Lavonte David: To me, he was in bounds


The Jets squeaked out an 18-17 win at the Meadowlands on Sunday afternoon thanks to a sloppy performance over all 60 minutes by the Buccaneers.

The last Tampa mistake came when linebacker Lavonte David was flagged for hitting Jets quarterback Geno Smith out of bounds at the end of a scramble that would have put the Jets, who had no timeouts, on the Tampa 45-yard line with 15 seconds to play. The play wasn’t malicious as Smith had just stepped out and David explained after the game that he thought Smith was going to stay in bounds before he delivered the blow.

“I wouldn’t have hit him if I thought he wasn’t going to stay in bounds,” David said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “They said he was out of a bounds so the guy called the flag. To me, he was in bounds.”

It was an unfortunate end for David, who played a strong game otherwise, but Smith was out of bounds and that’s a call referees are going to make every time. It’s a difficult calculation to make when faced with an opponent running toward your end zone, but letting Smith stay in bounds would have actually worked to Tampa’s advantage at that moment and players have to know that those hits draw flags.

David’s play didn’t cost the Bucs the game all by itself, either. It was the 13th penalty of the day by Tampa, as undisciplined a performance as you could hope to see, and the offense missed plenty of opportunities to put points on the board over the course of the afternoon.

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  1. Don’t worry Tampa. It’s hard to beat the Super Jets. Next week will be easier with the lowly Saints coming to town.

  2. I honestly can’t blame him. It’s not like he tried to knock Geno out cold, and the 3 times prior to that when Geno scrambled, he went toward the sideline so a defender backed off for fear of penalty, only to watch Geno juke and stay on the field for a few extra yards.

    Lose-lose for defenders. If you hit him with one foot out of bounds by pushing his shoulders, it’s a personal foul. If you leave him alone, he sees it and stays in bounds for extra yards.

  3. But in REALITY, he was out of bounds. When will these idiots learn some accountability? I say that as a bronco fan with Danny travathan in mind.

  4. It was close enough that I could see it being a heat of the moment thing, especially since Geno used the Bucs lack of aggression near the sidelines to get extra yardage earlier in the game, but the game was OVER. All he had to do was stand there looking menacing and the Bucs are 1-0 instead of 0-1. Not a Bucs fan, but I hope he bounces back, just because individually screwing up on such a big scale has to suck.

  5. His foot had not touched the ground out of bounds. He was still in bounds, his foot was over the line but had not touched the ground. All it was was a shove to force him out. The Bucs were penalized on legal hits yet a Jet was not for literally picking up a player & body slamming him on the back of his head? Questionable, one sided officiating.

  6. It should’ve been a penalty due to the new NFL intent to breathe on a player rules, but Smith was not clearly out of bounds on the replay; David pushed Smith before he ever stepped a foot out of bounds. Clearly, on replay, but not in real time.

  7. The Jets are living by the adage “it’s better to be lucky than good” David looks like the goat but if it was a receiver he pushed instead of a treasured quarterback the flag probably would have stayed in the refs pocket.

  8. Whether he was out of bounds or not (he was, replay clearly showed that), he was well on the way of going out of bounds… well out of FG range… with only a few seconds for a hail Mary attempt left. But nooooo, he just had to get that last big hit in didn’t he? Idiot. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  9. Geno puts up 300 total yards against the Bucs D.

    What happened to the $16M man, Revis Island? Good thing he was covering Santonio all game, who was probably the 4th option in Morningweg’s offense.

  10. This is the NFL now and how its called. Its all about being safe than sorry. The game is being turned in PG entertainment all to avoid future lawsuits. Its sad to watch.

  11. Schiano saw a much better defensive effort on Saturday at the Rutgers game!!

    The Geno Smith era has begun!! Great win Jets.

  12. bucs fans must be blind…. replay showed he was clearly out

    but even with that the bucs undisciplined penalty filled play cost them the game…. they kept the jets in the game

    in this case its more about the team that deserved to lose LOST, rather than a team Winning a game they earned

  13. Let’s clear this up for both sides, as there’s an obvious bias.

    David’s hands touched Smith’s back a split second before his right foot EVER touched out of bounds. Yet, the shove came the MOMENT Smith’s foot hit out of bounds. Hence, the shove was the result of the personal foul call on field.

