Colin Kaepernick: You need a better game plan than intimidation


The Packers made no bones about their intention to hit 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick early and often in hopes of slowing down the man that ushered them out of the playoffs last season, raising the ire of 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh in the days heading into Sunday’s opener.

Kaepernick barely ran any read-option plays on Sunday, choosing to throw the ball to Anquan Boldin over and over again on the way to 412 total passing yards, but the Packers still found a way to hit him. Linebacker Clay Matthews touched off a brief skirmish by hitting Kaepernick out of bounds in the first half, a play that led to a refereeing mistake and a touchdown for the 49ers.

After the game, Kaepernick said that he was aware of how much Matthews and other Packers were talking about hitting him. He suggested future opponents come up with a different approach to stopping the 49ers offense.

“I’m not worried about what people are saying,” Kaepernick said, via the team’s website “If intimidation is your game plan, I hope you have a better one.”

If Kaepernick continues to show that taking away the read-option does nothing to limit his success, finding a game plan that will work isn’t going to be particularly easy.

130 responses to “Colin Kaepernick: You need a better game plan than intimidation

  1. I like how no 1 mentions the Packers were playing without their 2 best defensive backs yesterday. A lot of NFL teams are going to look terrible in their secondary without 2 guys who combined for about 10 interceptions last season.

    49ers had a huge advantage in time of possession and turnovers 2-0 and were at home and barely won this football game. Yet 49ers and Vikings fans (whose team looked awful in defeat) are beating their chests like it was 40-10.

  2. Gotta give Kap his due. The kid is a beast. That game could have gone either way, though. I suspect these two teams will meet again. Hopefully the Pack pulls out the win next time.

  3. Easily my favorite game of the day.

    The other games played in the Philadelphia area were Atlanta/NO and NYJ/Tampa. I feel bad for Josh Johnson for sure.

    But the 49ers and Packers look like the only teams so far that actually have offenses. And both defenses still managed to look decent.

    Not a fan at all of either team, but it was a great game to watch.

  4. Kaepernick looks to be a great QB… but what is the deal with his hair ? It looks like it was painted on.

  5. The call against Matthews was a joke. Then the remedy was all wrong. Having said that, he’s better than I gave him credit for. I’m glad the read option is(hopefully)dead.

  6. Did u hear that Green Bay ! U had all yr since the playoffs to prepare for the 49 ers. U signed Tolzein. And clay is a cheap shot player. Good game see u guys in the playoffs. Hey Seattle fans ur next.

  7. Agree 100% but I had to cringe when I saw Kaep raise his hands like a little girl to show matthews he didn’t have the ball after handing off on one play. Intimidation is no game plan but it made him as girlie as a flopping soccer player on Sunday and I think that showed everyone a little something regarding this phenom.

  8. Packers fans had a bad day yesterday LOL!! but with this schedule thats only the start of a long season. NO #1 WR ( go to guy ) on that team. O-line will get Rodgers killed. and a one man defense… thats what I saw. Rodgers tried to make the best of it but too many dropped balls and too many 15 yard penalties against the 49ers

  9. The kid had a great game against the Packers, no doubt about it. He played very well, so I’ll give credit where it’s due.
    So, when he says this, does he mean that you just have to be favored by the mistakes of the officials?
    Seven of their points happened as a result of that mistake, and they won by six.

    I not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  10. With the Packers Safeties and ILBs, it wasn’t game-planning that hurt them. As Kaepernick was on the field, I would have figured he would have noticed. It was pretty obvious to me.

    If that game showed anything, it was that the time has come to begin Micah Hyde’s transformation to NFL Safety.

  11. LOVE seeing all the Packer fans whine about that call!

    Notice it’s the same guys that troll other teams and call THEM whiners when it happens to other teams.

    Packer fans are the worst.

  12. @chrismatthewssucks…….. I told you that SF had GBs number. Didn’t know your soft defense was so chippy though. …live and learn I guess. Enjoy 0-1.

