Jeff Demps expected to report to Buccaneers on Monday

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The Buccaneers lost 18-17 to the Jets on Sunday in their season opener, a loss that had a lot to do with their total lack of discipline — 13 penalties — than their lack of an Olympic track star on the roster but they may be adding one of the latter on Monday all the same.

According to Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report, Jeff Demps will be reporting to the Bucs on Monday. Demps was acquired from the Patriots in an offseason trade for LeGarrette Blount, but has spent the time since then concentrating on his track career. Per the report, the team will get a one-week roster exemption to see how Demps fits with the roster and decide if they want to activate him.

If Demps does stick, he’ll challenge for a role behind Doug Martin on offense in addition to kickoff return duties well suited for a player with his speed. The Bucs didn’t hand the ball to any back other than Martin in their opener. Reynolds also reports that the team is believed to have a package of offensive plays for Demps that would use him as a “Tavon Austin-type” threat.

Demps will need to earn a spot on the roster to make that happen. If he can go five minutes without getting a penalty, it will be a good start on that front.

7 responses to “Jeff Demps expected to report to Buccaneers on Monday

  1. .
    ”could develop into a Tavon Austin type threat ”

    Do you mean he could play 1 NFL game and have 6 catches for 41 yards to complement his 1 rush for – 1 yard?

    I’ll alert those nice folks up in Canton.



  2. This guy has earned nothing. How can he honestly feel he has the right to show up a week late for the season and boot a player that worked all training camp and earned a spot?

  3. Isn’t there a little too much news about this guy’s comings and goings? People cover him as as if he’s Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders.

    Let him do something first.

  4. Its not as if he’s “just” a track guy. He was in the league last year and was a four-year letterman at Florida. Clearly the Bucs offense needs some speed and he can definitely provide that.

  5. The Buccs Really Really Should Get….Ready..?


    – This would make a perfect fit for theBuccaneers! You have a guy that can bring media attention to a team that gets very little. A guy can come into a system that would complement his style of play. You have big receivers that like to run quick plays and go for the long ball. They can block in the running game to add another factor to the running game. This would take attention away from Doug Martin…and that guy just gets a small window to run in and he is gone. You have a QB that can run the option and will do whatever it takes to win a game and that is what the buccs need! Some Heart to go along with the players that want to win. The defense prevents high scores and with just a little bit of power offense this team can be a force.

    Tim can keep drives alive and simply can take a top of the defense when you do not expect it. Let him play backyard football with all the talent around him and watch what could happen. If all goes south you still have (2) qb’s that you can re-enter into a system.

    Bring Tim Tebow to the BUCCS!!

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