Jamaal Charles is “fine” after leaving with quad injury


Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles missed most of the preseason after suffering a foot injury.  He returned today at Jacksonville, but Charles left with an injury to his quadriceps muscle.

After the game, both coach Andy Reid and Charles said Charles, who was stepped on, will be fine.  A league source added that Charles will be “totally fine,” which is apparently even better than fine.

Charles actually returned for a pair of carries, and he then exited because the score was 28-2.

So look for Charles to be back in the lineup next Sunday, when the Chiefs host the Cowboys.

20 responses to “Jamaal Charles is “fine” after leaving with quad injury

  1. Hey trollonto,

    At least the QB is not the leading rusher. Like another team in this division.

  2. Offense changed a bit when he went down but it’s not like KC was going to show much against a team they were beating by 26 and with a defense that totally shut down the Jags.

    Looks like a 2 horse race with Denver and KC in the west, I give Denver that matchup so hopefully KC takes care of business elsewhere and gets a wildcard spot.

    KC looks like last years Colts, from worst to playoff team.

  3. 76 yards, and a TD? 5 yards a carry? In about 2.5 qtrs. Fragile?

    We’re talking Jamaal Charles the NFL record holder for average yards per rush, not “Darren McTakin a break cause he tired of his team suckin for 10 years”. You may know McFadden better as a quitter, soft, or just a money grabber?

  4. all you morons saying he is fragile, you go look at the hit that took him out of the game. ANYONE WOULD GET HURT ON THAT PLAY. it happens, these guys take beatings.

    Charles came back into the darn game, KC was just up 26 and chose to keep him out. good call in my opinion

    Charles is not fragile, the man tore an ACL, then played in every game last year rushing for 1500 yards

    its amazing, the haters from AFC West Division Fans, just relax. they beat Jacksonville, you are freaking out more than chief fans

  5. So pathetic that we can’t just discuss sports without rival teams’ fans blowing up another team’s news article… so stupid. I’m a Raiders fan and didn’t come here to bash on the Chiefs. Kind of pathetic some of these comments from both sides. SMH.

  6. wearethesteelers says:
    Sep 8, 2013 5:42 PM


    Steelers 0-1

  7. Getting kind of sick of all this football stuff. Can we get back to the offseason already? Nobody cares about star players and their prospectus for the rest of the season, we want to hear about Tim Tebow playing in Canada, Chris Kluwe’s books, and Robert Griffin’s “rift” with Mike Shanahan.

  8. Really? That’s all you got is “fragile”? That’s weak dude. He came back even though they’re up by 4 TDs. Who’s your RB again Rebar? How about you Toronto? 31 teams would love to have this dude

  9. I’d be mad too if my team couldn’t break the .500 mark in that last 10 years…

    Just lose baby! At least 2013 has started like every one of the last 10 seasons finished for you trolls, just below average…

    But it was the refs fault… hehehe!

  10. jjackwagon says: Sep 8, 2013 5:50 PM

    Hey trollonto,

    At least the QB is not the leading rusher. Like another team in this division.
    If you can run, you should. Pryor had almost as many yards running as Smith did passing.

  11. Raider fan you’re 0-1, almost doesn’t matter. KC is 1-0 and there’s no almost about them.

    Did you guys see Palmer yesterday? 300 yards, 2 TD’s? Ya, he’s pretty good on a competent team. But you only gave up a 1st and 2nd for him, 2 years ago, when you were “almost there”, no biggie. Fools!

  12. @ raiderapologist

    A QB leading your rushing attack = an injured QB. Sooner rather than later.
    Then what are you going to do, put in Flynn? Is he going to be able to run like Pryor? And by then McFragile will probably be hurt too. Good Luck.

  13. ***October 13th vs Raiders. Guinness book of world records will be at Arrowhead as the Chiefs attempt to maintain their status as the LOUDEST STADIUM IN THE NFL!!!! Spread the word and fill the stadium!!!! Time to bring back the sea of red!

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