Blaine Gabbert expected to start for Jaguars vs. Chiefs


The Jaguars expect to have Blaine Gabbert at quarterback today against the Chiefs.

Although Gabbert is listed as questionable with a thumb injury, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Gabbert is expected to play.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said last week that his defense was preparing for both Gabbert and Jaguars backup quarterback Chad Henne, but Gabbert has been saying since he suffered the thumb injury that he expected to play in the opener, and now it appears that he will.

Gabbert hasn’t played as well as the Jaguars hoped since they took him with the 10th overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft. This is a make-or-break season for Gabbert’s career, and he’ll start it on the field against the Chiefs.

16 responses to “Blaine Gabbert expected to start for Jaguars vs. Chiefs

  1. Looks like Bridgewater will be our draft pick next year. Blaine will never be consistent enough to be a quality starter. And let it be a lesson to all GM’s when a QB is coming out of college way too early and is full of hype but his stats at college tell a different story. Blaine was bad in college and bad in the pros.

    I’ll be at the game to watch the Jags today no matter who the QB is. Hopefully Blaine does something positive, I doubt it, but hopefully he does. But he is not the first 1st round bust.

  2. After reading comments from different blogs I think Chiefs fans must have forgotten they had the #1 pick in this years draft for a reason. The way they talk you think they won SB last year. Regardless, last year was last year and its a new season.. Jaguars fans know we are rebuilding, but we are a better team now with the arrow pointing up. At least we know we will definitely be drafting one of the top QB’s next season.

  3. I hope he does well. Our QB situation is one of the worst in the league but if Gabbert shows some good games consistently maybe that changes but he doesn’t do it at 100% so I doubt he does it with a hand injury. I’m still Jags for life regardless.

  4. So when the Jags don’t take a QB #1 there will be upset fans. Let Gabbert play this season then judge. He ran a 2 minute drill with perfection in preseason let’s see what he can do now. The defense is better and the offense can only get better

  5. The Chiefs picked ahead of the Jaguars in the draft 4.5 months ago. The Jaguars got the better player.

  6. Time for the usual stupid comments from thegreatgabbert who is obsessed with Blaine. I picture either:
    A) his mother
    B) a stalker
    C) a groupie
    D) Blaine himself trying to excuse his poor play

  7. As a real Jag fan, I don’t think Gabbert has been great or even good but he hasn’t been given much of a chance.
    Yes, he shouldn’t have been drafted 10th overall because he wasn’t prepared to play and start day 1. He was drafted because he was expected to grow into the franchise QB but wasn’t coached very well or had the pieces around him. It is the year to prove he belongs but give the guy a chance…

  8. Chiefs 6 probowlers, not counting Alex Smith or Dwayne Bowe. Chiefs 31- Jags 17. I like Gabbert but only because he’s from MU. Go Chiefs.

  9. Can’t believe Jacksonville cheered Gabbert after he got hurt, somewhere Eric Winston is cussing Jag fans. Of course he’s unemployed so Karma’s kind of a b, eh Eric?

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