Mike Pereira: Officials made mistake in skirmish in San Francisco

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We noted earlier that the second-quarter out-of-bounds tackle from Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews on 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick resulted in offsetting penalties and a replay of third down. And on that replay of third down, the 49ers capitalized with a Kaepernick-to-Anquan Boldin 10-yard TD pass.

However, did the officials err in resetting the down to third down as opposed to giving the 49ers fourth down at the Green Bay six-yard-line?

Former NFL officiating executive and current Fox analyst Mike Pereira says that’s the case.

“QB #7 was short of the first down. Dead ball fouls offset. Should have been 4th and 2. Might have cost GB 4 points,” Pereira wrote on Twitter.

To review, the Niners faced a 3rd-and-6 from the Green Bay 10. Kaepernick gained just four yards on his scramble. If the down counted, the 49ers would have faced 4th-and-2 from the Green Bay 6, and the result well could have been a Niners field goal attempt.

Instead, the 49ers got another shot at third down — and they capitalized.

46 responses to “Mike Pereira: Officials made mistake in skirmish in San Francisco

  1. Only mistake made was allowing that PED munching, Cindy Brady frankentranny to stay in game!

  2. Great…something else for the packers to cry about.

    Break out the “worst call ever” shirts

  3. What a shocker another call in a big game going against GB. Happened several times last year – Seahawks game had a whole final drive full of them.

  4. Judgement mistakes made by officials once in a while I can understand. But there really isn’t an excuse for getting something in the rule book blantantly wrong.

  5. Pereira is an idiot. When he was head of officiating he wouldn’t accept criticism of officials. Now he gets paid for it. Total tool.

  6. On the field the officials said replay the down since it was off setting penalties. It seemed right to me.

    Can we please just do away with that Pereira second guessing calls once and for all? The ‘know it all’ is annoying and just gets everyone’s blood pressure up.

  7. thats what I seen sf49ers4

    sf49ers4 says:Sep 8, 2013 6:29 PM

    What about Matthews not getting ejected for punching Staley?!?!

  8. sf49ers4 says:
    Sep 8, 2013 6:29 PM
    What about Matthews not getting ejected for punching Staley?!?!

    What about Boldin not getting ejected for punching Shields?

  9. Packer fans will just keep whining about every little call, that’s how the cheeseheads roll.

  10. this was a great gm but as a raven fan it was painful to watch bolden mk all them catches for the niners when he still should be with the ravens.I love Ozzie but a dumb move by the ravens

  11. pemory says: Sep 8, 2013 8:02 PM

    Why didn’t Coach Harbaugh complain about the bad refereeing today?!?? Hmmm….


    Because all the calls/non-calls benefited them?

  12. I have no dog in this fight; however, Mathews hit was part of the play. Whistle had not blown yet. Staley’s was after the play, refs made the right call.

    Pereira is and will continue to be a tool.

    If you want to blame anyone for the ensuing TD, blame the GB defense, this still allowed them to score.

    ..and who else is a tool? You got, it Harbaugh!

  13. This is such a dumb discussion….why does every idiot here assume that the Niners would have gone for a FG with only 2 yds to gain a first down. DUHHHHHH they scored s TD on the next play…could have done that even if it was 4th down
    Besides the final score was 6 point difference so even if they had gone for a FG they still would have won. Everyone criticizes Harbaugh for “whining” but geez get over the jealousy will ya?

  14. dirtysouthironmen says:
    Sep 8, 2013 8:11 PM
    I have no dog in this fight; however, Mathews hit was part of the play. Whistle had not blown yet. Staley’s was after the play, refs made the right call.


    Late hit out of bounds is, by definition, after the play. The whistle doesn’t matter, the play is over as soon as the runner goes out of bounds.

  15. @dirtysouthironmen says: I have no dog in this fight; however, Mathews hit was part of the play. Whistle had not blown yet. Staley’s was after the play, refs made the right call.

    When the whistle blew is irrelevant. The play was dead the instant the QB stepped out of bounds. The whistle is always late. All fouls were dead ball fouls after the play.

    The NFL should quit offsetting dead ball fouls and apply them in the order they occur. I was listening to the game on the radio and knew it should not be a replay of third down. They have replay officials, stop the game and get it right. Levy is a joke as a referee.

  16. Clay Matthews should have been ejected from the game, and the 49ers should have had 1st and goal. Green Bay fans complaining about the officiating should look at the tape again – Staley does nothing but grab Matthews’ jersey and yell at him for a dirty cheap shot clearly designed to injure Kaepernick, and Matthews responds by punching him twice in the facemask.

    to the Packers fans who want some cheese with their whine, you got beat fair and square. if they played this game 10 times, 6 of them would have gone even worse for you than this one did. to the classy Packers fans who gave credit where it was due, good game and see you in the playoffs.

  17. Maybe a goof on the part of the officials for allowing 3rd down to happen again, but I thought it was a goof to flag Staley in the first place. What did he do, exactly? Came to the defense of Colin, and then it seemed like Matthews gave him worse than Staley gave him… Also, if Matthews doesn’t hit Colin late, none of this happens anyway. If I were a GB fan, I’d look inward and be pissed at Matthews for going a little too far out of his way to put a lick on Colin, especially in the 2013 NFL where they do all they can to protect QBs.

  18. What did staley do to get a penalty? Is it now a penalty when someone smacks you in the face twice?

  19. It shouldn’t have mattered. If the refs hadn’t made the phantom personal foul call against the 49ers after Matthews punched Staley, it would’ve been 1st down anyway.

  20. @lurch61 – I hate the Packers, but your logic is seriously flawed. Yes, it was a 6 point game. And if the 49ers hadn’t scored the touchdown and gotten a field goal instead, it would’ve been a 2 point game. That means that the Packers wouldn’t have HAD to have scored a touchdown on the final drive, they could’ve settled for a field goal, which they were nearly in range of when the game ended.

  21. Let’s finally get it correct. What Clay Matthews did, should have gotten him ejected. I watched 2 previous games and the refs ejected 2 guys for doing much less. As for offsetting penalties, after what Matthews did to Kaepernick, yes Staley took a punch at Matthews, and then Matthews took a punch at him. Those should be the offsetting penalties. The reality – 2 penalties for Green Bay, and one for the 49ers. That should give the Niners one to accept, and get the first down. The refs need to read and abide by the NFL rulebook.

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