Titans start the season with an opening-kickoff safety


The Titans had about as ugly a start to the season as it gets.

With the Steelers kicking off to open the season, Titans return man Darius Reynaud stood on the goal line as a short kick bounced in front of him. Reynaud had two options: Either run forward and return the ball, or wait for it to roll into the end zone and down it for a touchback. He chose neither.

Instead, Reynaud took one step out of the end zone, picked up the ball, then took a knee in the end zone. That’s a safety.

It’s kind of amazing that a player can be an NFL kickoff returner and not realize that if you bring the ball into the end zone and then down it, it’s a safety. But Reynaud didn’t realize that, and as a result, the Steelers took a 2-0 lead on the opening kickoff.