Report: Suh facing league discipline for low block against Vikings

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Lions coach Jim Schwartz said that he won’t apologize for anything the Lions did in their victory over the Vikings, a list of things that includes defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh’s low block on Vikings center John Sullivan during an interception return.

The play drew a flag as an illegal block, wiping out a Lions touchdown as DeAndre Levy had returned the pick all the way to the end zone. According to Suh, the appearance that he was trying to take out Sullivan’s knees was deceiving.

“I wasn’t by any means going for his knees,” Suh said after the game. “He knows that. We had a great conversation running out at halftime, and he understood. My aim was his waist to cut him off.”

Sullivan said he was surprised he wasn’t hurt on the play and Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, who knows a thing or two about doling out low hits, expressed his disapproval as well. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the league is also less than thrilled with Suh’s move and the Lion will face discipline from the league as a result.

There’s no word on what that discipline might be. If it is a suspension, Schwartz might not be apologetic but he’ll probably be sorry that Suh threw a low block.

87 responses to “Report: Suh facing league discipline for low block against Vikings

  1. Thank God I’m a Redskins fan. We dominate on the football field in a cerebral, CLEAN manner…as you will all witness tonight in one of MANY, PRIMETIME Redskins games. #WeonlyproduceCLASSYindividuals

  2. It’s way past time Suh had harsh discipline. This guy is trying to ruin careers not be a stud. This deserves about 8 games and maybe, maybe he will play the game like it’s supposed to be played.

  3. Good….should’ve gotten Looney too……

    Vikings have cross-hairs on their knees this season or something?

  4. This is a situation of reputation influencing reality. Watch the play in real time and it’s clear there is no malice. Suh was parallel to Sullivan at the time of the interception and hit his waist – Glancing downward by the laws of gravity. As a matter of fact, if now for his “dirty” reputation, there is little chance the the refs would even have been watching him or that this would be flag-worthy (which it was not).

  5. It’s been evident throughtout is NFL career the guy is a dirty player and it’s high time God Dell really discipline him…and I don’t mean with a fine and a one game suspension, at least 4 games is warranted based on past transgressions.

  6. Nothing about it was malicious but he has to do a better job with his location though seeing as it’s Suh he’ll get flagged regardless.

  7. Wouldnt be surprised if Suh had some kind of undiagnosed mental issue. Hes been consistently dirty his entire career and it seems like he believes his own lies to justify it. He was attempting to hurt Sullivan, but like every other time he does something like this, he hurts his own team the most. Its a reflection of the lack of discipline Schwartz instills in that team.

  8. All you people are idiots and so is the league.

    There was nothing malicious at all about the block. His head was in front and it started at the waist level.

    Suh is the perfect bad guy for the NFL…. Hasn’t done anything worth writing about in almost 2 years, since the stomp. He plays aggressive and goes after it. The only thing wrong with the block was that it was unnecessary and took away a TD.

    Honestly, the NFL needs to get it’s head out of it’s you know what. This block happens every game, every INT, all the time. It’s nothing big at all except for the fact that the person delivering the block is Suh.

    No big story on actual dirty plays, like the brutal late hit and followed punching in the head by Clay Matthews? How about the 3 personal fouls by Finnegan? No….OK, it’s just a Suh thing. When the Golden Child of the NFL does something so blatant they even go out of their way to make the penalties offsetting. But Suh does a block that every other team does and the reporters and haters salivate.

    Honestly, people need to get a grip. He did nothing wrong but take a stupid penalty. Good lord, if he’s suspended for playing the game and making a bad block, the NFL should hang their heads. The guy played a wicked game yesterday.

  9. I’m a Suh fan and apologist, but even I think he should get fined for this one. It was an illegal block this year.

    I’ll argue all day long that he SHOULD have blocked Sullivan. As long as Sullivan is trying to make a play, Suh should be trying to stop him. Just try to do it with a legal block that doesn’t hurt anyone next time.

  10. When is the league going to do something about this cheap shot artiest?

    Suh never passes up a chance at a cheap shot. Then pretends we cant see what he did. “I didnt stomp on his head, I was simply getting up” Maybe if he started missing some games he MIGHT learn.

    To all the blind homer lions fans who are going to start the… “He just plays hard and is misunderstood, you would want him on your team”

    No I wouldn’t this POS on my team. He is not that great and doesn’t care anything about his team, only hurting people with cheap shots.

  11. seriously, this hit happens several times a week and is only a big deal when it’s Suh. Also, this is a new rule is it not?