  13. He exploited Green Bay’s missing links. The middle of the field was owned without their starting safety and starting slot corner. Personally I think, although he is a good QB, he is getting a little too big for his britches. Lotta talk coming from a guy who doesn’t even have a full season under his belt. It’s a long season junior, see what you do Sunday vs Seattle’s defense, on the road.

  14. Kap belive’s the Packers tried to scare him, but he is wrong. they tried too hurt him. thats the way green bay play. if they know they cant win they play dirty football and try to make the game ugly. RGIII needs to watchout next week

  15. Intimidation mustve done something. On his third down run, once he saw 52 , he booked it straight out of bounds, well short of a first down.

  16. The Pack succeeded in shutting down the read option, problem is just what coaches have said…it opened up huge holes everywhere else. Great game from start to finish.

  17. The ‘Niners walked through the post-Joe Montana Steve Young desert for what seems like 40 years before their recent success.

    Those ‘Niners Seahawks games this season should be amazing.

  18. As a Packer’s fan… I hope he’s not basing his overall success vs. our hapless defense. Put him up against a team that can rush the QB and you’ll see him crack I think. The one or two times he was pressured yesterday you could see him start to panic.

    GB made him into a pocket passer yesterday, and then didn’t do anything to pressure him. Rush defense looked pretty good… just wish someone would have considered covering Bolden sometime during the second half.

  19. Hey Packer fans, very nice job of “defending” the niners guys! Lmao, your boy Fabio looks like he got a hold of his ol’ college coach for some PEDs. See that roid rage after he had that dirty hit on kaep? I literally laughed out loud for 5 minutes after seeing that and then I laughed for about 11 minutes and 32 seconds after you guys lost your supposed “revenge” game. The only revenge was a cheap shot on kaep when he was out of bounds? Oh ya, that was pretty much the only way you could get a hand on him… makes sense why Fabio did that now… LMFAO what a great week 1!!

  20. The pack gave up 2 chances for a 4th down within 2 plays. McCarthy declined on one chance, and Clay Matthews denied them on their second chance. Give the Niners the field goal and they still win by two…

  21. I was not a fan of this guy last year. He was arrogant, seemed like an idiot. He’s got it right though, in that statement. And his talent, if he continues at this level, is undeniable. SF may have found their franchise QB in Kaep.

    He also seemed more mature this game, from last season. Looked professional. That game went a little ways in me disliking him and more towards just enjoying seeing his talent on the field.

    As for that Matthews hit, yea, it was late and deserved a flag, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked in realtime. I thought that he plowed Kaep, but really, he just left his feet and kind of took a ride down on him. Also, the wrong call would have changed the game? It was less than a touchdown separation in score at the end. The Packers just can’t get a break from the ref’s, heh.

  22. What Mathews did was bush league, he should of been ejected from game. I hope Goodell fines him big time. The league should investigate the Packers for them trying to physically injure Kapernick. This is the same type of BS the Saints tried pulling!!!

  23. When I was at the stadium I didn’t realize how dirty Clay Mathews hit was. Kaep was clearly out of bounds and Clay Mathews launched himself towards Kaep’s head eventually body slamming him.

    Its pathetic that All Packer fans are supporting this trash. If it was the other way and somebody did that to Rodgers they would all be up in arms.

  24. …and luckily the HORRIBLE NFL referees bailed the 49ers out or it may have been a different story.

    -not a fan of either team

    Seems the NFL is now paying the refs per penalty instead of base salary.

  25. For a defense that gets killed by the run the Packer’s played pretty well. More importantly they kept the offense in the game. If this game is an indication of what a decent defense (the Packers have improved this year) can do to San Fran then imagine what Seattle will do to them.

  26. Alper, here’s an investigative story suggestion for you and Florio: Did the Harbaugh brothers collude and violate league competition rules to make the Boldin trade (for a box of tape) go down?

