Fight looming over Von Miller’s signing bonus

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With Broncos linebacker Von Miller suspended six games, the CBA requires the Broncos to seek reimbursement of 6/17th of his 2013 signing bonus allocation.

As we explained last month, it’s automatic.  Under Miller’s contract, it means he’ll lost $1.2 million in money he’s already received.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the issue hasn’t been resolved.  Since Miller’s suspension was the result of a negotiated settlement between the league and the NFLPA, the union apparently plans to argue that the settlement gives Miller the ability to keep his signing bonus money.

It won’t be an easy argument to make.  Absent clear language in the settlement paperwork altering the existing terms of the labor deal, Miller will lose the money, whether the Broncos want to take it or not.

That last point merits some emphasis.  Schefter delivered the info in a way creating the impression that the Broncos are choosing to exercise their right to chase the money.  The reality is that the Broncos’ intentions or wishes don’t matter.  Under the labor deal, the team MUST seek recovery following a suspension for violation of the substance-abuse policy.

13 responses to “Fight looming over Von Miller’s signing bonus

  1. Surely an hour and a half before a slew of opening weekend games there are better things to write about than a millionaire who brought his problems upon himself.

  2. Pat Bowlen is a skinflint. If he has a chance to grab 20 bucks from one of his players, he will do it. This SOB has held the city of Denver hostage on more than one occasion, threatening to move the team if he doesn’t get absolutely everything he ever wants – new stadium (which the city and county paid for through taxes), all the parking revenue and concessions (again, even though the City owns the facility and has to service the bonds issued to build the place).
    Yep, he Bowlen sees $1.2 million he can slip back into his dusty wallet, he’s all over that!

  3. If they take his signing bonus, they should let him be a free agent. I know if my work asked for money back, I’m looking for a new job.

  4. as the article states…this has nothing to do with the Broncos wishes or Miller’s for that matter.
    it’s a legal issue.
    it will be handled by lawyers.
    if we could get the press to stop “creating” fantasy headlines about how the 2 sides are at odds it would be nice.
    Miller knows he blew it and i’m sure understands it’s going to cost money.
    but be assured (fans who want Millers services)
    the Broncos will lock up his new deal and throw that 1.2 mil in for good measure long before any fax is due

  5. As a football fan this is a sorry grab at a story when there is many more things to discuss at this time. Also reading comments like little denvers willy (wally) and cry baby bmoreraven90210 sure love to talk about this other than think about how bad there football team is looking this year already and knowingly its gna be an embracing season so they have to take that 4ft sticker of there team off there hyundai elantras back window…

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