Bush says “we just scratched the surface today”

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In 2011, the Lions won their first five games with running back Jahvid Best providing an explosive run-pass dynamic from the backfield.  Since Best suffered his most recent concussion, the Lions had gone 9-19.

Today, the Lions went to 1-0, thanks in large part to the arrival of running back Reggie Bush.

Bush, who had 101 yards receiving and 90 yards rushing, touched the ball 25 times in his Detroit debut, a 34-24 win over Minnesota.

“We just scratched the surface today,” Bush told PFT by phone after the game.  He was referring to the team, but the sentiment also applies to Bush himself.

Bush said that, even though it’s his eighth NFL season, “I’m not banged up.”  He didn’t start getting 20-plus touches per game until he was traded to Miami from New Orleans, and he now feels a sense of gratitude that he had more limited touches early in his career.

“I’m glad I stayed positive,” Bush said of his time in New Orleans, when he was used far more sparingly.  “Everything happens for a reason.”

Even more could have happened today.  Bush said the Lions hurt themselves in the first half with penalties and turnovers.

They helped themselves in the second half, with among other things a 77-yard catch and run by Bush.  Did he benefit from the defensive obsession with stopping Calvin Johnson?

“A lot of it goes to the fact that they’re rolling coverages to him,” Bush said of the extra attention given to the man known as Megatron.  “When that’s happening someone else has to take advantage.”

Bush did, and he thinks his new team is well positioned to thrive.  He said that, in his view, the 2013 Lions stack up well with the 2009 Saints — and that Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford belongs with the top quarterbacks in the league.

Reggie Bush also ranks among some other Lions greats.  For the first time since fans chanted “Bar-ry! . . . Bar-ry!,” Lions fans were loudly chanting the name of a man who could make a huge difference for a team that could be a lot better than many thought they would be.

I told Reggie before hanging up that I’ve picked the Lions to get to the NFC title game.  I told him that many think I’m crazy for doing it.

“I don’t think you’re crazy at all,” Bush said.  “I think you’re a smart man.  Brilliant, actually.”

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  1. He is not banged up at all. Reggie is fast. Faaaaast. I don’t ever remember him having such a quick burst as he does. Reggie Bush and Adrian Peterson in the NFC North, dear god!

  2. Can’t forget Matt Forte either, I wish I could edit comments. If Green Bay can figure out how to run the ball and if Lacy ends up as a dominate running back, the NFC north will live up to being a tough division.

    Though the NFC West defenses are looking stellar right now. This is looking to be a good football year despite the stupid rules put in place.

  3. Hope for their sake he stays healthy, but I don’t see it happening if they keep getting the ball that much

  4. Nice to see the NFL handing second chances to the Niners. That should’ve been a GB field goal for the 1 point win instead of a hail mary.


  5. Reggie Bush also had a game like this in Miami … once. Bush is good for one great game a year, and that’s it. Sorry Lions fans that’s just his history …

  6. Lol Miami ….voltron…lol Miami nowhere near as good as Lions …they have some nice pieces but there still few years away from being any good

  7. He also faced 8 in box in Miami…he will never see that look with the Lions unless Megatron falls off the face of earth…basically in other words I’m saying your posted comment doesn’t make any sense.

  8. Todd Bowles isn’t going to get much sleep this week. The days of Triple-Covering Calvin are over.

    Bush, Calvin, and a monster 6′-7″ rookie TE in Fauria that can catch has to be a nightmare.

  9. @ all american voltron

    lol reggie bush didnt have many games like that with miami cuz the reciever has been hartline or bess. no disrespect to those guys but calvin johnson is on another level. hes able to help a lot of other guys get opportunities to make plays and it just so happens bush is one of those ankle break cya later guys. as a bucs fan im quite jealous.

  10. thepvyharvin says: Sep 8, 2013 8:01 PM

    Eat it Packer Nation….BAHAAAAAAAA



    In case anyone forgot…The Vikings have never won a Super Bowl

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  11. Bush was awesome today, but, everyone seems to forget about Joique Bell too. You can’t sleep on either one of them coming out of the backfield.

  12. obviously some of you just like to hate Bush wont fade cause they will game plan against him now then Calvin will get the ball …they put up 34 points with Johnson getting 37 yrds also botched a fg , wheres the credit to reiff for handling jared allen pretty well this team will be dangerous

  13. sure. the guy had a great game. but leave it to lions fans to declare him the best running back in the league after ONE game.

  14. The best player in the world rushes for 15 yds after his opening carry? I thought he was the best ever. Then this QB, whom everyone says “the game has slowed down for him” has 3 turnovers (well really 4, you can’t put that one on AP). Jerome Simpson had a good game but he still has as many career TDs as a Viking as I do. Chris Cook was burned for another TD, and he as as many INTs as I do.

    The Vikings fans don’t believe their team is soft, but Reggie Bush schooled them. Watching Ponder trying to come back to win with his check down, check down, check down, INT, was funny.

  15. I guess if you’re saying All Day was “outplayed” you might not of had him in your fantasy team today. 3 tds…I’ll take that any week from him. Onto Chicago…not expecting a win at all.

  16. Funny how everyone picked the Vikings to win, and when the Lions win it’s because the Vikings are no good LOL

    I guess until this year is over and the Lions are crowned Superbowl champs they wont get any respect.

    Now lets hope they can all stay healthy so they have at least a fighting chance to make the playoffs. You can’t win it all if you don’t make the playoffs.

  17. The Lions showed the potential to have a strong season, and Bush and Bell were a great combo in the backfield.

    The Lions are going to have to stop beating themselves though if they hope to make the playoffs. They made far too many boneheaded mistakes in the first half. Had they been playing against better playcalling and a QB that can capitalize on their mistakes instead of handing the ball back over from INT’s and 3 n outs (Musgrave and Ponder), the score would have been pretty lopsided at halftime. Musgrave has had success with AD, but the pass plays he calls aren’t creative at all.

    Great game to watch though. Lots of ups and downs. As long as the Packers or Bears don’t take the division, I’ll be happy.

  18. boondoggles, you will get no sympathy posting about “should have won games” from a group of fans that have terrible luck with crunch time officiating…

  19. The Vikings played one of their worst games in a while & Detroit played one of their best. That’s why Detroit won. I doubt it will play out that way every week. I still look for the Lions to end up around .500 for the season.

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