  27. He has a good point, but as a Packer fan I had to kind of love Clay taking his shot. That was just fun to see! Yeah it was stupid, but it was one of the reasons we watch the game. It was like watching a panther take down a gazelle.

    The Niners are a really good team and the Packers played suprisingly well against them on the road. The Niners deserved the win and I’m looking forward to the rematch in the post season.

  28. I’m curious to see how megatrolls tokyosandblaster filthymcnasty1 find way to include the Vikings in their posts. DATONE JONES IS SO ATHLETIC! HE CAN CONTAIN ANYONE!

  29. I was more impressed with the packers defense even tho kaepernick put up 400 yards on them. They were aggressive and their dB’s make good plays on the football in the air. NFC north will be fun this year

  30. I Think the idea was to try and intimidate him . Clay mathews hut wasnt all that bad he went airborn just slightly befor Kaeprenick went out of bounds. Harbaugh over reacts . as a Seahawk fan I know our secondary wont allow old man Boldin to get open like that , but I do worry we wont have enough pressure on CK , and you can only cover so long even with the best DB’s. I also know Our runninmg game is a whole lot better than GreenBays . Should be a great game

  31. Oh yes defenses that allow 400 yards and 34 points very impressive. The Pack didnt stop the read option as the 49 ers didnt need to run it considering they threw for over 400!! Why would Kaepernick run when he was shreading their defense all day with the pass??? The Packer defense was way overmatched and tried to use dirty play to overcompensate for being overmatched and it bit them in the ass period.

  32. Wow alot of hard feelings for these packer fans. They are even rooting for seattle next week lol.. If any of you guys actually watch 49er games ( not espn highlights) then you would know Kap can is a throw first QB with a rocket arm. He can sling it from shotgun allday. We dont need the read option. There has been games like this one where we hardly run it. Seattle has a top 5 defense in the NFL so what will the excuses be next week??? I would like to know if that dirty player clay matthews is gonna be fined this week for throwin 2 punches? Mike and mike in the morning kept showing the replay where staley didnt do anything n dirty matthews threw 2 punches at staleys helmet. The redskins better keep an eye on that girly haired guy because all week he kept saying the first 2 weeks of the season hes gonna hit the qb everytime they try to run and know we know how low he will go….

  33. I’m a Seahawks fan but Kaep is on fire right now. It want be like last year when he came into Seattle. He is definitely playing like a top 5 QB. That said the coaches play calling put him in favorable situations. Seattle’s secondary will match up better with San Fran. That bunch set that confused GB DB’s won’t happen next week. It should be a good game.

  34. If you concentrate on taking away the read option and the running game, you leave yourself open to the passing attack. Perfect demonstration of how the Niners’ opponents will have to pick their poison this season.

  35. I was disappointed how chippy the GB defense was. They played great run defense but all that extracurricular stuff was unnecessary. Yeah, the guy set a record against you and you got embarrassed in the last playoff game, but doing a flying tackle on a guy out of bounds? He should have been ejected. And calling what Staley did an offsetting penalty is a complete joke.

    I think all Kaepernick is saying is play football, play your game. Trying to play defense by setting a bounty on him isn’t going to get the job done.

  36. Im not a fan of either team, but with every passing minute of that game, I liked the 49ers more and more and the Packers less and less. Kaepernick surprised me with his poise and professionalism. Matthews irritated me with his constant talking and bullyish attitude. I always thought he was overrated, but now I dont like him on a more personal level. He looked like a douche on national tv. 49ers look like the real deal tho.

  37. Wow. I hope their game plan doesn’t include Jeremy Ross returning kicks for the Packers (he won’t be come playoff time, or he’ll make better decisions) or the Refs giving you extra plays.

    Not one to blame the refs, but also need to comment when someone takes credit for for the refs helping him.

  38. Am I the only person here who thinks John Harbaugh traded Anquan Boldin to the 49ers as a way to make up for beating his brother in the Superbowl? John knew that Baltimore wouldn’t be contenders so he gives away his most talented receiver to his brother who are now odds on favorites to win it all this year. Something smells fishy to me.

