Joe Philbin on Mike Wallace: It’s the first week of a long season

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After the Dolphins won 23-10 on Sunday, wide receiver Mike Wallace refused to answer questions about catching one pass for 15 yards in the game by directing interested parties to ask the coach about the game plan for Week One.

Coach Joe Philbin was asked about the plan when he was a guest with Rich Gannon and Bruce Murray on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday. Philbin said “we don’t have plays in the offense to throw the ball to a particular jersey number” and that he predicted that there would be bigger days ahead for Wallace this season.

“It took a little while for us to get going and that’s a work in progress,” Philbin said. “As you know, in football, I think things can have a tendency to change in terms of who’s getting the ball. We want our players to want to make a difference and want to have an impact in the outcome of a ball game; they work hard and make a lot of sacrifices. But we want to do that within the team framework and we’re going to get that chemistry down. It’s week one of a long season.”

The Dolphins threw the ball Wallace’s way five times on Sunday, fourth-most on the team, but the decision-making was good enough to produce 272 yards, a touchdown and a victory. The number of targets will likely fluctuate and it’s in the Dolphins’ best interests to let that happen within the flow of the offense if they keep ending up on the right side of the scoreboard.

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  1. Relax Mike, that was Joe Haden, he has done that to you since you came into the league. The good news is you won’t see him again this year.

  2. This year is a long season? I didn’t realize it was any different than any of the other normal length seasons, this one seems not long at all or short, it’s just about right. 16 games and 17 weeks just as it should be.

  3. Joe Haden is the reason Wallace came up short. Haden is a top-flight Corner and will only get better through the years.

  4. I just wondering if Randy Starks will get any suspension time for that bird he flipped towards his own sideline after his sack of Weeden yesterday.

    Anyone else catch that? I was watching it and when he did that, I thought he was doing it to the Browns bench, turns out he was aiming at Coach Philbin and his staff.

    That is another thing that needs to get fixed and pronto. He’s an extremely talented DT but he’s not so great that he can’t be benched a game or two for a show of insubordination like that.

    Philbin will not take kindly to that kind of behavior, if I were the coach I’d fine him the maximum possible under the collective bargaining agreement and make him inactive for next week’s game, give him a chance to stew on that and figure out what’s more important to him.

  5. These guys all have incentives in their contracts that lead to bonuses. You can’t expect a professional athlete to get by on $60M. He needs those bonuses to put food on the table.

  6. Hey , how about giving the Fins a break guys — the two other so called NFL teams in Florida stunk it up yesterday — Tampa found a way to lose to a rookie QB making his first start and Jacksonville looked downright pathetic. At least Miami was able to come away with a win , however ugly it may have been.

  7. I think it is becoming obvious why the Steelers let this guy fly. He was good, but not the star he thinks he is. Plus he lacks a personality, big time. With an average qb throwing to him he becomes just an average receiver.

  8. Guy pulls in a $60M contract and could stroll through games making money. Instead he’s wanting the ball and wanting to be involved.

    And this is bad?

  9. More media nonsense fueled by the biggest whiner in South Florida, Armando Salguero. He isn’t happy that Philbin doesn’t placate to him, so goes negative constantly.

    In regards the Joe Haden, thanks mate! While you were blanketing Wallace, Miami’s other receivers were having a field day.

    Well done.

  10. It looked to me more like Tannehill was just more comfortable with Hartline and that makes sense since those 2 clicked early last year. Wallace had Haden Beat on a couple plays but Tannehill overthrew him once and underthrew him once. As soon as they get comfortable playing together they will be dangerous.

  11. This is a No Story… Wallace is not even upset. He just said “ask the Coaches” the only ones in here making noise are dumb Fans with no knowledge Trolling and jealous Steeler Fans. Personally, if I was a Steelers Fan ( and to be I would need to get a fat Belly, an ugly Wife, a Job that gets filth under my nails and shed like 40 IQ points) I would thank the Dolphins for the Browns win and hide for the next 6 months. You are in for a long 5 or 6 win season. Wallace was manned by Haden, but Wallace contributed by getting constant over top help and freeing Hartline and Gibson. Last I remember Football is a team sport. Wallace carried out his assignments and we Won!

  12. “Philbin will not take kindly to that kind of behavior”
    Not sure if you read real news sites, or just these rumor sites, but here’s Philbin’s reaction in his news conference:

    “It was probably at me directly,” Philbin joked, which sparked laughter in the media. “It’s important for all our players to act the right way on and off the field. … I am aware of it, and it’s important that we do that.”
    As for all the comments about RT17 overthrowing Wallace, one of those overthrows was due to Wallace stumbling and the ball was a couple yards in front of him. Would have been a long connection had he not tripped because he had Haden beat.

  13. I saw Starks do that finger thing at the sideline also but wasn’t sure if he was sending a message or adjusting his glove. Surprised that the broadcast team didn’t catch it for a replay and a comment. In reference to Wallace – he was shut down because of who was covering him. Haden has always had good luck on him. Wallace will have big games this year. Look for Miami to get Wallace involved earlier in the game next week against the Colts. Get him 2 or 3 catches in the first quarter and Wallace won’t make that “ask the coaches” comment again. After watching Miami trying to run the ball with zero success – all the receives will get plenty of opportunities as the season wears on. Anybody miss Reggie Bush now?

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