    I understand the guy has some history from 2 years ago but let’s be real here, this was just a guy playing football making a bad block…the same way it is looked at for everyone else that does it.

    Biased much people?

  12. Does anyone recall the game last year when Chad Greenway launched himself into Calvin’s head and gave him a so called “concussion”? That was far worse than what suh did yesterday. Suh made a bonehead play that took a td away from his team. If anything the Vikings should be happy he messed up. And by the way it will be coplete BS if Suh gets diciplined and Clay doesn’t. What clay did was incredibly stupid.

  13. If the play was legal in February, but illegal today why is there this great outrage about how dirty this play was? I get the guy has a rep, but, let’s temper the venom a bit, folks.

    Now, if you want to same dumb? Yeah, it was ridiculously dumb. That’s why the Lions should fine him. It cost them a TD.

  14. Not to defend Suh but it the play was far more stupid than dirty and entirely unnecessary. Far too often Suh plays recklessly and, even if the intent to injured is missing, the caution to avoid inflicting injury and/or avoiding looking dirty is also absent. Unless he plays a lot smarter, he will never be considered an elite player, only an elite talent. And there is a difference between the two distinctions.

  15. Suh is one of those players I want to like but can’t. The talent and tenacity are there, but he just doesn’t get it or doesn’t care to. If that was Peterson or someone with a chance to catch Levy then I understand trying to make the block. I’m not saying he would’ve been justified in hitting them low, I’m just saying in that situation it makes sense to make a block. But Sullivan is a damn center, he had no chance in hell at catching Levy, and even less of a chance when you realize he’s trailing the ball by 15-20 yards.

  16. Suh plays without regard…for the rules, for other player’s safety, and even for the benefit of his own team.
    The debate isn’t that the hit was malicious but that it was thoughtless and crazed. I believe that those words better describe how Suh plays the game.
    He’s been fined. He’s been suspended. I don’t think those actions will have any impact on this particular player.

  17. This dude needs to be out of the league. Great player and all but you should only get so many strikes. It doesn’t matter if this was an attempt to hurt another player or not. When here the name Suh the first think they think is “what he do now?” there is no place for that in the NFL. Everyone will dislike this comment but wait till its one of your teams he’s playing and he is stomping legs, blocking knees, or kicking balls (not footballs) and what ever the next thing he is doing to get the headlines.

  18. What I don’t get is why a low block is illegal block after an interception but if an offensive player did it 4 seconds earlier it is legal.

  19. Why block the guy in the first place? He couldn’t have caught the runner with a jet pack on.

    Suh deserves at least a one game suspension when you consider prior bad acts…….

  20. I’m a Lions fan, and I’m worried. If the league doesn’t do it, somebody on another o-line may decide to “suspend” Suh anyway with a well-timed low block in the coming weeks. Those guys are a fraternity across the league. That shot was ridiculous, just run slowly in front of them and get in the way like everybody else in the league. Cost us a touchdown too. Lions would not be the Lions without absurdly stupid penalties though.

  21. Really?

    How many dirty illegal hits does he get before a meaningful suspension? Does it take him ending someone’s career before they try and get the message through to him.

    He has no respect for other players, so the likelihood of him causing a traumatic injury is much too high to allow this to continue.

    I like good hitting, but that was dirty and behind the play. Maybe whoever he injures can sue him.

  22. If he is suspended it would be an obvious malicious biased against one individual.

    For a player who is supposed to be dirty, guess how many plays an opposing player has missed on the other end of Suh’s hits? Zero! Zero plays, much less games! This doesn’t quite pass the tit-for-tat litmus test some would like to see for dirty hits.

    Suh continues to be disciplined and labeled dirty for what could have happened, not what actually happened.

    This was a new rule this year, fine him, but anything more would be targeting a player as an example who only had one personal foul last season in a league that is increasingly quick to throw a flag.

  23. 1) I am not surprise given the lack of leadership and discipline at the top with their joke coach who is best known for going after another coach and instigating a fight

    2) Jared allen commenting, really? isn’t he the scumbag that all but ended the career of lance louis with a blind side, cheap shot launch at the head resulting in his knee blowing out?

    3) agreed with above comments on mathews. wtf? why was he not ejected? i believe it is a firm rule that a punch to a player results in immediate ejection.

  24. Put your skirt back on logicalvoicesays you already got the job as Chief Bandwagoneer. The Redskins play has always been dirtier than their name and your knees.

