Jets bring back Brady Quinn


Thanks to Geno Smith, the Jets didn’t need an extra quarterback yesterday. But now they have a third, just in case.

A league source tells PFT that the Jets have indeed brought back quarterback Brady Quinn, a move which was expected since his release Saturday.

This way, the Jets got to give Quinn a chance to get familiar with the playbook last week, without the pesky complication of guaranteeing his salary for the year by having him on the roster yesterday.

The bigger news in their quarterback room will come tomorrow, when Mark Sanchez has a second opinion on his right shoulder, and that’s one that carries a much bigger financial implication.

14 responses to “Jets bring back Brady Quinn

  1. Geno played well enough to keep the starting job. He is a rookie, remember, and he stayed pretty cool and collected if you ask me.

  2. The Jets continue to stay away from decent QB’s because they would hurt Sanchez’s confidence and create a QB controversy.

  3. Since Geno already won the QB starting battle, now Sanchez and Quinn can battle over the mirror and who uses the better moisturizer and anti-wrinkle cream.

  4. With Geno not bombing vs TB he gets benefit of doubt. Sanchez, will be cut. why? Makes more sense to have Simms at #2 and Quinn at #3, than an overpaid Sanchez at #2 that won’t start unless Geno gets hurt. If he does, season is lost anyway, and might as well play Simms, for far less money and “issues”. Mark’s less than classy acts on you tube, hurt him along with his lousy play.

  5. Oh yeah, and his memorable picks, butt fumbles and hot dog eating. Not ANY WAY, to lead your team.

  6. Guys Sanchez gets all his money whether he’s cut or not so they won’t cut him. Injured reserve if they can and ins picks up most if not all his 8 mil guaranteed I think that’s how it works. Regardless they are not gonna cut him period. If another team loses a starter Sanchez becomes trade bait. And I’ve said it before ill say it again Brady Quinn has an undeserved bad rep as a starter. I’m not saying he’s great or even good but even Tom Brady would have looked awful if he had the o lines and the receivers Quinn has had to work with. Give the kid some protection and some halfway decent receivers and I think he’ll be ok. Of course those are two things you won’t find on the jets.

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