Roddy White admits his ankle won’t be healed for a while

Getty Images

Yes, Falcons receiver Roddy White played today.  Yes, he played through an injury on Sunday, as he often has done during an NFL career that has seen him miss zero regular-season games.

Yes, White concedes that he’s not the guy he normally is because of a high ankle sprain suffered during the preseason.

“They wanted me in certain areas to do certain things so that they couldn’t just bracket guys,” White tells D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an article trapped behind a pay wall.  “That’s what we did.”

In other words, White was in some respects a decoy.  He was on the field, but he was impaired in comparison to what he otherwise can do.

“It’s hard to cut,” White said.  “It’s hard to do just about everything at the position.”

The fact that White played is a testament to his toughness.  But until that ankle heals, he won’t be as effective as he’s been in the past.