  39. Love you guys who are like, “The intimidation worked, Kap ran out of bounds or slid when the defenders got close.” Yeah, ’cause the smart play is to be a hero and go head-to-head with 300 lb DE’s and 260 lb LB’s. That’s how Aaron Rodgers got to where he is, right?

  40. Matthews should see a fine for the hit and for potentially instigating a much broader skirmish. Clearly, Kaepernick was heading out of bounds and Matthews left his feet to hit him; the runner had already given himself up on the play. The Green Bay defense was pretty porous all day and had no answer for Anquan Boldin despite getting a steady diet of him and Vernon Davis. That shows they didn’t game plan for or respect Kaepernick’s arm.

    The Packer defense also didn’t really slow the 49er’s running game so much as the 8 penalties San Francisco committed took the running game option away a lot of the time. Even so, 90 yards against a stacked box isn’t a bad day moving the ball especially when you compare that to the 34 yards on the ground that Niner defense gave up.

  41. Kaepernick won most of his games from the pocket last year. I don’t know why the NFL over-reacted to the 49ers read-option so much.

    It’s the Redskins and Seahawks that are dependent on it.

  42. rickyprosnit says:
    Sep 9, 2013 8:01 AM
    I was very impressed with my Packers. The 49ers were the better team, but in the playoffs it might be different when Casey Hayward, and Burnett are back in
    along with Crabtree and Manningham for the Niners!!

  43. @pathealy1849
    I think it worked.

    how much read option did the 49ers play?

    Kaep was sliding and running out of bounds WAY before anybody got close to hitting him. For example, on one play, he gave up close to 5 yards. On another play he just ran out of bounds with running room in front.

    Most QBs slide at the last moment.

    how many rushing yards did he have?

    Kaep can talk all he wants because he won, but the 49ers BARELY beat Green Bay and it came down to the 4th quarter and you have to admit, they had a little help from a blown call (no excuses, but to say that the game was a blowout or something would be inaccurate)

    Next time it might turn out differently, especially if Green Bay has Hayward and Burnett in.

    I don’t think anybody should be bragging too much about that game.

  44. I think that these are 2 of the top 3 or 4 teams in football. They are destined to play again in January

  45. And you think Ndamukong Suh is a dirty player? Okay….he is. But Clay Matthews outshined him in this game. Okay….I don’t see Suh launching himself to destroy a quarterback out of bounds. But in bounds he is fair game. It will cost both of these guys more money to the NFL’s slush fund.

  46. Harbaugh got into Green Bay’s head before the game. G.B. thought Kap would run like the last time. As to the Matthews hit: thanks for going high and not taking out my qb’s knees. By all accounts Kap is a great kid and his team loves him.I have nothing but respect for Green Bay and thanks for sending Bret packing. Aaron is a Nor Cal guy , as is Kap ,both great players and good people.

  47. I’m still waiting for chrismatthewsucks to show his cowardly face but in the meantime. …… To put the finishing touch on that late hit…the whole “offsetting penalties” thing was BS. NO NINER DID ANYTHING WRONG. Please stop it with the crying. It was a dirty play by Clay. That is undeniable. It was a good game though and I’m sure these teams will meet again in January. ….at the Stick AGAIN. 🙂

    As for a couple of obviously nervous Seahawks fans above. …..get ready kids. 😉

  48. So this time it was missing players (never mind Crabtree was out or Culliver) or the ref call (should’ve actually been a first down and an ejection for the two punches). What was the excuse in the playoffs? What was the excuse early last year? Face it, the Packers are a good team that met a great team. All of us as fans run into those games and it hurts (the SB killed me). We need to be humble and hope for the next week. I know I already am…

  49. I never realized Clay Matthews is a dirty player until I saw this play. I feel the NFL must ban such players. We don’t need the crappy stuff in the NFL.

