Ravens bring back Tandon Doss


With their wide receiver depth taking a hit right off the bat with the loss of Jacoby Jones to an MCL sprain, the Ravens have reunited with a pass catcher they recently waived.

The Ravens have re-signed wide receiver Tandon Doss, the club said Monday.

To make room for Doss, Baltimore released linebacker Robert James.

PFT reported on Friday that Jones is expected to miss 4-6 weeks after suffering a knee injury in Baltimore’s season-opening loss at Denver.

Doss, 23, caught seven passes for 123 yards and a touchdown in 2012 regular-season play for Baltimore. He also returned four punts for 53 yards.

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun first reported the Ravens were re-signing Doss.

The Ravens parted ways with Doss, a 2011 fourth-round pick, on August 31.

With Jones out, Torrey Smith, Brandon Stokley and Marlon Brown look to be the Ravens’ top three options at wide receiver for the time being.

34 responses to “Ravens bring back Tandon Doss

  1. Losing Anquan Boldin was NOT Joe Flacco’s fault… but it was still the rare offseason blunder by Ozzie.

  2. Ozzie would still trade Boldin today if he needed to, it wasn’t a blunder, it wasn’t even a calculated risk. It’s because Boldin is 34 and would have taken 7.5 to the cap. The Ravens accomplished their goal, time came to cut bait and move on. It couldn’t have been written any better, the old guard goes out on top. This is the new Ravens, love them or leave them.

  3. Everyone seems to think this is for receiver depth with Jones and Thompson out but Doss will be the primary return specialist until those two are healthy. He isn’t explosive but he knows how to field punts and kickoffs and is the best option on a team that strangely decided they didn’t need a backup return specialist with their other two backups in Thompson and Jackson either injured or suspended. Its the whole reason I was surprised Bobby Rainey didn’t make the original 53 man roster as he was clearly their best backup option to Jones with the aforementioned injury and suspension. I anticipate Marlon Brown and Aaron Mellette will still be counted on more on the offensive side of the ball but Doss could wind up contributing there behind them.

  4. Doss had a great practice right before he was cut. He’ll step up when the time comes. Look for him to see a lot of time against the Steelers while Flacco and Co. are running up the score.

  5. footballfan01 says:
    Sep 9, 2013 12:41 PM
    From champs to chumps in 7 months. This team is irrelevant.


    Ladies and gentlemen, your Crazy Presumptive Post That Assumes Way Too Much Based on One Game.

    Hyperbole much?

  6. Not an earthshaking move; it’s primarily to get a KR. He won’t play much as a WR.

    But after last weekend, no fans of other AFN teams are allowed to comment, just as Ravens fans should refrain from snark.

  7. Bringing in some depth in a needed area with someone who already knows the offensive system. I will take that over another retread any day. Worst case he gets cut in a few weeks or when Jones comes back. Best case he makes a difference.

  8. ingraven says: Sep 9, 2013 12:31 PM

    Can we PLEASE get rid of Stokley & Clark. Their tanks are EMPTY!!!


    I like Stokley but yea Clark, wow, seeing him get laid out and roll around on the ground like that, it justed reeked of retirement.

  9. You chumps got owned by the Broncos. They looked terrible in all 3 phases of the game. Have a nice season, LOL!

  10. @bunkslurpscrabmustard

    haha yea he was sitting around in FA for a reason. I liked the pickup when we first got him. I immediately thought of #44 in Indianapolis, but what we got is a TE who runs and catches like he is the same age as his jersey # …which is 87.

  11. Signed to return punts for the most part. Plus he knows the playbook and will probably get a few opportunities on offense. Keep Stokely, he actually had a decent game on Thursday. Clark is done, not sure why he is still on the roster.

    Will still be AFC North champs by seasons end.

  12. They go get their fullback back and still don’t run the damn ball. Flacco can only be effective if he has a running game. They abandon it too quickly. Tell me how the hell you have Ray Rice in your backfield and Leach blocking for him and he doesn’t get 25 carries a game. Baltimore needs to check their play calling. Idiots.

  13. Watching Superbowl MVP Boldin make catch after catch moving the chains and getting 200 yards confirmed that was a bad move by GM. Ravens got 6th round pick and Stokley and Doss who both couldn’t carry Boldin’s jock strap.

