Vick tells Cary Williams not to be hot-headed


When Riley Cooper and Cary Williams fought at Eagles practice, Michael Vick ran into the scrum to separate them. A day later, Vick said he has talked to Williams, who has a reputation for a short temper, about keeping cool

Cary understands that we need him on the football field, not to be hot-headed at times,” Vick told “We know he’s a guy who’s very into his work and what we do, and he can’t be high-strung all the time. He’s got to stay even-keel like everybody else, just out of respect for the game more than anything.”

Vick said he reminded Williams that he can’t let anger at a teammate stew because his focus needs to be on Monday night’s game against Washington.

“We’ve got to focus on winning this game,” Vick said. “Cary’s OK. He understands that he has to control his temper sometimes, we all do, but we all are men at the end of the day and sometimes tempers do flare, but that’s normal.”

Williams would be wise to listen to Vick and keep his temper in check.

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  1. Ah, Vick the voice of reason……….I guess if you can calmly kill an underperforming dog then you are well suited to advise teammates on how to control themselves……

  2. That boy needs to learn his place…

    He is no leader or superstar; let the leaders on the team handle it…

    And when ALL stop using the unflattering comment; then ostracize then live with it…

  3. As a Skins fan, I say great, lett’em fight and lose focus on Monday night’s game.

    As a human, it’s hard not to notice this may have more to do with Cooper’s off-field incident this summer and what’s now likely persistent backlash. I’m not sure what the answer is, but the Eagles are going to have a tough time until they figure it out.

  4. ‘We are all men at the end of the day’….well MV, most of you haven’t matured to that point yet, so it’s a pretty exclusive club for NFL Players.

  5. Cary Williams’ dad goes to my church. Potential Church, in Cooper City Florida. He always tells me how he’s glad that Ray Lewis & Ed Reed took Cary under their wings. He also said Cary went to two different colleges “because of the coaches” lol
    I found that amusing, I think Cary is a punk, and will be exposed this year. No more Ravens D to make him look good.
    I like his Dad and younger siblings, but not Cary.

  6. I must be getting old, Mike Vick is putting together coherent sentences that stem from rational thoughts.

  7. Could easily be one of the worst defenses of all time. RG3 was 30-39 with 400 yds and 6 tds against them last year, that was with Namdi and DRC. Chip Kelly better run 100 plays if he wants to cover the amount of points his defense will give up.

  8. ” hey Cary, I know that white honky cracker, is a racist ain’t nothing you can do about it. Man! “

  9. So proud of Vick. Not because of his redemption after prison for his horrific transgressions. More so it is based on his maturity and leadership during this Reid to Chip Kelly transition. He seems to have worked hard ,took his pay cut and earned the new head coach’s respect. From all the Micheal Vick stuff of the past till now, he may truly have his best season yet. If Peyton Manning can throw for 7 td’s at 37 yrs old, why not Micheal Vick getting to a Super Bowl at 34 yrs old.

  10. As a dog owner, I’m kind of surprised by so many people still bashing Vick for his dog fighting past. The man has served his time, and seems to have shown genuine regret for what he did (although at the time he was caught, it seemed like he was regretful he was only caught). Let the man move on w his life. Think about if employers constantly held you accountable for the time you cheated on a test in high school, or stole something while in college??? Everyone makes mistakes, and those that show they have matured and corrected those mistakes don’t deserve to have it held over their head for the rest of their lives.

    As a Dallas fan, I am extremely impressed with Vicks leadership and maturity in the situation. It really does speak volumes to his character.

    Best of luck to you, Eagles fans. Except when you play Dallas of course.

  11. I understand that there are some people that will never stop with their hatred towards Vick, but this guy has done everything right on a personal level since being released.

  12. @kegowhoskey
    I understand what cooper said in the off season definitely rubbed people the wrong way. However, that’s no excuse to start fighting teammates, and if it is the reason then he’s way too emotional because the trash talk on the field is a lot worse than what cooper said and Williams will be a walking 15 yard penalty if he can’t ignore the jabber.

  13. Some mistakes are worse than others. Running an illegal dog fighting ring is bad. But torturing and killing dogs is unforgivable.Not to mention it’s something a sociopath would do. I don’t care what Vick does, it doesn’t change the fact he is a sadistic punk.

  14. When we start out 0-5 because we’ve given up the most points in the NFL, who is going to care about this?

  15. The TROLLS , love to bash on Vick.
    but never mention:

    1. Dexter Manley-Washington Redskins
    drug possession, evidence tampering 4 years

    2. Dwayne Goodrich-Dallas Cowboys
    criminally negligent homicide-12½ years

    3. Nate Newton-Dallas Cowboys
    drug trafficking-7½ years

    4. Plaxico Burress-New York Giants
    gun charges-2 years

    etc. etc . etc.

