Jared Cook, Robert Quinn propel Rams to 27-24 comeback win


During his years in Tennessee, tight end Jared Cook had a few moments where he expressed a desire to play a bigger role in the offense.

He signed with the Rams rather than feel underutilized again in 2013 and it took just one game to show what he’s capable of when used as a focal point. Cook caught seven passes for 141 yards, scored two touchdowns and set up Greg Zuerlein’s game-winning 48-yard field goal with a 25-yard catch late in the fourth quarter. Cook’s day might have been even bigger if not for a great strip by Cardinals rookie Tyrann Mathieu near the end zone, but he did more than enough in the Rams’ 27-24 win.

While that turnover helped the Cardinals on their way to a 24-13 lead to start the fourth quarter, another turnover helped turn the tide for the Rams. Robert Quinn forced his second fumble of the day on his third sack of the contest in the fourth quarter and the Rams recovered to set up Zuerlein’s tying field goal. Quinn dominated Levi Brown all day and the Rams had four total sacks to check a 327-yard, two-touchdown Cardinals debut for quarterback Carson Palmer.

Those numbers were mostly compiled in the first three quarters, however, and the Rams defense shut the Cardinals down in the fourth quarter. Arizona picked up three first downs in the fourth, but they could never threaten for the points they needed to put the game out of reach.

Sam Bradford had a costly turnover of his own — a pass tipped by Matt Shaughnessy was picked off for a touchdown by Dan Williams — but finished strong while leading the Rams to 14 fourth quarter points. He was 27-of-38 for 299 yards overall and ran in a two-point conversion to draw the Rams within a field goal early in the fourth quarter. That strong ending made for a good start to the season in St. Louis.

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  1. As a Rams fan I’m happy we won but a few things I took away from this:

    1. The O-line did not look good and AZ has a darn good defense.

    2.Cortland Finnegan better get his act together as he had 3 penalties and repeatedly got torched.

    3. Ronde Barber had a stellar first game as an analyst.

  2. Cards Fan here…good effort, but not good enough to avoid a tough loss. Can’t suddenly stop moving the ball against a solid Rams team for an entire quarter. Seems like a typical C. Palmer effort–solid numbers, but precious little production during crunch time. Gotta be better Birds. Congrats. StL, nice comeback.

  3. to steven a smith and skip bayless who bothy picked Arizona to finish the year ahead of the 4th place rams bite me the rams really outplayed the cards but due to a couple of effort plays had a lead that scared me. fortunately the rams came back GO RAMS !!

  4. Anyone can dominate Levi Brown!
    I do not remember a time when Brown was able to block someone, AZ should just cut him!

    Palmer’s career will be shorten with Brown blocking for him, just ask Kurt!

  5. Bradford has still continued to look mediocre since his promising rookie season. The story out of what will probably be another 8-8 or 7-9 season to go on Jeff Fisher’s resume (that’s all but 5 of his 19 if you’re counting is whether they goofed when they passed on Griffin and just didn’t dump Bradford then.

  6. Saddest of all for the Cards is that, amazingly, Levi Brown was selected ahead of Adrian Peterson. Some mistakes you never stop paying for….

  7. A few thoughts:
    • Levi Brown needs help.
    • Cortland Finnegan is a punk.
    • Larry Fitzgerald must be somewhat happy he has a real QB.
    • Carson Palmer used poor judgement on the last drive in terms of time management. Those were Jason Garrett-esque moves by not spiking the ball (prior to and after the sack).
    • Andre Roberts looks to have a breakout year.
    • Cards still can’t run the ball consistently.
    • Rams are pretty good, Cards not quite there yet.

  8. “Bradford has still continued to look mediocre since his promising rookie season.”

    Your comments were mediocre. Bradford’s QB rating was over 100 so I’ll take it.

  9. “3. Ronde Barber had a stellar first game as an analyst”

    Ronde Barber called one of the best WRs to ever play the game LARRY JOHNSON twice during the broadcast! Ronde couldn’t cover Larry Fitzgerald as a player and apparently can’t cover him as an analyst either. All those years seeing the name on the back of Fitz’s jersey and he screwed that up? C’mon man!

  10. @MostlyRight. So he made TWO mistakes. It was his first game genius. Unless you are the head of the Fox announcers you should probably chill out.

  11. Good effort by the Arizona Cardinals… It was an exciting game… The cards will be okay… The Rams will be a dominant team in the next couple years… NFC West is exciting and best div in football…Levi Clown… I hope you don’t accept your paycheck for this game, or better yet donate it to a charity…. That was embarrassing. You have no heart and no motor!

  12. Reality Rams heavy favorites in STL and AZ did have the foot on there neck. evi Brown is a soft Lt and had he not been playing AZ wins this game. Had Washington not been suspended AZ covers Cook a lot better. AZ run game needs work on getting a push for the running game to work AZ is coming cause it’s one draft at a time to build a winner.

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