  14. Last week Doss was a “slow drop machine.” Now he’s a savior. What a mess! Ravens’ fans need to get their stories straight. Oh, now he had a great practice. So that’s it! Who knew! I thought it had something to do with the complete inability to stop anyone.

  15. If Ozzie would still trade Boldin today, as someone suggests, then Ozzie isn’t nearly the genius some pretend him to be.

    If you can make Flacco the most overpaid guy in the NFL, and the Ravens did, then surely you can afford to pay Anquan, who was the biggest reason Flacco enjoyed such a big payday.

    During the playoffs, time and again it was Boldin going up and making plays, bailing Flacco out of questionable throws. Without Boldin rescuing Flacco time and again, and without the Broncos defense making a bonehead play for the ages, the Ravens never even make the SB and its questionable how much of a payday Flacco receives.

    Here in AZ, Whisenhunt & Graves were just as foolish, letting Boldin get away, and the team has never recovered from that stupidity. There was no real pleasure in watching the Ravens be just as stupid.

    Keep telling yourself Boldin is over the hill at 34. Kaepernick had never thrown for 300 yards before. Yesterday, he threw for 400+ thanks to “the old man”. The Ravens aren’t going to live this one down.

  16. I’d like to see them go Smith and Brown on the outside Doss in the slot with Dickson at TE and just go with it for a while. There schedule isn’t very tough for the next couple of weeks. If your gonna go young then sell out and go young. Give it some time to gel. I’d also rather see them activate Furstenburg instead of signing another guy off the street. Clark and Stokley are washed up and should only be used as back ups at this point.

  17. Filmex

    The trading of Boldin and Flacco’s extension had nothing to do with each other. Flacco’s extension reduced his salary cap obligation by at least 10 million this season (more if the team had used the exclusive rights tag on him).

    Suggs and Ngata are both much higher cap numbers this season than Flacco. I don’t expect you understand any of yhis though. Ozzie Newsome has two Superbowl rings for a reason.

  18. crown…shhhhh. after hearing you talk about the great ben, you are in no position to be talking about any team’s offense after that debacle of yesterday. and please dont talk injuries

  19. scoobs, you know Ben is great, but definitely had an off day. Looks like we both have to work through some scheme issues, opposite sides of the ball though, that’s odd, usually both our O’s need the work. Good luck with your season (as in 6-or-7-wins good luck).

  20. Here’s the thing about the Boldin trade. It was a financial move. It wasn’t that he couldn’t play. Everyone could see that he can play. He was a monster for that team, and they rode him to the Super Bowl.

    But, the cap space he created was Elvis Dumerville and Chris Canty. The defense didn’t look spectacular with them this past week, because Manning, but those guys are going to make a difference in the long run. How many yards did Denver run for? Yeah.

    Now, there was an expectation that Dickson and Pitta were both going to be healthy this season. Being able to rotate in Brown with a healthy dose of Smith and Jones running deep and the big tight ends clearing out the middle, and Rice doing what Rice does isn’t a bad offensive plan. Injuries threw a monkey wrench into that plan, though and no one was available to fill those roles as well as they may have liked.

    All in all, the Boldin move was the right one, unless you own a crystal ball.

  21. ben was great…but i fear that what made him special is what will get him hurt again. he cant keep running around and taking the hits like he used to. and with no line or running game to help, good luck on your 5 win season. oh…the ravens didnt look great either…but we did look good for the first half. but no doubt we have issues too

  22. “Last week Doss was a “slow drop machine.” Now he’s a savior. What a mess! Ravens’ fans need to get their stories straight. Oh, now he had a great practice. So that’s it! Who knew! I thought it had something to do with the complete inability to stop anyone.”

    I’m glad you like my work.

  23. Boldin had 208 yards day….if I was a Ravens fan…I’d stop defending the move….and be pissed at the move, because your top guy only got 92 yards. Stop making excuses and demand more of your GM and team….pathetic!

  24. The Ravens revamped their D with 4 starters, for Boldin’s money. Only time will tell if that was a good move. NOBODY in the Ravens org. wanted to let Boldin walk. Teams can’t keep everyone they want.

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