    I am thrilled that the Pack had its butt kicked. Their defence sucks. And A-Rod is as much of a blot to football as his namesake in baseball.

  50. All Kaepernick said was intimidation won’t work and he’s a big trash talking turd; what a joke, pack fans are all butthurt b/c they’re 0-3 against the 49ers over the past yr (that includes losing to Alex Smith at home).

    Real impressed with Kaepernick’s poise & ability to extend the plays in the pocket. I hope he & the 49ers can show more in Seattle than they did at the end of last yr.

    Here’s to the Pack getting their 2 defensive starters back next time they play the 49ers…on a related note, here’s to the 49ers getting 2 of their top 3 WR’s back next time they play the Packers.

  51. filthymcnasty1isadouche says:
    Sep 9, 2013 10:02 AM
    Packers fans: “Overweight and undereducated since 1921″


    Vikings fans: “overweight, uneducated, and without a Super Bowl since forever.”

    We still win.

  52. Packers have a bad D and a horrible DC. Allowing one WR to gash you over and over? Really poor game plan especially after halftime.

  53. murlikoushik says: Sep 9, 2013 9:59 AM

    I never realized Clay Matthews is a dirty player until I saw this play. I feel the NFL must ban such players. We don’t need the crappy stuff in the NFL.

    I am thrilled that the Pack had its butt kicked. Their defence sucks.


    Actually, your grammar and spelling, both suck. Perhaps you and Colin should go hang out at San Quentin and get some tattoos together.

  54. It’s one game. Both teams are great and it could have went either way. Long way to go for either team to get through the season healthy and ready for the playoffs. Bolden played really great, but he’s getting old… They can’t work him like that for the whole year or they might not have him healthy for the playoffs.

    SF players and Harbaugh can say what they want, but I didn’t read anything from GB that was intimidating. It was all about hitting a QB that fakes in the read option. Just rules clarification and Harbaugh used it to motivate his team. Probably smart, but I am starting to dislike Jim Harbaugh.

  55. Congrats to the 49ers, that said I still believe that the outcome would have been way different had the Packers starting DB’s been in the game. Boldin certainly wouldn’t have been running free all day long. GB essentially shut down the running game and kept pressure all day. The DB’s were the downfall plain and simple. AS far as Mathews hit, he acknowledged after the game that it was a boneheaded move and owned up to it. He certainly is no cheap shot player and you never see him do stuff like that, so all of you losers trying to make it out that way need to get a clue. See you in the playoffs Niners!

  56. You turds claiming there was a conspiracy with the Boldin trade are pathetic. Yes, John wanted to say “sorry” so he sent his best receiver to he Niners. Never mind that his salary was a pressing issue and they were contemplating releasing him but instead got a draft pick.

    If you truly believe that, you are a monumental moron. Also, for those of you whiners complaining that those penalties should’ve resulted in the loss of that down, realize that Staley shouldn’t have been flagged at all. It was that d-bag Mathews who was tasking shots at Staley. I have no idea why a Niner was flagged.

  57. There is a lot of trash talk spewing around this board, but seems to me from watching this game that it will be business as usual in the NFC North.

  58. I love how everyone points out that GB was missing their two best Defensive players and how it will be different in the playoffs. Guess what….we will have Crabtree and Manningham back.

    The read option did its job. The point of it is to keep one person glued to the QB whick takes a defender away from coverage. So Kaep didnt rush alot but it opened up the pass.

  59. Yesterday was as intense of a week one game you will ever see. It was really fun . . . even more fun for us 49er fans. I really didn’t want to go to Seattle 0-1 . . . so yesterday was huge. CK is the real deal and you won’t see the 49er ground game corralled like that very often. GB did their homework on the running game and hoped CK couldn’t beat them with his arm . . . but he did.

