Arena team offers Tebow a job (stop me if you’ve heard this one)

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Tim Tebow is available.  He wants to play in the NFL.  The NFL currently doesn’t want him.

Other teams in other leagues want him.  More importantly, they want free publicity.

And the L.A. KISS of the Arena Football League have found a way to get their name on the ESPN scroll by offering Tebow a contract.

The team, owned in part by KISS co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, claims Tebow is “currently reviewing the offer.”

Per a source close to Tebow, the offer isn’t being reviewed, it won’t be reviewed, and it won’t be accepted.

“Tim’s not playing arena football,” the source said.

The fledgling AFL team wisely piggybacked on remarks from former AFL star Kurt Warner, who recently told Dan Patrick that Tebow would benefit from playing in a league other than the NFL.

It doesn’t matter.  Tebow wants to play only in the NFL.  And it’s still too early to claim he never will again.

Regardless, the L.A. KISS have picked up plenty of extra attention — just like anyone who has ever publicly offered Tebow a job.

Meanwhile, officially has offered Tebow a job as the starting quarterback in the NFL franchise that we’ll purchase if we ever win enough lotteries to buy a team.

38 responses to “Arena team offers Tebow a job (stop me if you’ve heard this one)

  1. After seeing Gabbert stinking out the place this Sunday, the Jaguars need to step up and sign Tebow while they still have a chance

  2. Tebow really should take Warner’s advice and head to the Arena League or to the CFL. Both of those leagues are more passer-centric than the NFL and the coaches in those leagues will be able to help him become a better QB.

    Once he improves upon his mechanics, footwork, decision-making, and accuracy, and gets some game film showing he’s improved in those areas, the NFL may come calling.

  3. I hope you do win enough lotteries it would be fun for to watch Tebow retire rather than work for the people who have made their career out of mocking him.

  4. It doesn’t matter. Tebow wants to play only in the NFL. And it’s still too early to claim he never will again.


    i don’t think it is too early. what team, barring losing all three quarterbacks to injury for the whole season, is going to sign him and the circus that follows.

  5. Gene and Paul need to go away. They were a borderline talent in their prime and it’s been decades since these clowns have been relevent

  6. snakeskinsoul says:
    Sep 9, 2013 3:12 PM
    so tebow don’t wanna play arena ball? maybe the CFL will hook him up….any hope of an NFL career has been completely te-boned at this point.

    As crazy as it might sound, I think Tebow is a better fit in the NFL (I said better…not good). His skill set doesn’t transfer well to the CFL game. It’s a passing league and that’s not one of Tebows strengths (to put it mildly)

  7. Go coach at Florida or with Urban Meyer over at Ohio State..talking about being an NFL QB is getting ridiculous.


  8. After seeing Gabbert stinking out the place this Sunday, the Jaguars need to step up and sign Tebow while they still have a chance.

    I wonder where that troll “thegreatgabbert” is? Blaine must have wet himself 3 or 4 times yesterday during that mess.

  9. tvguy22-awesome “Beth” reference !!

    Regarding Tebow, for somebody that wants to be a NFL quarterback, he sure doesn’t seem willing to put in the necessary work to make it happen. (meaning he needs to go somewhere that can fix at least some of the flaws in his game!)

  10. Tebow is selfish and in denial. Yes his life long dream is to play QB but that the problem, he’s not good at it. Why won’t he join the afl or cfl as a starter, play a few years while working to get better and then make a nfl comeback. I’ve heard of players coming from the afl, cfl and the xfl and having great careers in the nfl. We’re looking at the read option offenses now and all the qQBs that run it can also pass it, tebow is only good in the running part of the read. TP of the raiders done a great job in the read option why, because he can complete a pass, kaep accurate, Wilson accurate, newton accurate, rg3 accurate. When you’re one dimisional like tebow, defense will figure you out fast and they’ll force you to do what you can’t, throw the ball.

  11. I’m as much of Tim Tebow fan as anyone but it seems to me that if he really wants to learn how to play quarterback, he should seriously consider the CFL or Arenaball or someplace where he can get the playing time to develop. He has to come face-to-face with the fact that no NFL team is going to sign him right now–or maybe all season.

  12. redskinsredskinsredskinsredskinsredskins says:Sep 9, 2013 3:04 PM

    After seeing Gabbert stinking out the place this Sunday, the Jaguars need to step up and sign Tebow while they still have a chance

    They’ve had/will have plenty of chances…as evidenced by the lack of a market for him each time he’s released.

  13. So the “humble” one thinks he’s too good for the AFL? My guess is he’s not good enough to start there, either. I mean, they throw the ball on every play!

    Maybe he should ask guys like Kurt Warner and Jay Gruden, possibly the best AFL player of all time, what they think.

    Please stop reporting on this bum until he actually does something newsworthy.

  14. And stop trying to pawn him off on the Jags. If you look up their stats you will see that both Henne and Gabbert are better qb’s than Tebow.

  15. I want to play QB in the NFL also, but they aren’t calling me and they aren’t going to call Tebow either. Why wouldn’t Tebow listen to a two-time NFL MVP who started out in the AFL to make his dream come true in the NFL? Tebow is acting like the NFL owes him. Go prove you can play, maybe someone will then call.

  16. “It doesn’t matter. Tebow wants to play only in the NFL. And it’s still too early to claim he never will again.”

    I disagree… “he never will again”

    Tebow has always been a joke.

  17. This idiot better take a job soon or he will be collecting food stamps in no time.
    Too proud to play for arena football
    Nobody wants you in the NFL body, except for a few thousand girl fans

  18. Before I think Tebow didn’t want to “jump the gun” on moving to another league. Now, I think that is his only and final option if he wants to play football.

    Why don’t the Bronco’s want him as a back-up? He proven himself to that fan base.

  19. Stonedwhitetrash:

    God is humbling his own Grandson Tebow.

    When Jesus was on the cross, Jesus said to his mother “woman here is your son” and to his disciple ,”here is your Mother.” Therefore Tebow, as well as yourself are brothers of Christ and God would be “humbling” his son Tebow.

  20. We forget what a running threat TT was in college. He ran for almost 3,000 yards at UF and averaged 4.4 yards per carry. He scored 57 TD’s rushing and 88 passing. Mix in receivers like Harvin, Cooper, Hernandez and Demps into the UF power running game out of a spread offense becomes lethal… college, that is. TT’s arm, accuracy and mechanics are not suited to the NFL, the experts are saying.

  21. This is like beating a dead horse. Tebow has no arm, bad mechanics and can’t read defenses to save his own life.

    Give it up, Tom. About time you realize dreams don’t always come true. Hey, I’d like to be an NFL quarterback too but I don’t have the arm either. Besides, isn’t pride one of the deadly sins?

  22. I don’t understand the people that call him selfish. He’s made more than all of us combined. He could go another day without making a penny and still die with more money than we’ll make. If he wants to do nothing but play qb in the NFL, that’s his choice. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. He still lived the dream of an NFL starter. He was the winning qb in a playoff game. He was drafted in the first round (regardless if he should have been, he was. Brady probably should have been drafted sooner too). If he doesn’t get better, he won’t find a job…but he’s going to be set pretty nice regardless.

  23. ‘“Tim’s not playing arena football,” the source said.’

    So I guess that’s the end of a truly bewildering pro football career.

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