Browns lose yet another home opener

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Since returning to NFL play in 1999, the Browns have begun the regular season at home in 14-of-15 campaigns.

To say they have not done much with all of these Week One home games would be an understatement.

With Sunday’s 23-10 loss to Miami, the Browns are 1-13 in their regular-season home debuts in Week One. Their lone victory was in 2004 against Baltimore.

The 2013 Browns have some solid young talent. Better days may well be ahead. But on Sunday, they struggled to stop Dolphins’ pass rush. Defensive end Cameron Wake had a wonderful season debut, notching 2.5 sacks. The Browns also couldn’t get quite enough stops against a Miami offense that lacked much of a running game.

The Browns’ offense was a disappointment, mustering just one touchdown. Quarterback Brandon Weeden threw three interceptions, but two could have been receptions for his club. Running back Trent Richardson was held to 47 yards on 13 carries. Overall, the Dolphins deserve a lot of credit for how they pulled away from Cleveland down the stretch.

Once again, though, the Browns had a chance to start their season on a positive note at home, and they could not do it. Now, they must regroup for a game at Baltimore next Sunday.

44 responses to “Browns lose yet another home opener

  1. Maybe Miami’s defense is just really good. Or maybe Norv Turner’s dinosaur offense just isn’t modern enough.

  2. Not enough rushing – why no T-Rich?

    Cousins (750-RG) should be flipping burgers; play Gilkey instead. Cousins is washed up.

    Lack of depth at CB was obvious. Hayden mostly shutdown Wallace (so much for his egotistical predictions), but the rest of the secondary showed how shallow/untalented they are.

    Squandered another home opener – Yuk! Makes me glad I didn’t do. Sure there’s some hope, but .500 is looking like wishful thinking at this point – the way the rest of the AFC North did this week, that could still win the division – the Stillers look weak, Cinci couldn’t make the playoffs 3 years in a row if they had to, and Baltimore doesn’t look like they’ll come close to repeating – all that said, it’s a long season.

  3. Weeden was just awful today but at times looked decent. The O-Line Injuries killed us because not only should Oniel Cousins not be an NFL starter on any O-Line he does not belong in the league. 4 penalties and getting blown up on every other play is inexcusable for an NFL player. The drops were terrible be the WRs and they had trouble getting open as well. If the D doesn’t get consistent pressure than the DBs get exposed. The safetys are fine and Haden was great but everyone else is just terrible. Buster Skrine and Chris Owens should only be on the field as 3rd or 4th corners and they both get significant playing time. The Browns need to upgrade there next year. But the worst part about this game was Norv Turner. He was supposed to come in and be an excellent play caller and turn this offense around. He was terrible. Trent Richardson only getting 13 carries and 15 touches total is unacceptable. Even more so considering your number one receiver is out for 2 games. If not for the D this game would have been a huge blowout.

  4. NFL defenses here is how to beat the dolphins, at the snap when the quarterback says “go go” the play is a run, when he says “go” it is a pass. The browns defense is truly pathetic in either they know this and couldn’t stop it or they’re so dumb they haven’t figured it out.

  5. hbdbrowns33 Weeden looked awful are you kidding me, the boy was running for his life almost every play. Look at the stats for knock downs, sacks, hurried.
    No time to pass. If he did have time the receiver dropped the ball or worse simple deflected it to Miami. When he made a nice throw Cousins was flagged for a hold, face mask or motion.
    Defense looked good against the run, the pass other than Haden we are screwed. Skrine & Owens should be on the bench, Cousins should be on the bench or better yet waived.
    We are so screwed on offense unless we get receivers that can catch, a a good guard and a full back.
    No quarterback in the league could help us w/what we have now.

  6. The Grieveland Frowns continue to live up to their name. By all means, change your HC every year.

  7. Will you media guys please quit talking about how the Browns have a lot of good young talent? If they had good young talent they wouldn’t lose all the time like this. They’re terrible. And until they get a real quarterback, that’s not going to change.

  8. Browns fans the game could have gone either way we just edged it maybe we had slightly the better defence, slightly better passing. Davone Bess is a gem of a player who is going to help you guys out a lot.

  9. Don’t knock the Browns. That defense is very good. Weeden was getting abused all game and kept getting up and fought the whole way. He should have a decent year. He was also missing his best receiver against one of the best defenses. They are good enough to win but it just didn’t happen today. They will surprise some folks this year when they are still in the division hunt late in the year.

  10. The clowns are a joke! Same old same with them… At least they had a ok preseason I guess… until there get a real QB and offensive weapons they will always be garbage just like that rathole Cleveland!….

  11. With Mike Lombardturd as the GM Browns fans should get used to it! Lombardloss ‘s record is worse than the Talibans!

  12. The Browns did a good job defensively in the first half by shutting down the Dolphins running game and pressuring Tannehill. Have to give T-hill credit however by adjusting and putting the offense on his shoulders and carrying it to a win, very impressive step forward from last year.

    Really can’t point the finger at Weeden, the Dolphins pass rushing defense looks dangerous. They’re the one’s who caused the picks. Considering the Browns have one of the better O-lines, this should be a concern for every O-coordinator that will face the Dolphins.

  13. Before the season we knew:
    1) We needed a CB to go opposite Haden
    2) Gordon would be out 2 games and we needed someone to replace him.
    3) We knew Benjamin was 4’3″
    4) We needed a real right guard, even more when Pinkston and Lauvao went out.

    And at this point our front office still seems to not care. Could this be Part of Mike and Joe’s plan? Why would a team so far under the salary cap not address these weaknesses if the are SERIOUS about winning?

    I am not a “Football Genius” but I wold have spent some of that cap money for the faithful just so they know we care.

  14. These guys are goin’ nowhere w/Weeden. Didn’t like the pick then. Don’t like it now. It’s only one game but it’s lookin’ like the “same old Browns” in 2013.

  15. Norv’d indeed. Good thing he’s smarter than everyone else and knows giving the best player on the field more than 15 touches would be too obvious. Otherwise we might just think he sucks as a coach. oh wait…

  16. Just like years past the Browns loose the opener.

    However, something new here, the Browns are tied for first place in their division.

  17. Weeden may have been pressured, but he deserves some blame. He doesn’t step up in the pocket when pressure comes. He has no sense of the rush because he locks on to one receiver. Game plan was terrible, but Weeden needs to fix this fast or fans will call for Campbell by game 3.

  18. The defense was dominating?? They couldnt stop Ryan Tannehill!!! He carved them up like a Thanksgiving turkey!! What happens when they play Stafford or Flacco or Dalton or Smith or Brady or Rodgers for god sakes!!! Lets face it, this team is the same as it is always, bad coaching, no offensive playmakers, and a ok sometimes good defense which in the end equals another double digit loss season..again…Sadly, I am a Browns fan yet I saw this coming miles away..until they get a good solid QB, and big time playmakers continue to expect double digit loss seasons for a long long time..

  19. OMG, did I see someone say playoff hunt at the end of the year??? What kool aid are some Browns fans smoking??!?!? This team will be fighting for a top 10 draft pick next year, and getting ready to start over with a new QB…again….I say we just start Campbell now, what does it matter lol

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