  60. czimm0975 says: Sep 9, 2013 9:14 AM

    Oh yes defenses that allow 400 yards and 34 points very impressive. The Pack didnt stop the read option as the 49 ers didnt need to run it considering they threw for over 400!! Why would Kaepernick run when he was shreading their defense all day with the pass??? The Packer defense was way overmatched and tried to use dirty play to overcompensate for being overmatched and it bit them in the ass period.
    So there was one late hit on Kaep, in which Matthews launched BEFORE he was completely out of bounds, after a playoff game last year in which Kaep went untouched basically the whole game, and now the Packers tried to “use dirty play” to compensate? I think you MIGHT be exaggerating a little bit. If the Packers could have contained Boldin (I know, they didn’t), I’m not sure Kaep has a very good game to be honest. It was a close game, and if the Packers D got dominated so badly, then what does that say about the 49er’s D when the Pack should have only been down by 3 at the end of the game with horrible field position all afternoon?

  61. Yes, the Packers were missing two of their DBs… and the 49ers were missing their top WR (Crabtree), #3 WR (Manningham), #3 RB (LaMichael)… injuries are a part of the game, every team has to deal with them, there are no excuses for injuries.

  62. Hats off to the Niners — totally deserved to the win, but Kaep’s stat line has more to do with missing DB’s and/or Dom Capers’ ongoing ineptitude defending against the pass. Terrific arm, but he was hitting wide open receivers all day. I have a bad feeling the Pack’s D is going to be giving up a ton of yards to opposing QBs this year.

  63. jhein23 says: Sep 9, 2013 7:27 AM

    I like how no 1 mentions the Packers were playing without their 2 best defensive backs yesterday. A lot of NFL teams are going to look terrible in their secondary without 2 guys who combined for about 10 interceptions last season.

    49ers had a huge advantage in time of possession and turnovers 2-0 and were at home and barely won this football game. Yet 49ers and Vikings fans (whose team looked awful in defeat) are beating their chests like it was 40-10.
    You do realize that the 49ers top receiver was out yesterday right?

  64. Actually they did intimidate you guys. Your run game did nada, they hit hard and if the safeties, the weakest and cheapest in football had any talent, this game would have gone to the Pack.

    Other news kid, you don’t think the defenses of other teams didn’t learn something your wrong. I would watch out next time you take off to run you little rat. I see a collision in your future.

  65. Great game by both teams despite the dirty cheapshot by Roidrage Matthews. Still credit to both teams for not letting that cheapshot get to them and they just continued to play hardnosed football. Green Bay really needs to address their OL issues if they want to keep the great Aaron Rodgers healthy all season. I would still love to have him on the Niners.

  66. Settle down, Kaep. You barely won the game, at home, with some help from ref’s that don’t know the rules, and playing against one of the worst defenses in the league without 2 of their starters in the secondary. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

    And Clay Mathews is a prick. Not just for the late shot clothesline, but the dude flops like a soccer player trying to draw holding penalties. Get that crap outta football you overgrown little girl.

  67. I like Kap. Like his skillset. Think he is elite. But the more I hear him talk, he sounds like just the kind of athlete I don’t like. I suppose people hear and think similar things of a guy like Clay Matthews, but this is the QB, the team leader, and then again it may be a reflection of the coach, but dude knows his team is better and he simply sounds arrogant not confident. Not someone I will root for anymore no matter who they play like I once did. I prefer the quiet confidence. Just my 2 cents.

  68. Reading some of these comments makes me shake my head. If you knew anything at all about this kid you’d know he says virtually nothing that could be taken as inflammatory. He was responding to a pathetic attempt of intimidation from a defence that was scared and he whipped their rear ends. Doesn’t matter who gb was missing; Niners were missing their number one and three WR’s and threw for over 400.

