JPP on borderline to play


Officially, he’s questionable.  Unofficially, he’s very questionable.

But Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul could still play on Sunday night against the Cowboys, roughly 12 weeks removed from back surgery.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s truly a game-time decision, with Pierre-Paul currently on the borderline to play.  His availability will depend largely on how he feels during pre-game warmups.

Likewise, his ability to stay in the game will depend on how he feels once he starts playing.

With the Cowboys struggling to piece together an offensive line, any contributions from Pierre-Paul could help make the difference.  Even without him, the Giants could still be in position to chase Tony Romo around all night.

6 responses to “JPP on borderline to play

  1. There is no “questionable” after back surgery. Either you are “100% good to go, no questions about it” or you’re still recovering. It’s not a broken pinky finger we’re talking about.

    I say sit him until its no less than “100% good to go”

  2. Dallas is NOT ‘struggling to put together an offensive line’. Their current O line with Smith, Leary, Frederick, Bernadeau, Free is a much better o line than they fielded last season. addition of Frederick alone makes a huge difference. Frederick is not subject to being overpowered and walked back into Romo as Cook and Costa were last season. The entire interior is much better and Free seems to have found himself again, much better technique and they are much more aggressive.

    Are they a top ten O line, absolutely not, but they are at least middle of the pack after being one of the weakest last season.

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