  25. You people are disgusting. Was it necessary? No. Was it dirty? Not really. This happens three times per game, and up until yesterday, was completely legal. This cat goes balls out every play and is the best DT in the NFL. He needs to learn the new rules for sure but people calling for suspensions are ludicrous.

  26. Something is wrong with this dude, John Sullivan was 15 yards behind the play then Suh tried to take out his knees, what in the world!! Suspend him for 4 games and send a message

  27. Is it just me or is the league not noticing deliberately that Suh has injured two guys needlessly and they were both WHITE.

    League can’t ignore this. He has an engineering degree, not stupid enough to know the guy he hit wasn’t in the play and the hit wasn’t needed. He is smart enough to play dumb later though.

  28. AP lowered the crown of his helmet in the end zone to hit Delmas. According to the new rule shouldn’t that be a penalty?
    Breaking the rule, check!
    Intent to hurt; He hit the guy with the crown of his helmet after entering the end zone, check.
    If Such had done that the league would be calling for jail time!
    Why not make it like basketball and say straight out that they will protect star players when they score and penalize all other ones. At least the fans would know what to expect.

  29. Watching Suh play football is like watching Ron Artest play basketball or watching Mike Tyson fight. It’s all about the thrill of expecting dirtiness and mental meltdowns that would be considered shocking for almost any other athlete.

  30. @aut1111
    Offensive lineman are the dirtiest players on earth. These guys go after Shu’s knees every single game.

    Look at the Steeler/Titans game and it will tell you everything about offensive linemen you need to know. Pouncy got hurt because his fellow Olineman DeCastro was going after the knees of an engaged Dlinemen. He just happened to miss and went right into Pouncy’s knee. Pouncy could have easily been a Titan DL instead. If DeCastro could hit where he was aiming, the Titans would have a guy out for the season rather than the Steelers.

  31. D-I-R-T-Y! Did he think the Center was going to catch up to the play? They were at least 10-15 yards behind the play. He didn’t need to have any contact, let alone a cheap block to the knees.

  32. logicalvoicesays says:Sep 9, 2013 10:13 AM

    Thank God I’m a Redskins fan. We dominate on the football field in a cerebral, CLEAN manner…as you will all witness tonight in one of MANY, PRIMETIME Redskins games. #WeonlyproduceCLASSYindividuals

    Mr. Logical, I’m not sure CLASSY and Redskins belong in the same sentence. You cheer for a team that uses another race as it’s mascot. And when have the Redskins dominated lately? #GoodLuckMakingThePlayoffs

  33. Most unbiased observers have called it a cheap shot. As to the yammering about bias against Suh — there sure as heck is bias against the guy — which was earned from all his previous dirty antics. By the way, the Lions D and O lines played very well — congrats Lions fans.

  34. I would be curious s to how many in here that are calling Suh’s head have actually followed the young mans maturing and development over the last year or so.

    Suh had 9 personal foul penalties in his first two seasons, in addition to the Deitrich Smith stomp incident. He had aggression issues in that he intentionally would push the limits and on occasion cross the line. Some of what he was flagged for was deserved and a few other plays he was flagged more for reputation that actual conduct such as the personal foul he drew for supposedly for warming Jay Cutler to the back of the head, when the replays showed he pushed the QB, who was a runner at the time, very violently with an open hand. It wasn’t a penalty at all. There are a couple of others which were similar to this play. Marginal calls that often wouldn’t be made in other games but when Suh was the offender the flags would fly. Frankly he had no one to blame for this but himself and he seems to acknowledge such.

    Quick question, how many personal fouls did Suh commit in the entire 2012 season? The answer is one and it was a ticky tack call where he lightly shoved Aaron Rodgers.

    Suh has been a quite different person with teammates, media and the public for roughly the last year and a half. He has been very open, forthright, accommodating and amiable. He is no longer the intensely private, defiant and defensive borderline angry
    Soul of the past. Anybody who follows him has been well aware of the changes for some time. He will continue to play the game with an all out wreck less and physically violent manner and as a result he will on occasion draw a flag a flag or two but nothing more than others who play the game with an edge like he and Clay Matthews have.

    On the play in question…. It was far more stupid than dirty. He didn’t need to throw a block and he cost his team a TD. It appears he made an effort to get his head around and was attempting to engage the waist but his hit was both low and illegal. If Suh’s intent was to injure him he easily could have just buried Sullivan like the hitdelivered on Slausen did to Brian Cushing last year….but he didn’t. Fine him for the hit as you would anybody else, but suspending him over a foul like that would be a bit over aggressive on the leagues part when the player involved has shown clear evidence they have largely changed their ways and fallen on line with the leagues wishes.


