Mark Davis eyes 58,000-seat stadium in Oakland


The night before the Raiders put up a valiant fight against the Colts in Indy, owner Mark Davis talked about the ongoing struggle to address the team’s outdated stadium in Oakland.

Davis made it clear that he wants to keep the team where it is.

“Oakland is absolutely where we would prefer to get something done,” Davis told Paul Gutierrez of  “And it would be on that specific site.  There’s definitely issues that go along with that.  We’ve been meeting with the city and the county.  We just had another meeting this last week.  There’s still some big, big questions that we have to get answered by both sides.  Both sides are trying.  Whether there’s a sense of urgency or not?  I know there is on our side.  We have to find out how urgent on their side.  The picture that’s been drawn is there.  We know what needs to get done.  It’s just whether it’s going to be able to be done.”

If it gets done, it won’t be a huge venue.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that a 53,000-seat stadium, that we played in from the ’60s and all that, is basically what our market is,” Davis said.  “We’re not an 80,000-seat stadium, we’re not a 65,000-seat stadium, really, unless you’re winning every game and all that stuff.  But those aren’t the hardcore fans that are there . . . for us the 53,000–seat stadium is good and maybe 5,000 club seats bring it up to 58,000 seats.”

The size preference is one of the main reasons Davis doesn’t want to share a stadium with the 49ers.

“It’s out of the picture,” Davis said, “and again I’ve used this analogy of the Jets and the Giants in the old Meadowlands.  The Niners, I can’t say good enough things on what they’ve done.  They’ve got a stadium, they’re building it in California.  They got it done.  They’re doing a 68,000-seat stadium that’s going to be red and gold.  They’re going to have the Joe Montana hotel across the street.  They’re going to have their bricks and all that stuff.  That’s not a Raider stadium.  And for us, for me, I want the Raiders to have something that’s a legacy to my father and to the Raider brand.  If in fact we’re able to get a stadium built, it will probably be the last one of my lifetime . . . so I want it to be great and I want it to be the Raiders.”

“Great” and “Raiders” don’t get used in the same sentence very often.  Maybe the way to make that happen on a regular basis is to get a new stadium.

49 responses to “Mark Davis eyes 58,000-seat stadium in Oakland

  1. Why would anyone agree to a new stadium for a team that still deals with blackouts and hasn’t had a winning record since 2002. Hey, your team is annually bad, and you can’t fill the seats in your existing stadium, sure, we’ll give you1 billion dollars. Friar Tuck needs some reality pills.

  2. Translation: “I want a stadium that represents the Raiders only paid for by the taxpayers who live in a state thats already bankrupt.”

  3. “And for us, for me, I want the Raiders to have something that’s a legacy to my father and to the Raider brand. ”

    That’s easy Mark, just make sure you include a small courtroom and holding facilities in your construction plans.

  4. KC has Arrowhead that seats over 79,000… they have sold out a few games over the last 20 years without a playoff win.

    THATS what a fanbase looks like.

  5. Raider fan who lives several thousand miles from Oakland.

    Move back to LA. Build new stadium there.

    At some point in the distant future, some future collective bargaining agreement will throw out pure revenue sharing massivley raise the salary cap and franchises in small markets won’t be able to compete. Building a small stadium in a poor, small city sets up this franchise to be a small team with a consistetly poor record (kind of like the last decade…)

    I appreciate that if you’re a Raider fan in Oakland that this would suck. And I expect lots of people will give me the thumbs down on this comment. I can’t blame Oakland fans for that.

    However, Raiders fans who are Raiders fans but have no attachment to Oakland or the Bay Area have to see the logic from the point of view of the franchise. LA is a bigger market in need of an NFL team, and the Raiders make more sense there than an expansion team.

  6. Green Bay has about 105,000 residents, with surrounding communities, the total is 500,000. They just added on to the stadium to bring the seating to 80,000 and there’s still a waiting list lasting decades for people wanting tickets, probably enough to nearly fill the stadium with folks on the waiting list. What Davis is saying here is, “our team can’t be any good, therefore, we won’t draw the crowds. I don’t want to spend enough to build a modern-day stadium so that’s all we get”. What he fears is because the team stinks, they will have to have blackouts in the Oakland area. It’s like giving up before you start.
    Contast that to JerryWorld in Texas.

