Lions end a crazy first half with a touchdown


The first half of the Vikings-Lions game in Detroit was either a reminder that the Lions are a team that can’t get out of its own way, or a reminder that the Lions can be a very good team if they ever do get out of their own way.

It’s 14-13 Vikings at halftime, and the Lions ended the first half with Joique Bell scoring a touchdown with 10 seconds remaining. But it wasn’t easy: Bell tried to extend the ball over the goal line and had it knocked out of his hands, and the officials initially ruled it a touchdown. On further review, however, the referee ruled that the ball had crossed the plane of the goal line before Bell lost possession.

That was a rare break that went the Lions’ way. But the Lions also had several bad breaks: Ndamukong Suh committed a totally unnecessary personal foul that negated a Detroit interception return for a touchdown. Lions cornerback Bill Bentley dropped an interception that he easily could have returned for a touchdown. Lions receiver Calvin Johnson had what was initially ruled a touchdown catch overturned as an incomplete pass. And on and on.

If the Lions stop making stupid mistakes, they have a very good chance of winning this game. But with the Lions, that’s a very big “if.”