    Today’s “wimpish” NFL will call that every time, even if the player was CLEARLY NOT out of bounds upon first contact.

    Good call, for today’s standards. I guess?

  14. Sloppy game by Bucs? That’s how they always play. Jets own the Bucs anyways. 10-1 series record. 8 straight wins. Jets D was stout. Game should not of been that close.

  15. I am a Buc hater but David is a good young player who will have better days. Bucs defense just needs to temper that aggression a bit. They were vicious today.

  16. Dumb okay without a doubt but Geno had been faking going out of bounds of previous plays only to stay inbounds and gain extra yards! The coached blew the game by only rushing 3 instead of 4 players!!! Inexcusable loss!!!!

  17. saying 1 play lost a game is very irresponsible and calling him idiots and names of sort are uncalled for, because you can make an argument that the Bucs shouldn’t have been in a position to lose…the game is 60 minutes made up of good plays and bone head play I find it hard pressed to say he was the only one to make a bone head play…..chill out with all this over turner character analysis because I’m sure none of you would step to buddy’s face say half the carp y’all spewing in these comments……signed a fan of football

  18. koolaid youre dead wrong, the penalty was not for a LATE HIT. Thus first contact is immaterial….

    no matter how you try to spin it David clearly hit the QB while he was OUT OF BOUNDS, that was the penalty. so it was Clearly the Correct call.

    Tampa had a host of penalties all game, that extended Jets scoring drives, 13 of them that kept the Jets in the game. Maybe the Jets didnt earn the win, but Tampa certainly Earned this loss

  19. As a dolphins fan that watched the game I will say that call was absolutely crap!! Gino was clearly in bounds and now because of bad officiating that cost them the game! The officials ought to be embarresed. Bad bad call

  20. The way the offense started was MUCH more alarming than this boom boom play. L. David is the LEAST of the Bucs concerns. 2 TO’s because the headset malfunctions?!? A snap into the end zone?!??! I wasn’t a Gruden supporter, but his teams NEVER were as ill prepared as this team going into a game. The players are also not all on board with one another despite the bland media speak they all spew. A lot of blaming each other, and for that attitude, you have to blame the coach for not keeping that stuff in check. Totally tired of this afterthought franchise for the Glazers. Wish they would sell their used car and move to London.

  21. pitbull youre an idiot, once again, The call was not a late hit…. The penalty called was Hitting the QB out of Bounds, which he did….. once Geno Smith was out of bounds the play is over… but instead of shearing off Smith, as David should have, David shoved Smith while he was out of Bounds.

    Anytime you do that to any QB that will be called, but especially during the last minute of a tight game. Referees are looking for it. Its an obvious call and a bonehead play… A defender knows in that situation that a QB has the refs attention and the act accordingly.

    I cant wait til Tannehill gets a hangnail and see how you change your stripes

  22. @Billneftleberg

    You CLEARLY cannot read. I said it was a “personal foul” and a “good call”. Never did I use the words “LATE HIT” either. Besides, what would be the difference had I, it’d still be a “personal foul”.

    CLEARLY you have on green blinders.

    I watched it a dozen times, and the initial contact was CLEARLY before Smith’s foot touched out of bounds, which does not excuse the shove once Smith was CLEARLY out of bounds. A good call. Personal foul. I said it again.

    You’re making the excuses.

  23. IF David had not pushed Gino, the Bucs may have won. IF Freeman had not caused the safety , the Bucs may have won. IF the Bucs had not committed 13 penalties, they should have won. Come on man, you can’t play that sloppy a football game and expect to still win even if it is just the Jets. I hope the Bucs learned a good lesson from this because after the Saints leave Tampa next Sunday they may be 0 and 2! They are still a work in progress and will be lucky to do 8 and 8 at this rate.

