Coughlin not ready to pull the plug on Wilson

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Giants coach Tom Coughlin made it clear that David Wilson’s reputation was unacceptable.

But he wasn’t ready to declare that he was done with the former first-rounder, who was benched for the second straight year because of fumbles.

He had two of the team’s six turnovers in last night’s loss to the Cowboys.

Give us a little time to work on this thing,” Coughlin said, via Ohm Youngmisuk of “He’s still very much in our thoughts. He’s got to play. He’s a very talented young man. But you just can’t do that. Every time they touch you, you’re going to turn the ball over? The plays looked like they were over to me [before the strips]. . . .

“All we talked about all week long was they were coming to strip the ball. We can be better. He can get better at that. He can run with two hands on the ball just like anybody else. Not going to play unless they can hang onto the ball. It’s demoralizing to the whole team. He is a talented young man. We will get him right even if he has to run around the field with two balls. We need him!”

Wilson was downcast, as you might imagine, considering he went through this a year ago.

“That’s a tough position to be in,” Wilson said. “God never gives you more than you can handle. Everything happens for a reason. I’m just gonna keep working hard. I’m at the bottom now. So nowhere to go but up from here. That’s really all I got.”

Unless (or until) they add a veteran back this week, it’s Wilson’s to fix for the time being, with Andre Brown on short-term IR. Other Giants backs have done it, but he’s going to have to put in the work.

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  1. As I recall, Tiki Barber had fumble-itis and Coughlin
    got him to carry the ball higher and cradled to his chest. Could work again

  2. Good thing that the PFT staff paid attention to what I wrote below earier in response to a previous PFT posting about the Giants-Cowboys game, and it followed it up with this PFT new posting. I told them that Wilson wasn’t gone. See below.

    footballviewer says:
    Sep 9, 2013 1:14 AM
    Wilson could be overrated, and maybe he never amounts to a good starting RB in the NFL. Plenty of RBs with athletic ability never make it.

    However, based on what Coughlin said after the game, there is no reason to believe the following:

    “But we may never see him again, at least carrying the ball for the Giants.”

    After Coughlin made comments critical of Wilson, he also made sure to say that Wilson is a very important player for the Giants. It sure didn’t sound like Coughlin was looking to bury Wilson.

    Then Manning said that sometimes the best thing to do when a player fumbles is to let him get the ball again so that he doesn’t dwell on his mistake and he gets the chance to do the right thing and gain confidence.

    There’s nothing crazy or controversial about what Coughlin and Manning said, but it isn’t as sexy as saying something like “Wilson is GONE!!!” even though that is probably very wrong.

  3. Amen–chin up David–mom said there were going to be days like that–you have to have a short memory in this profession–don’t let the flash back bulb blur your vision of the future.

  4. Anyone with FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE knew what the mediocre Football Giants were all about. Enjoy watching a REAL TEAM tonight in the Redskins show you how to play FOOTBALL as they beatdown the Eagles. #ThankGodImaREDSKINSfan

  5. The Dallas Cowboys were pushing the envelope last night, trying desperately to force a turnover and they did. David Wilson has a lot of talent but the fumbling issues will erase all of that. Tom Coughlin was right to bench Wilson but I am hoping he gives him a second chance.

  6. Coughlin fixed tiki….im sure he’ll fix Wilson too. We still need to sign a veteran back though; Wilson and scott aint going to cut it at this point in time.

  7. I think Coughlin has this kid afraid of his own shadow. He benched him after 1 fumble last year and he basically rode the bench for the next 15 games.

    Eli throws 3 picks including a pick 6 that Wilson wasn’t responsible for including a pick on the first pass of the game. Special Teams turned the ball over as well insider their own 20.

    The offensive line was a turnstile most of the night. If the cowboys don’t blow a coverage at the end of the first half it’s game over at halftime.

    Yes, Wilson had a bad evening but so did alot of other players on the Giants but Wilson is the only one you hear about.

    Chris Collingsworth even blamed the pick six on Wilson even though he wasn’t on the field because he was taking reps from other players in practice.

    The piling on needs to stop. The best thing for him would be a trade to another team.

    Tiki Barber used to fumble 8-9 times a year and didn’t miss a start.

  8. Giants need to replace Andre Brown big time. Fumbles aside, Wilson is still too situational at this point in his career. Boom or bust running back who cant consistently churn yards and he’s horrible at the goal line as well. Giants might wanna take a look at some FA power backs. Cedric Benson, Beanie Wells, Willis McGahee and Michael Turner should be looked at. Wilson works better in an rb by committee situation right now. Hes not an everydown back yet. Personally, Id welcome any of those guys, but Id love McGahee. He still has a year left in him.

  9. Hey logicalvoicesays says:
    Did you notice who was playing DT for the GIANTS last night. Old number 93 MILKE PATTERSON. The one in the same MILER PATTRRSON who the heartless GIANTS were going to cut and were only keeping him around for fodder during training camp. It must be tough to be all knowing and brilliant like you.

  10. That last INT by Dallas looked like a case of not enough work between RB and QB. There is something to be said for more practice for the starters in preseason. The Giants had a chance to win until the pick six. That dump off was ghastly!

  11. slamtrackslikeqbsacksfromlt says:
    Sep 9, 2013 9:27 AM
    Giants need to replace Andre Brown big time.


    Sorry to burst your bubble but no RB short of Adrian Peterson was scoring on an inside run for the giants last night.

    The cowboys DLine and linebackers completely dominated the Giants OLine all game. There were no holes inside.

    The giants are going to start 0-2 with or without Wilson if the line plays like it did last night. Especially if Eli keeps throwing Pick sixes.

  12. eagleswin

    He fumbled on the dallas 8 costing the giants at least a FG; he couldn’t get in on 1st and goal from the dallas 1; he fumbled and it was returned for a dallas td; he looked clueless trying to make a block in the backfield which resulted in a sack.

    I like Wilson and im sure the kid will be fine but let me say this: eli played a pretty lousy game last night…and Wilson WISHES that his performance was even half as good as eli’s was. THAT is how bad Wilson was.

    Been a giants fan since 1979…..I honestly cannot remember a more detrimental performance by a giants RB in all those years. Eli was bad, the o-line was shoddy, the penalties were ridiculous, the muffed punt was asinine….and with all that David Wilson was the reason the giants lost. Gotta call a spade a spade.

  13. Not only is David Wilson a worthless piece of crap, but the giants defense sucks as well. I didn’t see any pressure whatsoever on promo and most of his passes were to guys that were wide open by at least 10 yards. By far the worst display of football all around that I’ve ever seen from this giants team

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