    I suspect if Al Davis were here, he would take his son to the woodshed.

  7. “KC has Arrowhead that seats over 79,000… they have sold out a few games over the last 20 years without a playoff win.

    THATS what a fanbase looks like.”

    Things to do in Missouri = go to a chiefs game
    Things to do in California = Everything

    Football is not a priority out there, which is why LA doesn’t have a team, people there don’t care about football. But in KC, football takes them away from the reality that is central america.

  8. Maybe it’s me but wouldnt you want a stadium that holds more people so other events like concerts tractor pulls etc can be held there besides football?And if and when the team begins winning that will attract more fans which garners more revenue.If I’m the city of Oakland I’m saying no way if you want our money(that we don’t have anyways) you need to draw up a better venue plan than that.

  9. Because no economic difference exist between Green Bay Wisconsin and Oakland California right?

    The truth is that right now he wants to make sure that the history of the team remains by staying in Oakland. He wants to remain loyal to the area that despite what any of you dolts think helped mightily to create one of the absolute iconic franchises of the league.

    He’s willing to take a hit in profits to honor the fans and be reasonable with the city to get this thing done at a size that makes sense for everyone involved….Honorable for sure.

    But looking at it from my perch outside of Cali…LA is pretty intriguing for building the Raiders long term and I don’t believe Davis doesn’t see it. His heart wants Oakland and anything he can do to make it I think he will but….

  10. But in the meantime we will add a mascot and hope that generates enough interest to bring more fans to the games.
    Move back to LA and sell out a much larger stadium there.
    PS: Don’t forget to win, Baby!

  11. Move the Raiders to Honolulu….why not?Goodell wants a team in London how would hawaii be any more ridiculous?

  12. Lmao at these tools comparing KC and Green Bay to Oakland. You realize how poor and economically unstable the city of Oakland is right? Most Raider fans that go to the home games do not live in Oakland anyway. Raider fans are the most loyal in the world, and next to the Cowboys, maybe the most popular team in the WORLD! If KC which borders two boring states, and boring Greenbay had half the issues Oakland had you would get about 5,000 rich guys to show up to a game.

  13. Just get used to the name L.A. Raiders.

    Oakland will be going the way of Detroit (into bankruptcy) in the near future and will be nothing more than the 3rd world slum it almost is now.

    Get out while the getting’s good Mark !!!!!!!

  14. Another new stadium in the bay area could do wonders for the bay area economy. I hope the politicians can see that by looking at what’s going on in Santa Clara. Otherwise, the Raiders are off to LA where they probably have the largest following, while Oakland is nothing more than an industrial truck stop where the homeless and street gangs run rampant.

  15. Mr. Davis, if you want a stadium, then pay for it. Going to the taxpayers of a state that is in dire financial condition is an unrealistic dream. If you don’t have the money to please your ever shrinking fan base, you should concentrate on building with what you now possess. Your father played games with the league for years and brought you to this situation. That is reality.

  16. Kansas friggin City, where everyone is crazy fat and watch football because there’s nothing else to do in that hick town.

  17. Yo Mark you have a loyal fan base, an iconic image, located in a highly populated area and don’t have the confidence of selling out a medium sized stadium?Do us all a favor and sell the team to someone with a grand vision.

  18. randyschwimmer7 says:
    Sep 9, 2013 8:22 AM
    Why would anyone agree to a new stadium for a team that still deals with blackouts and hasn’t had a winning record since 2002. Hey, your team is annually bad, and you can’t fill the seats in your existing stadium, sure, we’ll give you1 billion dollars. Friar Tuck needs some reality pills.
    Because first I all you have to have an at the very least a decent stadium in order to compete. The OCO Colosium is by all accounts a total disaster area
    Second, the NFL has ponied up plenty of money for other teams to build there brand new stadiums in tandem with te tax payers money

  19. I know this is just dreaming but I wish the RAIDERS, A’s and WARRIORS would do a joint building of a sports complex of stadiums/arenas, plus building of shopping areas. They would split the cost 3 ways and hopefully then the city would help out with the guarantee that all 3 teams would stay in Oakland forever, since theres talk all 3 teams could potentially leave the city. People need to makes moves or the Raiders are going to LA, Warriors to SF and A’s to Fremont. Then Oakland as a city will struggle more economically.

