Panthers defensive line giveth, taketh away


It’s a good thing the Panthers were deep at defensive end.

Backup Frank Alexander was just ejected for throwing a punch at Seahawks right tackle Breno Giacomini in front of an official, earning him a scolding from wide receiver Steve Smith on his way to the tunnel.

But Alexander was fortunate the guy he’s backing up bailed him out.

Charles Johnson kept the Seahawks from capitalizing on the drive Alexander extended with his senseless penalty, forcing a Russell Wilson fumble which allowed the Panthers to hold onto a 7-3 halftime lead.

Both defenses are playing well, but the Panthers put together an efficient second-quarter touchdown drive, with Cam Newton finding Smith in a small crease for the score.

10 responses to “Panthers defensive line giveth, taketh away

  1. “But I thought Seattle was going to crush the Panthers? What happened? LMAO! Keep pounding!”

    It’s week 1, teams rarely crush anybody. Right now it’s about at or near half time for all the 1:00 o’clock games and nobody is beating anybody soundly besides the Chiefs.

    Once again, Week 1. People and their lack of a football IQ.

  2. @orivar

    What’s the matter? You mad because the talking heads got it wrong about the Seadderall Seahawks? Everyone wants to crown them, but look at the facts right now. Marshawn Lynch has been neutralized. Russell Wilson isn’t wowing anyone. Seattle’s getting more than they expected today!

  3. so what week do we start holding these players accountable you say its only week 1 yet they have a pre-season…can’t call someone on football I.Q. when all yu hear NFL players say is I’m ready for opening day etc. etc. forget pre season lets have real games….everybody called the Seahawks sorry after they beat the Packers, raised eyebrows when they beat the Patriots last season ain’t no excuses but they just have their number

  4. Chin up Orivar… Even though the Seahawks spew Fecal Matter constantly, I hope Russell survives his beating… I don’t want to hear any excuses like the feeble one you made a while ago, that nobody gets crushed week one. Tell that to the Ravens.

  5. Your incorrect assessment of my statement, “that nobody gets crushed week one. Tell that to the Ravens.”

    My statement, “It’s week 1, teams rarely crush anybody.”

    You have two cases, Ravens & Chiefs, the rest of the games pretty much up to the end are separated by seven points or less, with the Raiders just losing on an int, my comment stands with the games of today thus far proving it. Also the two people that replied to me show just how much of a joke PFT readers are as I’m speaking from the perspective as a football fan.

    You NEVER call anything in week 1, nor do you call anything at half time. That’s the rule of football if you don’t even understand that you have no right to comment on the game. Also the Seahawks just won a few seconds ago.

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