dolphins starting FB tonight if he was willing to do that and be the #3 emergency QB.

  66. If this was baseball, would he be in:

    1) the majors – No
    2) Triple AAA – no
    3) Double AA – no
    4) A ball – he would miss the cutoff man

  67. Teblow is a typical Christian. Do as I say, not as I do. He can’t go away fast enough.

  68. I like Tim Tebow, but religion aside, this guy is a moron. To just sit around and think your an NFL caliber QB is insane. Take the advice of players like Kurt Warner move on the Canada or the arena league and get some reps. The end of Tim Tebow will be the result of Tim Tebow.

  69. brettfavresmidget says: Sep 7, 2013 1:27 PM

    It’s sad that a guy who has the talent to probably make it in the NFL at several positions, probably won’t have much of a career because people don’t like that he’s a Christian. I mean, that’s the reason, right?


    I knew it! It’s all those atheist owners who would rather have losing records than let Timmy lead them to a Super Bowl victory.

  70. Great advice from Kurt. Tebow would excel in the CFL. He would gather great experience and help several teams who are in dire need (aka Winnipeg Blue Bombers).

    This is exactly what happened for these other great NFL QB’s;
    Jeff Garcia
    Joe Kapp
    Doug Flutie
    Ralph Dieter Brock
    Warren Moon
    Joe Thiesmann
    Tommy Clements

    Get off your butt Tim and get up to the CFL and get some experience for a few years. You would surely win the oldest professional trophy in North America (The Grey Cup) and then go back and show da boys in da NFL how to win the Super Bowl.

    It is so tiring to listen and read all of the crap from pundits who know NOTHING about football. Tebow is a winner, its just that he refuses to follow the STERO-TYPICAL rules mandated by the NFL brass.

    Go NORTH young man.

  71. Tebow should stop hiding behind religion and start thinking practically about his career. He’ll never be an NFL QB. The sooner he stops listening to some mystical being telling him what to do and starts thinking for himself for once, the better, because he needs to make his own decisions and own them, rather then let God tell him what to do. This is really holding him back. He’s really getting some bad advice from God. Maybe next time, he should talk to his parents or friends, any of who would tell him he’ll never be an NFL QB.

  72. I’m over 6 foot, and 250 pounds,
    but my dream is to be a professional jockey…

    and I’m closer to mine than TT is to his…

  73. Why not the Arena League?

    Maybe Warner could help coach him up

    And the Arena League sure could use the attention and attendance

  74. Don’t do it TTEBOW….DO NOT LISTEN TO KWarner……unlike Kurt, you have no skills as far as passing. That little lucky streak you had against my Steelers team was just that, LUCK……You will be further, and thoroughly exposed if you stepped any part of your foot on a CFL field…..Much wider field, with the fact of being strong armed and accuracy of passing stressed and celebrated…. your lack if either, will certainly come into play….. Now I know you’re a nice guy and you love Jesus. A lot of folks do. My advice is to not go North, let folks still think you may bring something to the table, without proving it and if there happens to be an injury to some QB, you might get the call if some team find themselves in a crunch……

    Listen to me, I know stuff…..

  75. To all the people on here saying Tim Tebow isn’t a NFL QB and all this other stuff, that may very well be true…but ya’ll don’t have to put Tim down when it comes to his dyslexia and what if he is developmentally challenged? you don’t have to Make Fun Of Him!!!

    People are so mean and heartless these days, this almost makes me cry,praying for Timmy,I believe in him:)

  76. To all the people on here saying Tim Tebow isn’t a NFL QB and all this other stuff, that may very well be true…but ya’ll don’t have to put Tim down when it comes to his dyslexia and what if he is developmentally challenged? you don’t have to Make Fun Of Him!!!

    People are so mean and heartless these days, this almost makes me cry,praying for Timmy,I believe in him:)

  77. All he’s saying is he doesn’t need football as much as football needs him. He knows he won’t be in football if he can’t be a QB, and he’s fine with that. He probably has much bigger plans than football. Most of you trolls here have plans that are nothing more than sitting on your butts watching TV. Thumbs down to your life.

  78. This Tim Tebow CFL talk is getting silly.

    CFL is not a fit for Tebow and here’s why.

    He has a questionable arm strength and accuracy.

    The field is wider and longer, the ball is bigger. There are only 3 downs, and there is an extra DB also usually playing center field or some kind of spy.

    3 down football = air show

    Tell me you can see Tim Tebow putting enough mustard on a deep out.. I see cornerbacks eyes bulging out of their heads with anticipation.

  79. So many experts on here to tell someone else what is best for him. So many of these experts probably couldn’t figure out how to put on shoulder pads properly.

  80. “Tim Tebow’s stubbornness is holding him back”

    Oh just shut it already.

    I don’t hear Tebow complaining about not having a job so leave him the hell alone!

  81. Maybe he just realizes that the CFL and AFL are strictly passing leagues. You know – that skill that he doesn’t have for any level.

  82. I’m under the belief that Tebow doesnt really care about being a QB but is more about promoting his brand.

    He knows that wherever he goes in the NFL, he will create stories and keep his brand out there. But if he goes to Canada or the AFL, he will become irrelevant and exposed as a guy who cant play professional football.

  83. Does anyone know how Kurt Warner got to the NFL? Not because he was given a chance to be starting quarterback, because he was a backup whose team’s starter got hurt. Tebow just needs a chance.