  20. IT’S TIME THAT THESE MULTI-BILLIONAIRES STOP ASKING THE PUBLIC TO BUILD THE PLACE WHERE THEY DO BUSINESS! That’s like Walmart asking the public to pay for the new Walmart building that is being put up. OWNERS…..Stop asking for handouts!

  21. I can almost understand why he wants a smaller stadium (however if he is going to only make it a 58000 seat stadium I would at least make it possible to add 10000-15000 later if needed) the market in Oakland is very small especially when you have it seated next to a much larger city like SF. (Imagine if St Paul, MN had a team. There would be the same issues as this one) for now because the market in Oakland is diverse and limited I might add a smaller capacity stadium would suffice. Also it reduces the amount of blackouts. Oakland though small as it is has had a very historical value to northern california as well as with NFL. To move it to LA would simply right back into the late 80s/early 90s issues they had before though maybe not as bad. (Marc doesnt seem as stubborn as Al) a cultured Raider stadium would be a nice addition. Is it possible to renovate Candlestick and rebrand it to something Raiderish? How about JUST WIN BABY FIELD? Yeah, that has a nice ring to it

  22. I concur with you native raider….Would be nice to see all three teams stay put. Warriors already pull and sell out, A’s just need a nice small 30,000 venue, and raiders could use their small venue as well….no better spot in the bay,,,

    but if not, I am all for the Camp Parks site in Dublin, or Mark can move them to his home town Las Vegas….I have no problem flying into Vegas on the weekends for a game.

  23. The Raiders need to move back to LA and represent. Let the FortyNiners reign in the Bay Area. California has three NFL teams. One in San Diego, and two in the Bay Area. I’m just saying!

  24. The city of Oakland has much much bigger problems than funding a new stadium. According to Bloomberg the City of Oakland paid 14m to the Raiders in 2012. While the City of Oakland faced a 32m deficit in fiscal year 2011. On top of that, in 2012 Oakland was the 5th most crime ridden city in America. And they laid off 18% of its police force, 138 officers and 80 dismissals due to a lack of funds.

    In Oakland, you could literally order a pizza before 911 would respond. So asking the county to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a stadium that would only be frequented by the same 10,000 or so devotees, to the least valuable team in the NFL would be an utter disgrace.

    The city and country of Alameda still has not paid off it’s 197 million dollar loan to bring the Raiders back to Oakland, and now inspite of all the community issues the Raiders have the gall to ask for more money. Oakland needs to wash their hands of this bad investment and push restart. Not reinvest the very little money they have into Mark Davis’s pockets.

  25. Probably ought to make it a 5800 seat stadium if you want to sell it out.
    And make sure they can pay for their seats with an EBT card.
    Everybody knows who lives in Oakland & Toronto…only those who can’t afford to leave.

  26. The best business move for the Raiders is to move back to L.A. but if Davis gets a deal done in Oakland, that would be very commendable. It will be interesting to see what happens if there is no deal done by the time the Raiders lease expires. If I were a Raiders fan, I would hope the Chargers move back to L.A. as soon as possible. There is no way the NFL will ever allow two teams from the same division to reside in the same city. L.A. would not be an option for Davis and there is no other city that Davis could realistically use as leverage.

  27. As a life long Raider fan : MOVE BACK TO LA AND BUILD A STADIUM LIKE JERRY JONES HAS ! Then the Raiders can dominate Pro Football attracting quality FA’s . The NFL didn’t want Al Davis in LA because all of the other owners were jealous and they Big AL would have built a dynasty there with a top notch venue and he would have beaten their brains out on the field. There would have been NO to fall into the abyss . By now the Raiders would have won 9- 10 SB’s easily Since 1983 with an LA world class venue. Any idiot knows that. Today’s NFL is about marketing and money. $$$$

  28. People just don’t understand that the team won’t go back to LA. If the raiders go to LA the will have to give up part of the ownership to AEG. That is something Mark doesn’t want to do because he is majority owner by a slim margin. The Raiders will stay in Oakland and if/when they get a new stadium no one knows.

  29. You move to L.A. and you rip the fabric of the Raiders again.

    Oakland needs the Raiders as much as the Raiders need Oakland.