  16. Vick will be broke as a joke five years after retirement and none of the people stroking him right now will give a rat’s ass about him.

  17. “No more Ravens D to make him look good”

    Hah….the Ravens’ D didn’t make ANYONE look good on Thursday night. Alas, I think the Eagles’ D is in for a similar fate when they face Peyton Manning or other high octane offenses. Cary Williams, exposed or not, is still better than anyone the Eagles had playing Cornerback last year.

  18. Panther fan here so I’m not bias but I will say after watching Vick for years in Panther vs Falcons games, he has matured. Its not about how u fall down, its about how u get up! Giving props to him for not being the 30+ yr old man still acting like a boy!

  19. I can’t believe all that crap I’m reading right now in the comment section… You can say whatever you want Vick is right and he’s acting as a leader as the team Cary as done nothing but critisize the team and fighting teammates … I don’t know how many QB that jumps into fight between players to stop them …

  20. There is TRUTH in what Vick said to Williams. There is Leadership in how Vick communicated to Williams. There is the Effort to keep his team focused on the Goal of the Team. There is absolutely Nothing Wrong in what Vick has done.

    As for the idiots who are unable to move beyond Vick’s mistakes regarding his Dog Fighting period of his life, it is appropriate to tell them Get Over It!!!

    As for the idiots who do nothing but hide behind their computers and snipe their little moronic comments at Vick over his past errors which he has paid the penalties for and has confessed to, you twerps are all guilty of your own Lies, Thefts, Envys, Jealousies, and Hatred. No One is innocent, least among those who do nothing but hide behind their anonymity and their computers. You are just as bad as the old Dog Fighting Vick and you can’t hold a candle to the new Vick who, BTW, is now recognized as a Friend of the Humane Society of America. Get over it, Hypocrites and armchair sniping nerds.

  21. Wow. I’ve never seen so many racists in one place, especially the ones who continue to take potshots at Vick’s past

    Is that ALL you’ve got? That’s OLD, OLD news. You look like a woman wearing a BEEHIVE hairdo when you make those remarks. As far as I am concerned, Vick’s redeemed himself. He paid his debt to society. This isn’t 2007, jerks. Buy a calendar if you don’t know what day it is. Wow. SIX years and some of you people are still stuck in the previous decade.

    I didn’t know I stumbled into a white supremacists convention. Shouldn’t some of you be wearing Boss Hogg outfits and smoking cigars?

    Vick’s right. Cary Williams needs to put a sock in that temper unless he wants to go back to flipping burgers.

  22. eaglesw00t says:
    Sep 7, 2013 8:23 AM
    Oh boy. Mike Vick is the voice of reason on our team…4-12 here we come
    So you are one of “those” fans? The kind of negative nancy we don’t need.

    thehairychestsportsblog says:
    Sep 7, 2013 8:42 AM
    Could easily be one of the worst defenses of all time. RG3 was 30-39 with 400 yds and 6 tds against them last year, that was with Namdi and DRC. Chip Kelly better run 100 plays if he wants to cover the amount of points his defense will give up.
    You are assuming the Redskins are going to play well and Eagles are going to play horrible (plus different D then last year genius: new CB’s, Safety, linebackers, defensive line, oh and plus new coach and personnel) so you know NOTHING. These are opinions and after Monday night we will know the facts. RG3 has not played football in forever and alfred morris is still a young gun. Goodluck

  23. So are they going to suspend Williams for the use of the “n” word in this altercation? Give him some counseling?? Where’s the media uproar?

    Double standard.

  24. I think George W Bush said it best.

    “fool me once shame on you…fool me, can’t get fooled again”

    Let those words ring out to all you suckers getting fooled again when you say it sounds like Vick has grown.

  25. Yall do know that Michael almost never actually DID anything to the dogs, right? He was just the major financial backbone for it. Not that I am taking any blame off of Vick, but you have to realize, he isn’t either! lol He saw what he did was wrong, and has done EVERYTHING in his power, and I mean that, to make things right, and it made him a better man in the process, and I say he has done a DAMN good job in his redemption. He has more than earned my respect, and he should have earned everyone else’s as well, and that is just my thoughts on it =[

  26. Yeah one of these days he’s going to cost his team a super bowl by losing his head and pushing a ref.

    Just not during ray Lewis’ divinely annointed retirement victory.

  27. Most people don’t see it. Or are afraid to say it. But I am not one of those people. Cary Williams is still in the closet with his true race feelings. Scared to truly show or say how he feels. He is using what Riley Cooper did,to indirectly show his true self. It’s not what Riley did that is upsetting Cary Williams. He is high strung and upset towards Riley Cooper simply because he hates white people,and doesn’t have the balls to say it. There is not a white person alive who had anything to do with the atrocity of slavery. There are just as many racist black people as there are white people. Just like Oprah on TV stating Paula is not the first WHITE lady to use the N word. Why didn’t she just say first lady. I tell you why. Because in her eyes it’s ok for a black lady to say it. But it’s an abomination if you are white and say it. So keep hating all you want and playing the race card.Getting old in a hurry.