  24. I have to agree with glazerh8er here, Though it was Schiano’s first game, so it may just be 1st game jitters. Too many penalties, uncertainty while shifting in players for certain packages, I counted 12 men on the field several times, which to my recollection wasnt called

    A very sloppy game on both sides of the ball for Tampa, which is why they lost the Game…. Jet fans shouldn’t be too happy because they may have got the W…. but they certainly had it handed to them

  25. no koolaid thats the point….. initial point of contact had no bearing on the call

    thats your bias showing

    the call was for hitting Smith out of bounds, which you agree happened whether or not David first touched him inbounds or not doesnt matter. thats just you making an excuse for David thats you Buccaneer bias

    The call was not a Late Hit, it was for Continuing the hit (shoving) once he was out of bounds

    Thats why the call was “hitting a QB while out of bounds”

    whether David first touched him in or out of bounds doesnt matter…… what matters is David continued to hit Smith once he was out of bounds…which he clearly did

  26. Great post bucforever, you got it…. that is 100% accurate.
    Play this game 100 times the Bucs should win, The Jets simply arent very good. The Jets needed the Bucs to help them to have any real chance

    and thats what happened

  27. I do comprehend very well koolaid… I just pointed out correctly that whether or not David first touched Geno Smith inbouds or out of bounds was irrelevent.

    thats not what was called… you keep trying to make it seem like it does….. The call was for hitting a QB while out of bounds and David did that and Yes that would have been called 10 or even 20 years ago

    You keep bringing up where David first touched Smith. It makes no difference. if David would have hit Smith on the 50 yard line in the middle of the field and been in constant contact, and drove him out of bounds and then shoved him while he was out of bounds the same penalty would have been called.

    it doesnt matter where David first touched him why do you keep pretending it does?

  28. Lets make this easy for all you knumbskulls. Good teams capitalize on their opponents mistakes! Although there was time for a quick sideline out for a closer FG attempt Bucs gifted us with a unnecessary hit as Geno clearly had broken the out of bounds plane. The 48 yarder was no gimme plus Jets played a solid D up until that last drive & Geno played respectable. It was a close game all the way. We win! You lose! Deal with it!

    P.S. Revis was not a factor!

  29. the only one who is incomprehensible is you koolaid

    Youre the one who keeps bringing up WHEN
    David first hit Geno Smith

    it had no bearing on the penalty NONE, nada, Zilch.

    but because you keep wanting to give your bucs an excuse you keep bringing it up

    hitting a QB out of bounds is a penalty period why cant you just admit it

    Im not arguing Im just showing you how you misinterpreted the facts……

    until you realise that whether or not Geno Smith was in bounds or not when David first touched him
    makes no difference on that call….youll never correctly get it right

    The call was hitting a QB WHILE out of bounds

    and everyone agrees he did…… where he started hitting him doesnt matter…. not even when he hit him..what matters is was he hitting him when Geno Smith was out of bounds

    pictures show that both David and Smith were out of bounds before David stopped hitting Smith….

    you just cant admit that you misinterpreted the call


  30. Another long year for the Bucs. But what can you expect from an organization that hires strippers from an establishment down the street from Raymond James to be their cheerleaders.

  31. @billneftleberg


    I keep bringing up when he hit Smith because the title of the article is:

    Lavaonte David: To me, he was in bounds!!!!!!!!!

    It’s completely relevant !!!!!!!!

    Still, I say there was “no excuse” for the penalty, and the call on the field was “a good call”, yet you won’t get off my case for not agreeing that the NFL is going too far with player safety.

    You do NOT comprehend well.

  32. it is not relevant. so David didnt know what penalty was called so what?

    most players dont have a clue what the rulebook says

    just like you apparently

    it makes no difference whether he first touched him inbounds or out of bounds

    The penalty was for (continuing) hitting a QB who was out of bounds

    So no where David first hit him was and is NOT RELEVANT even though your too stupid to realize that

    David like you, doesnt know what penalty was called

    maybe if you check the rule book and READ you might learn the difference

  33. And koolaid you know what proves you dont understand the rule? you saying 10 years ago refs dont make that call.

    throughout NFL history hitting a QB once he’ s out of bounds has always been a penalty…. always!!!

    you just mis interpreted the penalty…. the personal foul was for continuing to hit the QB AFTER he was out of bounds…..

    when he first hit him was irrelevant, no penalty was called on that…. the penalty was called on what occurred after he was out of bounds…..

  34. The first thing I say “It should’ve been a penalty”

    I soon say “the shove was the result of the personal call on the field.”

    Then I say “the NFL will call that every time, even if the player is CLEARLY NOT out of bounds upon first contact”

    Interpreter needed for you.

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