  36. I’m so sick of suh trying to tell people he’s not a dirty player because its so obvious that he is. He stomped someone 2 thanksgivings ago, kicked someone in the groin last thanksgiving , and now this. It’s become a thanksgiving tradition not to watch the lions but to watch suh get ejected or fined

  37. It will be interesting to see IF the league disciplines Suh, and to what extent. Watching the play in slomo, you can see where his initial contact was well above the knee and he slid down through gravity. Compare that to what Clay Matthews did. It shot was BLATANT, and there’s no excuse for that. Then he throws a punch at Staley, and the refs flag only Staley. Matthews should have had two penalties called on him during that whole scenario. He should automatically be facing at least a four game suspension for A) hitting a QB well out of bounds, B) going after the head of that QB on that hit, and C) punching an opposing player.

    If Ndamukong Suh had done that, most of you would be calling for him to be thrown out of the NFL, put in jail, and executed at a convenient time. Watch a game, just one game, with Suh playing and see how often he gets held, punched and hit low during the course of the games with no calls from the refs. Hate on Suh all you want, but every single person out there would be a liar if they said they didn’t want him on their team.

  38. The NFL shouldn’t suspend Suh, which affects competitive balance, but they should give him a STIFF fine in the hope that lightening his wallet will help him player smarter.

    That block was unnecessary and dumb. Fortunately, Sullivan wasn’t injured and came back into the game. That needs to be taken into account.

  39. You can’t compare Clay Mathews late hit and anything Suh does. Suh is clearly a dirty player, always will be.

    Mathews had the decency to pull up and not fully blast Colin. He was chasing the ball carrier. Suh was just out for revenge.

  40. HAHHA, The Lions are rollin’ with Suh and you all can’t get over that….hahahahaha

    Mathews hit was dirtier. Not only did he hit kap late out of bounds, then he also jacked Staley in the head twice when he came to defend kap………let’s hear about this eh?

  41. his punishment should be that chop blocks aren’t illegal for linemen to use against him anymore for the rest of the season.

  42. His head and shoulders were in front of Sullivan when he blocked (unlike Looney), the initial point of contact was closer to Sullivan’s waist than knee, Sullivan was not injured and its a new rule this season. If this was any player other than Suh this would have been flagged and the whole world would have moved on already. It was a stupid (cost his team a TD) and unnecessary penalty and nothing more. Much more egregious PFs took place on Sunday. I expect him to receive a fine, nothing more.

  43. What comes around goes around and I can’t wait for that day to come. This clown has been getting away with crap to long are they waiting till he really hurts someone?

  44. People always bring up Jared Allen’s low hits. He’s made a normal number of them for a guy with a 10 year career who gets to the QB a lot.

    Suh has probably doubled Allen’s low hit numbers in a quarter of the time. Plus he’s gets to the QB much less anyways as a tackle.

    When given any possible opportunity to make a dirty hit or injure someone, Suh takes it eagerly. I would say 50% of the times he has a chance to go for knees, he goes for knees.

    He stole a TD from the Lions and a special moment for the defender who would have had a pick six. He’s a selfish team mate who’s talent doesn’t offset how much he hurts his team’s chances and reputation.

    The fact that they made him a captain tells you something too.

  45. Most of you idiots didn’t even see the play. He got his right shoulder in front of the guy before trying to block him. If he was trying to injure the guy he could of done it without a lot less efort. Dude was hustling and making a play to help his team. You don’t let anyone run free when he is trying to get to your guy with the ball no matter how evident it seems he is out of the play. Levy could have had to slow down or make a cut and Sullivan had just as good as chance of making a tackle as anyone on that play.

  46. I am a Lions *and* Suh fan….and this was an incredibly dumb play that should never have have happened at all. Suh should geta 1-game suspension – and I hate his stupidity for that

  47. Schwartz is such a tool, where’s the audio of this clown approving of this type of crap play. He’s done after they miss the playoffs again anyway… all that talent and you have a dope like Jim Schwartz running the show. Ugh

  48. The guy is so dirty. Whyy?? He is a great football player. Why does he do that stuff? The guy is a headcase.

  49. Suh, Pollard, Harrison, u can name a few of the cheap shot artists in the NFL. Suh has stomped, kicked, chopped blocked, and taken out people’s knees his whole career. He deserves all the criticism he gets. I hope KARMA pays him a visit someday when someone “accidentally” takes out his knees!! Some of these cheap shots don’t get it!

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