Panthers lose Garry Williams to knee injury


The Panthers didn’t need any more bad news offensively, but now they have to shuffle their line again.

Starting right guard Garry Williams suffered a torn ACL and MCL in yesterday’s 12-7 loss to the Seahawks, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer.

Williams hasn’t had much in the way of luck, losing his first chance to be a full-time starter when he suffered a broken ankle in the 2011 preseason. The former undrafted rookie from Kentucky had started 21 games for the Panthers at both guard and tackle.

They’ll at least get starting left guard Amini Silatolu back from a hamstring injury for practice Wednesday. That would allow journeyman Chris Scott to play right guard, after sharing the left guard job yesterday with veteran Travelle Wharton, who’s working himself into shape. Williams had replaced projected starter Geoff Hangartner, who was cut a week into training camp.

Of course, if the Panthers don’t find a way to move the ball downfield instead of limiting their big-armed quarterback Cam Newton’s chances to use his big arm, it might not matter who’s blocking.

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  1. Yeah his “big arm” that generated a whole 125 yards @ 7 points against the Seahawks. Russell Wilson is 10 times the QB Cam will ever be.

  2. Clearly, you didn’t watch the game and have no idea how Cam really played. He played well and had a few key drops that would’ve made the world of difference to the game and his stats. I’m one of Cam’s biggest critics, but he doesn’t deserve the blame for yesterday’s close loss.

  3. The panthers are Garbo!! I mean their DL dominated and Scam couldn’t do anything with all the opportunities he had. Hell, a midget tripled his performance and an undrafted WR had a better day than Smith. Put a fork in em. They are the team that will lose close games and feel good about each loss for whatever dumb reason they come up with. On the side note, their fans are pretty cool.

  4. Hope he heals up quickly. Saw the play, it was just one of those things. When 300-pound plus guys get knocked down, occasionally one is going to fall the wrong way.

    I was very impressed with the Panther front seven, but I gotta wonder why on earth they don’t have a WR threat that can take the attention off Smith? He was all they had when Seattle played Carolina in the 2005 NFC Championship game, and seven and a half years later, it appears nothing has changed.

  5. Newton played pretty well yesterday. If you want to place blame, look at game plan of OC, Mike Shula.

    Also, besides SS, who caught any balls?

  6. I want to know way Thomas is still on the time As a starter he gave that game to Seahawks we do have a mother cb in Norman that killed the ravens in preseason? He covers ten times better. Ron can’t go off what they did in came because we don’t have any wrs on our time other then smith

  7. wimpyburgers says:
    Sep 9, 2013 5:21 PM

    Newton played pretty well yesterday. If you want to place blame, look at game plan of OC, Mike Shula.

    So there was a plan? Couldda fooled me. Mike Shula has never had a clue for one day in his life. He NEVER should have been hired, not even as our QB coach last year. He has failed in every job he has ever held, college or pro.

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