    As to this beef from Packer fans that SF got an extra down, it was justice. There is no way Joe Staley should have been assessed a penalty for holding onto Matthews jersey while Clay threw punches at him. Not only a terrible call but at worst Matthews should have been given a second personal foul call and possibly even thrown out of the game for throwing punches. Bottom line is the Pack have been dominated by Kap in two different ways in two different games. Your Daddy’s name is Colin Kaepernick Pack fans and its only just beginning. This kid just started his 11th game; just think about how good he’ll be when he gets a few more games under his belt. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  69. It’s downright funny seeing the Pack fans who are upset over the Clay Matthews late hit. That would have been an easy late hit call already 20 years ago. If that same hit happens to Rodgers, those same people would be demanding a suspension.

  70. “crosbee says: Sep 9, 2013 10:58 AM
    Hats off to the Niners — totally deserved to the win, but Kaep’s stat line has more to do with missing DB’s and/or Dom Capers’ ongoing ineptitude defending against the pass. Terrific arm, but he was hitting wide open receivers all day.”

    This is too easy. 1) Injuries happen for BOTH teams. The Niners were missing their top receivers as well. 2) Don’t blame Kaepernick for the ineptitude of your defensive coordinator. He also torched you last year, remember that? 3) Of course he hit wide open receivers. That’s what a good/great QB does!! Are you seriously trying to knock down Kaep because he hit a few open receivers?

    SMH. Come on, son! The Packers are my 2nd favorite team because of Rodgers, but stop sounding like whiny Vikings fans.

  71. Where are the Seahawks fans now? It got really quiet.

    And congrats on absolutely destroying and dominating the Panthers yesterday…..what was it, 12-7?

  72. Kap and boldin are two beasts on a great team…..I foresee a lot of packer whining in the future….Pack have no defense, and now their offense is second best to the niners as well….I think it would be best if Green bay just focuses on winning the OTHER games on their schedule, because when these two teams meet, San Francisco is just a better team. period. Until green bay fixes that terrible one dimensional defense (clay Matthews), they will NOT be the favorite to win any NFC crowns much less super bowls. The one year their D played lights out they won it…..until it gets back to that, plan on other more well rounded teams (like the 9ers) to have the upper hand.

  73. and to the idiot that is sarcastically applauding Seattles 12-7 dominating win against the Carolina panthers obviously doesn’t know football and is going by last years panther record……LOL….Panthers Defense is legit. take notice. and Seattles offense will NOT score as easily and as often this year, rest assured.

  74. As a Viking fan, it was enjoyable to watch a game with actual NFL QBs. Well, that and the Pack losing. . . . .

  75. Fuuny The same 9ers fans who are telling Packers fans to stop complaining about the refs, cried like “little school girls” last year about a perfect no call in the SB!

  76. Yeah, Green Bay was missing their top 2 corners, but the 49ers were missing their #1 Pro-Bowl wide receiver and their nickel corner (who’s probably their most physical corner and who would have been matched up on Jordy Nelson), not to mention our third down back. So whine all you want, but injuries are a part of the game and go both ways. And yeah, you stopped our run game, but you had no answer for our passing game. Boldin tore you guys a new one in his first game as a Niner ever! I’d say I’m looking forward to the rematch but I don’t think there’s going to be one.

    And sliding is smart. Kaepernick keeping himself on the field gives us our best chance to win.

  77. I’m really dissapointed with all the Packer fans/Niner haters saying this game would’ve been different if it weren’t for all those Packer injuries…

    Food for thought: Crabtree (#1 WR) – Out, Manningham (#3 WR) – Out, James (#3 RB, #1 KR, #1 PR) – Out, Culliver (#2 CB) – Out

    Good thing these guys were hurt or the 49ers would’ve won by 30!

  78. Oh he wasn’t intimidated? I guess that’s why he huddled in on the ground like a baby every time anybody got near him. He also backed down when Mathews got in his face because he knows Mathews would kill him, scared little whiner baby just like his coach.

  79. What’s funny is Matthews cheap-shots Kaepernick, throws 2 punches at Staley, and there are offsetting penalties. Total joke. Then the refs say they blew the call by not making it 4th down.

