Roddy White admits his ankle won’t be healed for a while

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Yes, Falcons receiver Roddy White played today.  Yes, he played through an injury on Sunday, as he often has done during an NFL career that has seen him miss zero regular-season games.

Yes, White concedes that he’s not the guy he normally is because of a high ankle sprain suffered during the preseason.

“They wanted me in certain areas to do certain things so that they couldn’t just bracket guys,” White tells D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an article trapped behind a pay wall.  “That’s what we did.”

In other words, White was in some respects a decoy.  He was on the field, but he was impaired in comparison to what he otherwise can do.

“It’s hard to cut,” White said.  “It’s hard to do just about everything at the position.”

The fact that White played is a testament to his toughness.  But until that ankle heals, he won’t be as effective as he’s been in the past.

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  1. @uncletuna……how is that a choke? this game reminded me of that Katrina game. Now I’m not suggesting that it had anywhere near the same meaning but the aints would have probably beat every other of the 30 teams in the league today. I honestly think it was a bad spot for the falcons to be in and was quite surprised that they had a chance to win. The falcons are the better team, they were 3 point dogs and came down the field in just over a minute and one of the best receiving backs in the league flat out dropped the ball that he catches 9 out of 10 times. choke? I don’t think so. Choke is more like what Arron Murry & Mark Richt seem to do everytime they face a ranked opponent. What bothers me the most is the fact that the Falcons only put up 17 points on that pathetic defense. yup its basically the same team that just 7 months ago wrapped up the worst defense in the 93 year history of the NFL. In fact due to injuries they may be in worse shape than last year. Anyway its only week one, lets see who sits atop the NFC South at the end of December

  2. High Ankle Sprains take about 4-6 weeks to heal…Roddy won’t be 100% for a long time cause he won’t miss starting games instead of getting healthy 1st.

  3. “I’m 100% blah blah blah blah blah”. Until we lose to the Saints and now my ankle is a huge concern”. Sounds like an excuse to me or a plan gone wrong

  4. Sean Payton’s Saints 11-2 vs the Falcons

    Matty what’s his face showed his true colors. Cracking under pressure in a big game as always.

    Hope you enjoyed your 1 playoff win, Atlanta. Cuz your window is closed

  5. Lets just go ahead & face two things, once & for all:

    1) Like the beloved Bulldawgs, the Falcons are good – not great.

    2) After decades of being pitiful, Payton & Brees have gotten the Saints to a sustained level of excellence that the Falcons have never known.

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