  28. Honestly Cary Williams was not worth the money the eagles paid him. I admit he helped the ravens quite a bit with some big plays and decent coverage but he also got beat a lot. That happens when you start a play 10 yards from the line of scrimmage.

  29. @theeduck2000. If the freaking dogs had hoodies on. Everything for Vick would be freaking ok. What a FREAKING joke. Go freak yourselves. Cooper is the subject.

  30. @theeduck2000 You sound simple, and Cary probably is just like we all know Riley is the difference is where and when Riley was exposed are let his feelings be known.Cary did what I expect will happen a few times to this guy.He also was not cowardly about his feelings after he roughed him up and let him know, I am that N.

  31. RE: “@ blackskirtz I wish you could say that to me face to face.”

    @ isujames So do I.

    Any time, any place.

  32. “Vick … is now recognized as a Friend of the Humane Society of America.”

    Vick didn’t have to do that. He made a horrible mistake, paid for it dearly, and deserves to be respected for turning his life around. The good part of religion is the forgiveness aspect. Hate will not solve anything.

  33. I don’t understand the criticism of people who don’t like Mike Vick for what he did.

    It’s not about forgiveness- I don’t have to forgive him, he didn’t do anything to me. And I have no problem with him being in the NFL- everyone has a right to make a living doing what they do best.

    But why do I have to like him? Because he did his time? Millions of criminals leave jail every year- do I have to like all of them, too?

    Unlike most people, I read the full text of Mike Vick’s plea deal which spells out all of things he did in great detail. I choose not to “like” someone is capable of doing those things, and I refuse to believe that 18 months in prison somehow removed these sociopathic tendencies from his brain. Prison isn’t all the good at doing that.

    What Mike Vick did was no “mistake”, it was a sociopathic lifestyle. If he manages to make it through the rest of his life, including the 30-40 years he may have after football, without reverting to it, God bless him.

    I don’t “hate” Mike Vick. But I don’t have to like him. That’s my choice.

  34. Ok people Dont forget people deserve second chances.Why is it that people are so easy to forgive people who sold drugs to peoples children .Or like alot of these other cheaters in sports or people in sports or entertainment driving drunk ?
    I dont understand how it so easy for people to pick and choose who gets forgiveness or not?I love animals and yes it was horrible what he has done but we can also look at it in another way also look at all the publicity Vicks crime brought to light the underground of Dog fighting but also remember it has gone on for years and still is to this day.This story was how he stepped in and is teaching another about tempers and fighting !JUST MAYBE HIS PUNISHMENT HIT SOMETHING WITHIN HIM?

  35. As a longtime Redskins fan, I have never cared much for Mike Vick. But I have to admit that it appears he is trying to move on, has paid his debt to society, and has matured. While I don’t condone what he was involved in, it looks like he is taking all the right steps to put that life behind him. He is a formidable opponent on the football field, and has earned the right to be there,

  36. If Cary Williams is so tough he could have waited until the locker room to finish the fight. He would rather talk real loud posture about after they were separated by team mates. Just like you Caliocokiller49 All Talk.

  37. @ mcqphx

    No . . Just pointing out the HYPOCRISY

    noun: hypocrisy; plural noun: hypocrisies

    1. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform

    So . . where are YOUR comments , about YOUR team’s FELONS ?

    We ALL know your team has em!

  38. Seriously you second chance people are idiots. This is Vick’s 20th chance. You actually think that his arrest constitutes his first mistake? He gave a woman herpes which he was sued over. He tried to go through security with dope in a water bottle. Then he was caught killing dogs and financing a major gambling circuit. Then when things went poorly in Philly he grumbled like a the loser that he is.

    Oh no, no, no I get it…he second chance starts in your mind after he gets caught cause its not second chances for your mistakes its second chances for getting caughts.

    Vick has stayed out of legal trouble but he has not changed. when the Eagles sucked last year and he sat on the bench while Foles played he was poisoning the team. Now he’s a great leader again now that he got his starters job back. The true definition of a person is how they behave when they are down not when they are up. And when Vick is down he’s what we all know he is…a loser.

  39. To preface, I think what Vick did in the past was obviously wrong and disgusting.

    With that said, these people who are constantly flooding forums to attack Vick are an ironic group of numskulls. Vick’s advice over the past few months has been sound advice for the most part, regardless of his past. For those of you who say things like “A man who killed dogs giving out character advice to another man.” are proving yourselves to be ignorant and judgmental. It’s ironic because you are claiming a man who committed a wrong act can’t have good character, yet you’re passing judgment too.

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