  84. Why are we discussing a non-NFL (or even pro at any level) player in here? This is a place to discuss PRO football, not has-beens.

  85. It’s not really stubbornness. Guess what happens if he does get a shot and gets to start somewhere: “If you just work hard, and believe in yourself and pray, God will hear you and answer your prayers”

    If he ever starts. That’s what we’ll get. He’s smart. He’s trying to build his nest egg. He’ll easily go on a motivational speaking tour and write a book after he retires. Just wait.

    Ya know, instead of going the hard work and sweat route.

  86. The reason Tebow isn’t signing with another league is because deep down Tebow knows he isn’t good enough to be a passing quarterback. He has been in the league long enough to have already changed his throwing motion and made strides as a passer. He has done neither. If he hasn’t done it by now he isn’t going to do it.

    Tebow is only going to be a wildcat type quarterback so if a team is desperate enough to do that he might get signed this year. He wouldn’t be the worst short term replacement in the world.

    Anyway, I think even that kind of a chance is behind him right now. Tebow is likely not seeing the field this year and he’s going to have to choose between retirement and playing anotherposition,

  87. Tebow’s ego is going to be the end of his career. Even Jesus can’t teach this kid to be an NFL QB. He believes he’s a good QB because that’s what his mindless fans say. He won 1 playoff game. Hell Sanchez won 4 and I wouldn’t consider him and NFL QB and I’m a Jets fan. How many playoff wins one gets is not indicitive if they can play professional football. Tebow needs to drop the ego, and be humble about his skills. I think that the kid is just greedy. Not necessarily for money, but definitely for the fame and being in the spotlight. Tebow says he’s a devout Christian yet he’s one of the farthest things from humble when talking about his “skills”

  88. Tebow’s stubbornness isn’t the half of it. Even if he were to somehow improve himself to NFL caliber, how many teams would be willing to put up with all the baggage that comes with him? And I don’t just mean Tebow’s own fan base, though they might be enough to scare most teams off.

    Whatever else Tebow may be, he is also the poster child du jour for a worldview that is notoriously anti-gay, at a time when every NFL team is trying to come to grips with having openly gay players, possibly in the very near future. For all they know, they may have gay players already, who just haven’t come out yet. What NFL GM in his right mind would want to sign someone like Tebow with that kind of uncertainty still hanging over the league?

  89. At some point people are going to realize two things; number one, Tebow is a spoiled brat who has been catered to his whole life and the thought he won’t be catered to in the NFL hasn’t sunk in yet. And two, he can’t play in the CFL or AFL. I don’t know if people have noticed this or if as usual with Tebow, they’ve totally ignored this fact, Tebow is slow at processing information on top of the fact HE STILL CAN’T THROW THE DAMNED FOOTBALL! Playing in the CFL with a wider field, an extra defensive player, and only 3 downs doesn’t make for a successful situation for Tebow. In the AFL, things happen much too quickly for him to process and react. He’d wind up running in both leagues even more than he does in the NFL because that’s his natural instinct. I keep saying this but apparently no one sees it like I do. Tebow himself tells how bad he is at throwing the football and processing information because if his intended receiver isn’t wide open and looking back at him, he isn’t going to let the football go. If he sees a safety in the middle of the field on his run fakes when he tries to throw deep, he isn’t going to throw the football. He’s only looked at his second or third receiver when he gives up on his primary receiver, runs around like a chicken with his head cut off, and finds a breakdown in the defense and a receiver running wide open. This guy will never, ever play QB in any league, PERIOD! The reason he’s so stubborn about wanting to play QB is because he isn’t a good enough athlete to play another position on the field. Even his BFF Skip Bayless openly admits that!

  90. How many articles does he have to read, or people telling him he will NEVER be good enough to play in the NFL for him to realize that he is not even close to being a quaterback in the NFL? Get a hint Tebow, you STINK!

  91. Channelguy said;

    Some people don’t seem to get that he wants to play QB in the NFL. Not play tight end or special teams. Not play in the CFL — where he probably COULD play because QB play in the CFL is in a drought period.

    Tebow was a huge star in college, has already played QB in the NFL and had some success, a lot more than many backup QBs like Brady Quinn who get job after job after job. The NFL at every position OTHER than QB and kickers is a physically tough job. And the second Tebow leaves the NFL behind, he will walk into a very high paying gig, whether it be motivational speaking or the corporate world. So why should he beat himself up playing a position he doesn’t want to play, just so he can be “in the NFL”?

    Seriously?? Just shut it already and get off his jock! Anybody with common sense would know to try and better themselves if they didn’t have what it took to make it! Are baseball players so egotistical that they pout and stubbornly say I’m playing in the bigs or nowhere at all? No they don’t, they go down to the minors and tweak their game and try to fight their way back up. Have some humility Tebow and you might have a chance. If he doesn’t then he will never again play QB in the NFL! I for one will be glad because then we will never again hear from him or his delusional jock riding fanatics………. At least I hope we won’t!!!!!

  92. In reading these messages I have noticed that almost all the comments are the same. Almost everyone agrees with Warner that Tebow should give the CFL or Arena League a shot. Not only will it keep him playing but it gives him a way to prove that he is better then many people think he is.

    What I find amazing is that we all seem to agree. I can’t really remember ever going to a comments area and finding that everyone is of a similar opinion. No matter how much sense something makes you always find a decent percentage of comments that take a contrarian view. Seeing almost 100% agreement not only reinforces the notion that Tebow is making a mistake but its also kind of scary.

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