Gabbert needs 15 stitches on throwing hand

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The Jaguars don’t need any more bad news after their 28-2 loss to the Chiefs.

But quarterback Blaine Gabbert left the game late after a cut on his throwing hand which required 15 stitches. Of course, that’s the same hand as the broken thumb which kept him out of the end of the preseason.

I don’t think so,” Gabbert said when asked if the original injury was aggravated, via Michael DiRocco of “We’ll know more tomorrow and see what the doctors say and move on.”

Of course, it might have been hard to tell if it was bothering him.

Gabbert was 16-of-35 passing for 121 yards and two interceptions. He was also sacked six times, which may have made getting pulled for Chad Henne late a relief.

35 responses to “Gabbert needs 15 stitches on throwing hand

  1. Henne isn’t much better. The Jags are stupid if they don’t bring in Tebow before week 5 or 6. What do they have to lose? They’re going to lose 14 games or more if they don’t. Who knows what could happen if they did bring him in.

  2. But I thought Jacksonville got the better Tackle in Joekel? The one who gave up 3 sacks and missed a basic cut block on Hali.

    KC looked good against the lesser Jags team but will be tested against Dallas and the Giants in upcoming weeks.

  3. Didn’t see the game, but to need 15 stitches it must have looked like he put his hand in a meat slicer…tough luck it’s his throwing hand

  4. Could we stop with the Tebow crap already? Just because he is from the area does not mean he will fit in with the Jax O. This guy will never be an NFL QB, period. The sooner you and him realize this, the better!

  5. Already Gabbert find excuse for next week;s loss. This guy is a bust. Let him play till the end and we are guaranteed for #1 draft pick and hopefully we don’t screw it this time.



    Teeeeboow W OOOOO HOOO 😛

    I can’t wait to hear the chants for him to come out of Jacksonville and he isn’t even on the team! If they don’t sign him in the next 2 weeks then they clearly want to lose.

    The 1 thing Tebow would do, is give that team the life it needs to win.

  8. Just hang it up Blaine. First a broken thumb, then need fifteen stitches on your hand, and then somewhere down the line his throwing arm is going to be amputated.

  9. jbaxt says: Sep 8, 2013 6:17 PM

    Tim Tebow has entered the building.

    Now the raiders will have competition for the leagues worst again… So sad, both of them.
    You obviously missed the Raiders games bought today.
    Raiders are back, they beat the Colts. I know what the scoreboard says but that’s what the refs called the game. Without the crooked refs Raiders win maybe by 2TDS.
    I don’t know how many teams are going to stop Pryor from running all over them without paying off the refs.
    Raiders NOW are without a doubt the most fun team to watch

  10. Tebow is a popular guy in Jacksonville and I’m sure he’s a nice guy, and would sell tickets, at least for a while, but he is not what the Jaguars need any more than he is what the Jets or the Pats need.
    Come on, the Jags should have gone after Peyton Manning, with big bucks, when he was available. Quit trying to play second string QBs in the starting QB position. But sadly, they lack in most other parts of their team as well

  11. Gabbert was clearly a reach, but watching that game today, Gabbert gets absolutely no help at all. I felt for the guy.

  12. Jaguars need to follow the Raiders lead. You can’t get any worse so why not just let Denard Robinson have a shot at QB and let him run. He’s a much faster fake QB than Tebow and he’s already on the team.

  13. So strange, faider fan blaming anyone but his team, the raiders motto for the last 10 years; the refs want the other team to win. What’s funnier is the fools who actually buy into it…

    He has been cut and Traded multiple times. There is a reason he is not on NFL roster as a Quarterback. But Jacksonville does need a quarterback and a Interior Line.

  15. omg…. I’m such a sheeple fan. I really thought with new front office, coaching… guess we’ll try Henne next week. I personally think he’s better than Gabbert. New GM will NOT bring tebow on board this year.

  16. I have always wondered why the dude the post’s as the greatgabbert is always trying to be witty writing about other teams but you very seldom hear from him on a Jag story. Now I know why.

  17. So are we still saying that Blaine Gabbert is an NFL QB, while Tim Tebow can’t be an NFL QB? Really?

    I saw that game. Blaine Gabbert and Tebow is about the same except for two things:

    1. Tim Tebow can run.
    2. Tim Tebow won games.

    Other than that, I don’t see much difference. I mean, Tebow’s better than Gabbert.

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