Eagles’ offense starts fast, but first drive ends in disaster


On the first offensive possession of the season, Chip Kelly’s offense in the NFL looked just like Chip Kelly’s offense at Oregon. And then disaster struck.

The Eagles’ offense was moving down the field effectively, and Philadelphia got inside Washington’s 10-yard line. But then Michael Vick passed, Washington defensive end Ryan Kerrigan jumped up and knocked the ball to the ground, and Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall picked it up and raced 75 yards for a touchdown.

Philadelphia clearly thought Vick had thrown a forward pass, but the play was reviewed, and the referee let the call on the field stand. Washington took a 7-0 lead.

Still, it must be said that Kelly’s offense looks like it’s going to give opposing defenses fits. The Eagles are running a fast-paced, aggressive system, and they’re moving the ball effectively. Now they just need to hold onto the ball.