A.J. Green giving Bears fits

Getty Images

Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green has made the Pro Bowl in his first two NFL seasons.

He’s begun his third pro campaign in all-star form.

Green is off to a strong start to the regular season, hauling in two TD passes and already exceeding 140 yards receiving as the Bengals hold a 21-17 third-quarter lead at Chicago. Also, he set up the Bengals’ third touchdown — a BenJarvus Green-Ellis run — with an exceptional third-down catch and a pass interference penalty drawn on Bears cornerback Charles Tillman.

It hasn’t all been perfect for Green. Tillman has intercepted passes intended for him twice, with the latter pick a pass that deflected off of Green’s hands. However, the Bengals’ standout wideout has done more far more good than harm to a Cincinnati offense that’s shown some spark in its regular-season debut.