    Wrong. The initial unsportsmanlike penalty on sister golden hair should have made the situation 1st and goal. The offsetting penalties occurred AFTER the illegal hit. So, they blew it twice. Otherwise, the league is telling the players it is OK to spear the opposing QB to start a fight, which then offsets the original foul. Brilliant.

    When the league gets a look at the film, the hope is that Fabio gets a suspension. Poor baby whined all offseason about how he was going to hit Kaepernick. Sure he did, but he had to cheat to do it. What a little kitty kat. Have a nice flight home.

  80. He also won the game, Magic. What was the score? Who put 400 on your pass ‘defense’? Whaaah!

    Here’s to hoping RG III wastes the Packers. Classless bunch of cheaters. Led by queen prima donna Clay Matthews. I don’t hear much chirping out of him now. Do you?

  81. Bottom line: Kaepernick is a first-rate QB…… both as a passer, and as a runner if you give him an open lane.
    The Niner receiving corps is among the best in football WITHOUT Crabtree or Manningham, and will just get better with their return.

    Special teams played decent ball yesterday, though Lee’s punting wasn’t quite what it usually is.

    The O-line was generally unable to open running lanes, but their pass protection was terrific. They’ll get better as the season passes. Run defense was up to par. Tackling was sub-par, but Harbaugh will emphasize that in practice (as he always does) and that will improve.

    Getting plays off on time so that you don’t have to waste time-outs still sucked. I doubt that will improve in Seattle, where the twelfth man is sure to show up.

    The weakest aspect of the team with the least sign of ability to noticeably improve in short order is the secondary. That being said, Reid looks like a future pro-bowler so far… and the rest of the secondary is adequate. The weakest parts of this team are better than the strengths of a lot of teams.

    I see the last game ever played in Candlestick being for the right to go to this year’s Super Bowl.

  82. I really don’t think Matthews meant any ill-will on the late hit. Imagine if Kaepernick, who has agile feet, was able to stay in bounds for a second longer. He would have had a 1st down.

    It was still a penalty by rule but it was closer than people think. I think Green Bay and San Francisco are the two best teams in the San Francisco with SF obviously being number 1.

  83. “If intimidation is your game plan, then you need a better one.”

    That is a classic one-liner right there. That might become a motto for me.

    Best part was that he backed it up after the cheap shot, by passing for 412 yards and 3 TDs. And yes, that was one hell of a cheap shot- Kaepernick was almost off the white stripe already when he was tackled high around the neck and he was already out of bounds before Clay Matthews left his feet. Tough talk backed up by tough play.

  84. Everyone here talking about Kap this Kap that, Green bay this Green bay that.
    You Green bay fan’s and 49er haters forgot who took over the game with 13 catches and 208 yrd receiving… Boldin!! Don’t forget V.Davis. GB couldn’t slow down those two.

  85. Everyone talked about GB stopping the read option cause that is what burned them last year. Kap shown everyone he can stand in the pocket and pass.

  86. Hey garyman1 I know you don’t have a lot of African Americans in Green Bay, but the race card is a bit old in most of the United States… Come on man… Really?

  87. I don’t get all the hype here. The GB offense shredded the SF defense. Look at the stats that game was a dead hit photo finish.

    The difference in the game was the big plays to boldin. Sf deserved to win but that game was much closer than most SF would care to admit.

    First downs 23 —- 23
    Rushes – yards 19 – 63 —– 34 – 90
    Passing 322 —— 404
    Interception returns 0 – 0 —– 1 – 0
    Passing 21 – 37 – 1 —- 27 – 39 – 0
    Sacked – yards lost 2 – 11 —- 2 – 8
    Fumbles – lost 1 – 1 0 – 0

  88. If he wasnt intimidated why was he sliding feet first when Mathews was coming at him twice? Last year he was running wild, this game he got touched a bit and although he passed for over 400 (with 2 top DBs out), you could see he doesn’t like contact.

    Talk your talk, but actions showed youre scared

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