Gabbert’s thumb could put him on short leash

Getty Images

For those of you in 34-team fantasy leagues, pay attention.

Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert will indeed start on Sunday against the Chiefs.  But there’s reason to be concerned about his effectiveness.

I know, there’s reason to be concerned about his effectiveness even if he’s healthy.  But Gabbert has a broken bone in the thumb on his throwing hand.  The decision to play was not an easy one, and there was strong consideration given to Gabbert sitting out.

Per a league source, Gabbert will use no pain medication to numb the thumb.  He needs to be able to feel the ball in order to throw it.  Likewise, if he suffers further injury, he needs to know that it’s time to get out.

As a result, there are concerns about the strength and zip of his passes.  If he struggles to make the throws or suffers an aggravation, Henne could be inserted.

“I’d better pull Gabbert out of my lineup,” says no fantasy owner in response.