    If it’s not Oakland, then either Austin, San Antonio or Portland, OR.

    A sense of civic pride is the key!

  30. The EIU’s Liveability Ranking and Overview August 2013:

    1 Melbourne
    2 Vienna
    3 Vancouver
    4 **Toronto
    5 Calgary
    5 Adelaide
    7 Sydney
    8 Helsinki
    9 Perth
    10 Auckland


  31. Why is it so many Raider haters on this post…man. do any of you ever blog on your sorry *** team?
    Anyway while you sorry haters is hating on an oakland stadium and never been here.we got 3 teams in one you like it or not the team is an original OAKLAND BASE TEAM. NOT LA.
    reason for not selling out has to do solely about not wanting to be in that stadium. Like mark said it needs a raiders only stadium.
    Far as not being good, tell me what team never had bad took the forty winers 20yrs. For a loosing super bowl appearance.

    Do me a favor watch how fast the raiders rise and please I mean please blog when we get back to chasing super bowl #4 in our so call little stadium in which the black hole is at every stadium. I haven’t seen a pats or sf
    Hole anywhere and they got more bowls…..keep hating on the nation thats what makes us even stronger. …remember Madden we wasnt supposed to win then either…..AL THE MAN DAVIS ALWAYS! !!

  32. I can’t believe all the pundents that are commenting on this. Like this wasteland schmuck and some other pundents I’ve been reading. We get it, you guys are Raiders haters because your team isn’t a story franchise like the Raiders orgnization. Making cracks about holding cells and all that stuff when you’re just a jealous little troll.

    Raiders will be back to greatness and they will have a great stadium, I have faith in the way the organization is heading. Believe!!!

  33. The Raiders have plenty of fans to fill any stadium… the problem is, most of them live about 350 miles to the south down I-5. Need proof, look at the stands when the Chargers play at home against the Raiders. LA based Raider fans take over the stadium and make it essentially a Los Angeles Raiders home game

    As much as the Charges try and claim it, LA is still a Raider city. Walk around and you still today see almost as many Raider jerseys and hats as you do Lakers and Dodgers. Walk down Venice beach and you will see vendors selling Raider themed LA paintings and other souvenirs (seriously, every 2nd one will be selling a canvas print of Marilyn Monroe wearing a Raiders jersey).

    You can’t compare Oakland to other small markets like KC or GB. Neither of those have the same competition that exists in Northern California. The bay area has 6 major league sports teams, plus plenty else in California… Green Bay has the packers and NOTHING (literally) else. Also, soccer will be considered a major league within 10-15 years, probably overtaking the NHL in popularity in the US, so add the MLS franchises to that list.

    There will be an NFL team in LA in the next 5-10 years. If the Raiders give it up the 2nd largest market in the country to someone else like the Bolts, it will be a mistake that haunts the franchise for decades. The current CBA keeps small market teams competitive, but that may not last forever. The players will want MLB and NBA sized contracts for their stars, and that only happens when large market teams can pay it. A business model that relies on subsidies is not a strong long term one.

    LA is the best overall choice for the future of the Raiders franchise. It is still in California, and southwest flights from the bay area to LA are cheap (about $100 return). The raiders and NFL could even work out a deal for season ticket holders from oakland to get discounted tickets as part of the season tickets for 8 flights.

    Another compromise would even be still moving to LA, but calling the team the California (or even West Coast) Raiders. They could also play one neutral site game per year against a non-division opponent in Oakland.

  34. Building a football only stadium in Oakland would rock because the people in the city and surrounding areas love the Raiders. It is always darkest before the light comes back on, those hating on the Raiders aint never built anything. The Raiders will rise strong again and Oakland will build a great loud stadium for the nation’s best fans. Let’s Go RaiderNation! Oakland is the best centrally located spot in the bay area near freeways, BART, airports, hotels, etc…it makes good economic sense, you just need bigger dreams to make it happen!

  35. Come on Alameda County and City of Oakland, have some courage and get this thing done. Each time out so far, you two entities have dragged your collective butts. Ask Sacramento how it works. If you move any slower you’d be going backward, is that what it is? Every other major city is getting both a football only and baseball only ballpark, why not us. Just do it!

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