Panthers-Seahawks not lighting it up early

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The league-wide epidemic of safeties hasn’t made it to Charlotte yet.

But that’s perhaps the only way someone’s going to score, based on early indications.

The Panthers and Seahawks combined for a whopping 91 yards in the first quarter, which makes it seem unnecessary to call it a scoreless first quarter.

The Panthers also had to adjust up front, as right guard Garry Williams was carted off with a left leg injury. That killed the left guard by committee plan, as starter Chris Scott slid to the right guard spot, allowing veteran Travelle Wharton some full-time work.

UPDATE 1:49 p.m. ET: The Seahawks did get a field goal to open the second, but this game looks destined for single-digits.

11 responses to “Panthers-Seahawks not lighting it up early

  1. skinsfolife says:
    Sep 8, 2013 2:10 PM
    All that seahawk fan talk all off season long. Doesn’t look like your team got the same memo as the rest of you chest pounders. HTTR!!!!

    Oh please, the skins fanbase are the worst offenders when it comes to hype and chest pounding. Wait until your team competes tomorrow night before you bash others.

  2. Scoreboard baby!


    Another Wilson comeback.

    25-33; 320 yards passing

    116 QB rating

    1 TD 0 Int

    Only 70 yards rushing.

    So much for stopping the run being key to beating the Hawks.

  3. Without 3 defensive starters, two who have made pro bowls before to only give up about 250 yards and 10 pts on the round is beasting, that being said.
    Man that division is going to be tough, that front seven was dominant. I guess lynch not participating in preseason was NOT a good idea.

    Very good front seven. Good luck panthers. But seahawks are too deep this game. For most hawks fans we expected this first week, nice to start with a W.

    Go Hawks.

  4. Well it’s the “Same old same old”, Same bad playing different day. Only bright spot, the Panthers did show some good d-fence, but as a Panthers fan, don’t want to hear excuses from them! Blew a great chance for a win!

  5. rainponcho87 says: Sep 8, 2013 2:51 PM


    You might want to get an eary start on worrying about next week….


    Not exactly, Seattle started the same way against Arizona last year but lost. Home we look like a different animal. How did 49ers do at Century Link last year? The Packers sold out to stop the run last night, they held 49ers to what 80 rushing yards but gave up 400 plus yard in the air. Seahawks match up very well to 49ers and use our front to stop the run game and everyone know about our secondary. I don’t think it will be a beat down like last time but I see us taking it by 2 scores.

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